July 23, 2014

Random otter wants a belly rub from a mother deer and her fawn.

This playful river otter in Ucluelet, BC wandered into a backyard and happened upon a fascinating group of companions: a mother deer and her two fawns. Though the otter was a bit out of his element, he was immediately enthralled with these bizarre critters, and did his best version of a welcome dance.

The deer, however, were not too keen on this frolicsome intruder, and didn't want to play. The mama deer was a bit too concerned about her adorable newborns to entertain t
his strange new visitor.

The otter even showed his belly and asked for tummy rubs, but to no avail! The deer were simply not having it. The otter just couldn't comprehend why the deer were being so aloof!

In the end, the unusual backyard friendship was not to be. One has to give props to the otter for socializing outside of his friend group, though!


Mexico Welcomes First Mexican Gray Wolf Pups Born in the Wild in Decades

Wolf advocates are celebrating the confirmation of the first documented litter of Mexican gray wolves born in the wild in Mexico since they disappeared nearly three decades ago.

Without giving their exact location, Mexico’s National Commission for Natural Protected Areas confirmed the wolves were sighted in the western Sierra Madre mountains by a team of researchers and that the pups were doing well, according to the AP.

Mexican wolves, also known as lobos, once roamed vast portions of the Southwest and Mexico but were eradicated by the 1900s in the U.S. over conflicts with humans and livestock, while populations in Mexico dropped off. In 1976, they were listed as an endangered species and bi-national recovery efforts began the next year.

Mexico began releasing wolves in 2011, and released the parents last December in the hope they would breed.

“This first litter represents an important step in the recovery program, because these will be individuals that have never had contact with human beings, as wolves bred in captivity inevitably do,” the commission said in a statement.
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Amazonian Tribe Makes Contact With Outsiders for First Time

An isolated Amazon tribe has made contact with Brazilian authorities after illegal logging in the rainforest where they live.

Brazil's Indian Affairs Department, Funai, announced last week that the "uncontacted" tribe emerged from the rainforest near the Brazil-Peruvian border and made peaceful contact on June 29 with a "settled" indigenous community known as the Ashaninka.

The tribe met with a local environmental group, Frente de Proteção Etnoambiental Envira, and with an indigenous adviser to the local state government, the Brazilian government said. The local environmental group had been tracking the tribe as it moved closer and closer to the Ashaninka settlement in recent weeks.

According to Survival International, a London-based group that advocates for the rights of tribal peoples, uncontacted tribes are groups that generally have no contact with the outside world, although they may have had occasional, brief contact in the past. Although most are aware of people beyond their tribe, they typically avoid contact by hiding or shooting arrows at outsiders.

Funai estimates there are at least 77 isolated groups in the Amazon rainforest, Survival International reported.


Paralyzed Cat Deeply Loved by Dachshund. Both Found Abandoned.

In Lake Mary, Florida a dachshund and a paralyzed tuxedo cat were found abandoned in front of a gated community. Seminole County Animal Services was called to pick up the pair, but the little dachshund was so protective of his feline friend that it took some time to capture the two and take them to the local shelter.

At first, the pair was separated – the dachshund went to the dog kennel and the cat was in medical care. The dog now, named Idgie, was frantic and someone fortunately understood that these two animals were deeply bonded. They brought the cat, now named Ruth, back to her canine buddy. That calmed Idgie right down.

The cause of Ruth’s back leg and partial front leg paralysis was unknown, so the non-profit group, TEARS, Every Animal Receives Support, stepped up and offered to pay for experimental therapy and acupuncture for Ruth. Unfortunately, Ruth’s condition did not improve, so the shelter sought to adopt out the cat-dog pair together to a special owner who could manage Ruth’s disability with the care and love it needed.

Jacqueline Borum, the owner of Hollywood Houndz Boutique and Spa, offered to adopt the pair and gave them a home in her shop. Now Ruth and Idgie get plenty of attention and treats. Plus, Ruth gets daily baths and Idgie gets daily walks from both Jacqueline and her customers. When not getting celebrity treatment, the two furry friends can be found cuddled up together — usually with Idgie curled up protectively around Ruth.


July 22, 2014

Adorably Polite Beagle Apologizes For Stealing Baby's Toy

Charlie the dog and Laura the baby are pretty good pals. However, their friendship recently weathered a bit of drama.

Charlie the dog made a rash decision that could've ruined his friendship with Laura: he decided he wanted her toy for himself and stole it right out from under her nose!

When Laura made her displeasure abundantly clear, however, Charlie knew he needed to pull out all the stops in making amends.

The pup then proceeded to bring Laura all of his favorite toys, in an adorably gallant gesture, so she would know how truly sorry he was.

Moral of the story: making amends can help keep friends!