We often see photographs of wildlife or of photographers taking pictures of wildlife. But what about wildlife photographers? That is, animals taking pictures?

 It's unusual for animals to use tools, although these critters certainly seem to want to. We all know that chimps and other primates sometimes use tools, but did you know that octopuses also use them? And that crows are so smart, that they understand how to displace water?

These adorable photos capture the unexpected encounters between photographers and their subjects. Some animals seem to want to help out; others get behind the camera themselves.(Source)

Shooting Wildlife (With a Camera): The more time you spend with your subjects, the more likely your images will be intimate and revealing. You know them better, and it will show.

Wild animals are going to do what they’re going to do. Unfortunately, you can’t ask them to look this way, do something cute, or stand where the light is better. You have to be there, and ready, when they decide to look cute or do something interesting.

 Tanja Askani - Wildlife photographer

Photo: Burrand Lucas

Photo: David Shultz

The rangers believe this is the first time behaviour like this has ever been recorded in the wild.

 The bizarre moment a cat-like wild genet hitched a ride on some of Africa’s biggest beasts has been captured by a hidden camera trap.

Researchers have captured footage of a wild genet riding a rhino - and say the same animal has also been travelling by buffalo. Experts say the creature may be using the animal to avoid predators - or just catch a lift.

'This is similar behaviour to Cattle Egrets following animals which disturb insects as they walk.' Whether or not the genet is also picking ticks from off the rhino and buffalo it is riding is still unclear.

'Funnily though this genet’s ride is interrupted by the black rhino being spooked by something it smells or sees and Genet Jackson manages to stay on, Rodeo style! 'This grumpy rhino certainly didn’t make things easy for our hitch hiking friend.'



Russian workers feed friendly bear through window – and even exchange high five

A Russian worker has been filmed hand feeding a wild bear – and even exchanging a high five with the grizzly creature. The unnamed worker – seen wearing his overalls and a hard hat – can be seen talking to the unthreatening bear through a window in remote Kolyma, East Russia.

He begins handing biscuits to the ravenous bear, who quickly gobbles them up.

After chowing down on a succession of treats, the man asks for a high five – which incredible the bear obliges to. In an act of apparent friendship, the man and bear quickly clasp hands through the opening of the remote hut.

Brown bears can grow to weigh more than 1,400lbs – the same weight as an average sized car.There are thought to be around 200,000 brown bears in the wild, spread across Russia, China, India, North America and Scandanavia.

Lesson of the day - when walking in the woods, it may help to carry cookies.

Lithuanian photographer Raggana is the master behind these beautifully surreal portraits that pay tribute to the complicated yet beautiful connection between humans and nature.

 Inspired by the natural surroundings where she grew up, Raggana has dedicated her creative work to express her feelings towards nature and her homeland at large.

“My work is not about a twinkle here and now that we usually see,” Raggana wrote. “It’s like an illusion to the eye, invisible but felt as a moment. Each portrait is a little message to the world. A message to open our eyes and start creating images of all human senses.”

"City is just a safe illusion, fortress, where we can hide and create a suitable comfort zone. Forests are not as dark and ugly as many of you think. Swamps won’t swallow you. The wolves, they will never attack you and rip out your heart. Everywhere is a connection. Just for that connection we must indulge all our heart and be a part of it." Artist says.



5-day-old seal rescued thanks to some inquisitive cows in Lincolnshire

 An inquisitive herd of cows was all it took to prompt Ian Ellis, who was birdwatching at Frampton Marsh nature reserve in Lincolnshire, U.K., to take a closer look through his telescope late last month.

But instead of a bird, when Ellis looked closer, he was startled to see a seal pup peering back at him. The seal was stuck in a mud puddle while curious cows looked on.

Ellis and caretakers at the reserve were able to rescue the seal from the marsh. Officials believe the animal was probably swept in by a tide from the North Sea, according to ABC News.

Veterinary staff at the sanctuary say the seal was underweight, dehydrated and suffering from a lung infection at the time it was rescued. Were it not for Ellis and the curious cows, the seal would most likely have died.

The pup is expected to be out of the hospital by the end of the month. Once it's rehabilitated it'll be released back into the wild.


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