September 30, 2014

This Injured Dog Wouldn't Leave Her Puppies. Her Rescuers Didn't Give Up On Her

Iris the dog was hidden deep inside bushes on the side of a busy street in Los Angeles when Hope For Paws' Eldad Hagar and Lisa Chiarelli discovered her and her pups.

The mom was injured and terrified, and the pair worried she might dart off into the street before they had a chance to coax her into their leash. But as video published Sept. 28 shows, Iris was fiercely protective of her three babies. Even as the strangers worked to clip into her hideaway, she refused to escape and stood guard over them.

In the end, to their relief, Hagar and Chiarelli rescued the pups as a family.

The dogs are now up for adoption through The Dog Rescuers, another Los Angeles-based nonprofit. The organization is hoping to place Iris and at least one of her babies together in a forever home.

"She truly is the best Mama I have ever had. I can't get much work done because I love watching her play with her babies," The Dog Rescuers wrote on its Facebook page Monday.


September 29, 2014

Wyoming Wolves back under Federal protection; Wolf hunting suspended across the state

A ruling Tuesday by a federal district court judge in Washington, D.C. places gray wolves in Wyoming back under federal protection. Following the ruling, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department put out a notice for residents and hunters that this suspends the taking of gray wolves in Wyoming.

The State of Wyoming anticipates filing a motion to stay this decision this week, a news release from the G&FD indicated.

“There are many positives in Judge Jackson’s decision. However, she held that Wyoming’s plan was not sufficiently formalized to support the Fish and Wildlife Service’s 2012 rule allowing limited take of gray wolves. We believe an emergency rule can remedy this, and I have instructed the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and the Attorney General to proceed accordingly,” Governor Matt Mead was quoted in the release.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has suspended all sales of gray wolf licenses and will establish a system to refund hunters who have already purchased a 2014 gray wolf license. Hunting in the trophy game area in northwest Wyoming scheduled to begin in October is suspended pending the outcome of the motion for stay. The judge’s decision also impacts year-round hunting in the predator area and landowners protecting livestock and pets.

“The Game and Fish Department believes in our sound management of wolves over the last two years. Today, we want all wolf hunters and landowners to know that the take of wolves in Wyoming – hunting and lethal take provisions in Wyoming statute – are suspended because of the federal court ruling,” said Scott Talbott, WGFD director.

If changes to the status of gray wolf hunting and other lethal take arise, they will be immediately announced by the State of Wyoming.
SOURCE  –Provided by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department

Officers Rescue 'Bambi,' The Baby Deer Trapped In Soccer Net In Menasha, Wisconsin

Police in Wisconsin recently responded to an unusual emergency: a baby deer had somehow managed to get itself tangled in a soccer net at a local park.

Dashcam video from Sept. 20 shows the two officers in Menasha, Wis., working during a nighttime thunderstorm to free the little fawn. Occasional bursts of lightning illuminates the rescue effort.

"Bambi went home," one of the officers says as the creature runs off -- but the night's work wasn't over yet.

The two cops also fixed the soccer net.

On Facebook, the department is calling the pair their "deer whisperers."


September 28, 2014

Hospitalized Owner Reuniting With Beloved Pit Bull Is The Best Medicine

When Rick’s pit bull Karma fell into a Louisiana river, he didn’t hesitate to jump in and save her. Unfortunately, the homeless man caught a bad infection and had to spend a couple weeks in a hospital. Karma didn’t know what had happened, and was ecstatic to finally be reunited with him. And what happened next was even better!

A month ago, Rick walked into the Villalobos Rescue Center, where Pit Bulls and Parolees is filmed. He had a terrible infection, and needed someone to watch Karma. He had saved her life when she fell in a river, and contracted an infection that required a hospital stay. “It’s no big secret that the waters of Louisiana are not always that healthy,” said Tia Torres, who runs the New Orleans center. She called an ambulance and promised to take care of Karma until Rick got out.

She wouldn’t normally take in a dog under such a circumstance, but “only when he knew his dog was safe would he get in the ambulance.” Rick was no stranger to Tia – he had come by before to get food and medical care for Karma – so she believed that he was bound to come back for her. “I offered him 20 dollars at one point and he refused,” Tia said. The proud man “just wanted help with his dog.” She didn’t know how long Rick would be gone, or how serious his illness was. Should he not return, she would have to find Karma a new home. In the meantime, Tia posted photos of the pup and her troubles on Facebook.

 People sent in collars, name tags, and other gifts. Karma started to come out of her shell, but she was still unfamiliar with what was going on – she just missed her dad and wondered where he was. Two weeks after they were separated, Rick came back – healthy and ready to see his girl. She was completely overjoyed, and Tia said “all my staff, including myself, was in tears while Karma wiggled with happiness.” She was so touched by their love for each other that she set them up with some temporary housing and offered Rick a job at the rescue center. He’s there part-time, and if things go well, he might get more hours. “Always pay it forward because one day it could be you needing help,” Tia explained. “Even when Rick was homeless he told me his dog ate before him, which is the beautiful bond we expect when there is that much love between man and man’s best friend.”

These stunning images show the carnivorous beast frolicking about with a tiny fawn - who can't quite believe its luck.

 The baby deer might have been saved by maternal instinct - as the tiger was pregnant, and showed absolutely no interest in turning it into a tasty meal.

The photos show the two unlikely friends running together for around half an hour through the trees and long grass in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra, central India.

They were taken by amateur photographer Pawan Menon, 46, from Kerala, who is a call centre worker by trade, but was lucky enough to stumble across this rare event while on safari.

'It was early morning when I was roaming with a friend in the jungle scouting for tigers. Suddenly I noticed one. At first, I thought she was playing alone but then I spotted the tiny fawn by her side,' he said.

'It was the most astonishing thing to see. I felt my heart beating fast as I was certain it was the end for the fawn. But the tiger sat calmly and played with the baby.'

'It was unbelievable. I'm sure the fawn couldn't believe he was still alive as he ran off! But the fascinating episode restored my belief - wild animals only kill when they're hungry.'