The beautiful creature, officially called a crinoid, was filmed by Dutch diver Els van den Eijnden off the coast of Bali.

Crinoids are not uncommon in areas where coral grows, but they are hardly ever seen swimming. Since they are almost always found attached to rocks or coral the footage is extremely rare.

In this case it appears the creature has been knocked from its base and has to swim. References to half-bird half-fish sea animals in old texts are thought to be crinoids, which belongs to the same family as star fish and sea urchins.

The unusual movements mean that the video clip has now gone viral with people all over the world mesmerized by the feathered creature.

There are only about 600 extant crinoid species, but they were much more abundant and diverse in the past. Some thick limestone beds dating to the mid- to late-Paleozoic are almost entirely made up of disarticulated crinoid fragments.

Crinoids feed by filtering small particles of food from the sea water with their feather like arms. The tube feet are covered with a sticky mucus that traps any food that floats past. Once they have caught a particle of food, the tube feet can flick it into the ambulacral groove, where the cilia are able to propel the stream of mucus towards the mouth.

Generally speaking, crinoids living in environments with relatively little plankton have longer and more highly branched arms than those living in rich environments.


We survived this weather before! It's in our DNA! We take care of each other and security checks on everyone. Oceti Sakowin Oyate in full effect. We will persevere and we will win!

"This is winter… It’ll get cold here. It gets about 40-50 degrees below zero. If you don’t have it in your blood to stay and fight for what you believe in, you won’t be able to take this kind of cold. I’m prepared for it, it’s in my ancestral blood." says Shakes the Spear from the Red Bottom tribe in Montana

"This weather, our bodies wait for it. Our bodies wait for the changes of the seasons. Our bodies wait for winter to kill all the bad, negative energy that’s in our physical bodies, and that’s in our thoughts and minds. Then in the spring, it all comes new again. I come new again, and so do you. A blade of grass, a little ant, you and me—everyone heals. We all grow. We get to start new." added Shakes the Spear

Avery White is a photographer based in New Orleans, Louisiana, where the unchecked power of oil companies also threatens the life and health of our community. I've been at Standing Rock for weeks to bear witness to the strength and integrity of those putting everything on the line in a fight to protect the natural resources.

"I’m staying. We should all stay, until it’s over. We won a battle but the war is not over. We need to stop this black snake. It starts here and it needs to stop here. If it goes past this river it’s going to affect 18 million people down the Missouri River. We’re here for everybody. We’re here for life. We’re here for our women and children, our elders. We’re here for our ancestors." says Standing Still from the Mille Lacs Band of the Ojibwe tribe in Minnesota

Kane Wolf Apache descendent, from the South Side of Chicago Image: Avery White

"We’re going to stand with the water and protect it. We’re going to stay here. Everyone got fooled, got tricked. There was no victory here. It’s not OK to leave. I’m here to stay. I’m here to stay as long as I can. You know, “Mni Wiconi,” water is life." says Kane Wolf Apache descendent, from the South Side of Chicago

 Standing Still From the Mille Lacs Band of the Ojibwe tribe in Minnesota Image: Avery White

"This fight definitely isn’t over. We’re just hunkering down, and we ain't leaving. We ain't leaving until the black snake’s dead. We ain't leaving 'til that pipeline’s out the ground, those DAPL lights are down, they clean up their mess, and they’re home with their families. Right now the black snake's got an arrow in him, he’s hurting. He’s still just as dangerous though. Maybe even more dangerous. We want him dead. That means we’re camping out, we’re gonna have to get ready for this harsh winter." says Sarah Shelman from the Ojibwe tribe in Michigan

SOURCE Avery White Via Motherboard

 Shakes the Spear From the Red Bottom tribe in Montana Image: Avery White

 Sarah Shelman From the Ojibwe tribe in Michigan Image: Avery White

 Veterans march to the front lines on December 5th. Image: Avery White


Today is a small victory. You all did it. Let's not break camp, let's not go home. We need a thorough analysis of what the denial of the easement means.

 FALSE: Tribes Request Assistance From ND National Guard for Camp Evacuation

Chase Iron Eyes: You must remember the Chairman is concerned about Protectors safety, don't fault him. He is the chairman and he's looking out for all elderly, disabled, children and others at the camp. If you are not self sufficient and able bodied you should seek shelter & an exit plan because you may be more of a liability than an asset in this climate . But if you're ready and able please stay. We are going to work hard to make sure people are safe. There are 1000s properly winterized, strong enough to stay thru the winter.

FALSE: -Standing Rock Leader Asks Those Who Are Not Sioux To Leave Pipeline Protest Area
-Sioux leader asks Standing Rock protesters, including veterans, to leave

I, Chase Iron Eyes, a citizen & resident of the Standing Rock Nation, would invite all people who have travelled 1000s of miles to continue to stand with us, to stay in our Treaty Territory at our invitation until this pipeline is dead, until DAPL & Law Enforcement are gone. I am extremely grateful for your sacrifice and the children of our Nation are indebted to you. Water protectors are here at their own risk. Government entities are absolving themselves of liability. Stay at your own risk, your own care, you can easily freeze to death if you don't have proper shelter & heat sources, but This is the time. We may never get another opportunity to change our destiny. We deserve a better way. *All Due Respect to our Chairman, maybe he was misquoted or they're trying hard to drive division.

NOT YET: Victory At Standing Rock

Chase Iron Eyes: The Army Corp denial of the easement means nothing until all law enforcement is gone, until DAPL is gone. Let us strengthen our presence.

FALSE Protectors are gone

Chase Iron Eyes: Some people have left camp because of the deadly weather. More have arrived. Everybody is being advised to go to a safe shelter. No one should sleep in tents. We are pulling together to make sure you all have warm places to sleep.

FALSE Many Protectors are divided

Chase Iron Eyes: Oceti Sakowin treaty camp security have informed me that they have made rounds to every tent earlier, and all have been advised to sleep in the dome, the cannonball red gym and the pkc pavilion. These guys are heroes! If you have someone at camp those are the places to sleep in emergency times.

FALSE They Leave

Chase Iron Eyes: We are not leaving. Period. We need to make a stand for our Treaty rights, now is the time to renegotiate our Treaty, our government to government relationship, grinding, debilitating economic, political & legally imposed poverty culture just doesn't seem to be working.

WHAT IS NEXT: We need to make a treaty stand. Other Treaty Tribal Nations need to weigh in now. We have an emergency situation that needs dealt with with the winter & we need to kill this project. The USACE Denial of the easement is NOT a victory.


Press Release: December 7, 2016 For Immediate Release - For those who can stay—and are prepared for arctic conditions—please do, we need people here.

Standing Rock Reservation, Oceti Sakowin Camp. North Dakota—Our first concern is safety. We ask all who can and want to leave, to return home. We are especially concerned for elders, families with children, those with health concerns, and/or pets that aren't acclimated.

For those who can stay—and are prepared for arctic conditions—please do, we need people here. The Lakota/Nakota/Dakota people of The Great Sioux Nation have survived in these conditions for thousands of years. If Ally Protectors cooperate with the ancient wisdom and ways of these lands, we will fare well. This movement is unlike any other—it is prayerful as well as peaceful—the consciousness we have raised here continues to resonate across the world.

Secondly we ask this of you in order to conserve resources. Bringing in wood, and other essential life supporting goods, is now much more complicated. For those who want to come, be prepared for arctic conditions, we can't stress this enough. Be ready to contribute to the survival and safety of the camp in a significant way daily, be abundant in spirit and ready to share. Bring wood, plan to work. We need cooks, medics, builders/repair-persons, people dedicated to the survival of the community, for the coming storms. Bring weather-ready vehicles, 4x4 trucks and trailers, snow-ready vehicles.

Oceti Sakowin Camp remains determined—to protect our land. We have been given the obligation to do so in the treaty of 1851—we were specifically asked to protect this river. This is the way of the Standing Rock people, the Lakota people, the Hunkpapa people. All of the seven tribes of The Great Sioux Nation have gathered here again in an historic way—once as former enemies, we now stand together as brothers and sisters.

We are not protestors. We are not terrorists. We are not rioters. We are in fact, Protectors.
FROM Oceti Sakowin Camp

 For more information please visit

A wildebeest has shown the power of friendship after resurrecting his dying friend from the side of the road.

 In a video, filmed by Bradley Ballantyne in South Africa, the Wildebeest is seen repeatedly trying to lift his friend up from the side of the road near Olifants Street in Martloth Park, just outside the Kruger National Park.

At first, sadly, it seems that the animal doesn't realise that the other beast is already dead while trying to get it to stand up using his horns.

The wildebeest even manages to flip him over at one point in a desperate attempt to revive his friend.

Amazingly, after a few minutes of trying, the animal successfully resurrects his friend and the two gallop off together.

Bradley, who spoke to about the video, said: 'On my way home from having lunch at one of the local 'Watergats' (waterholes), I turned the corner and noticed a wildebeest displaying unusual behavior, goring away at something on the ground.

'I kept recording, and to my amazement the "dead" animal got to its feet and they both ran away. The animals bolted past my car, I drove after them for a few seconds but they ran into thick bush and was unable to follow them.'

Bradley continued: 'I have been visiting Marloth Park for 30 years, seen lions and elephants in the park and many interesting animal behaviors but nothing like this.