September 22, 2014

Jasmine Pickner at the World Championship Hoop Dance. Heard Museum, Phx. Az..

Two-time world champion hoop dancer Jasmine Pickner-Bell, her native name being Good Road Woman of the Crow Creek Sioux, told The Epoch Times, “There are pictographs of hoop dancers on the walls of caves along the Cheyenne River. Hoops were traditionally made of willow with an under-layer of natural tobacco. Now hoops are made from plastic with electrical tape,” Pickner-Bell said, laughing.

“Years ago, we were born out of the Black Hills, and we loved to see the hoop—both man and woman. We start with one hoop: yourself. First you have to learn to dance with yourself,” she said. “Some of the formations were handed down through our family.

I learned from my older and younger brothers before they died. Luke, my husband, will drum. Without the heartbeat, without that drumbeat, there is no dance.” she continued. “There are about 200 hoop dancers in the U.S. and Canada. There are only four women.

Every February in Tucson, Arizona, hoop dancers come together to compete. Some 10,000 people come to watch. Women compete against men since there are too few women hoop dancers to make our own category,” she said.


September 21, 2014

Check out this cute arctic wolf cub eating some raw meat for lunch.

Wolf pups are born blind and deaf in an underground den after a 63-day gestation period. Litter size averages 4 to 6 pups.

During the first 3 weeks, pups nurse every 4 to 6 hours and need help regulating their body temperatures. The mother usually stays with her young in the den, eating food brought to her by other members of the pack.

Wolf pups are weaned at about 8 weeks of age once they have begun eating semi-solid food, regurgitated by the mother or others members of the pack. As pups begin eating more solids, they are moved to one or more “rendezvous sites,” where they spend the remainder of the summer learning proper pack behavior and etiquette.

At 6 to 8 months, the pups begin to travel with the pack and join in hunts. Fewer than half of wolf pups born in the wild survive to adulthood. Survival rates are affected by disease, malnutrition and predation.

In the western United States, wolves prey primarily on deer, elk, and moose. Wolves are opportunistic feeders and will also eat smaller mammals such asbeavers and rabbits, as well as domestic livestock, dead animals, and vegetation. Coastal wolves in British Columbia are known to eat migrating salmon.  

Adorable pet parent take extra special care of his aging canine friend.

“He cannot be a gentleman which loveth not a dog.” -John Northbrooke

Clearly, the dog owner in this video, taken on the streets of Japan, is a true gentleman. Although his dog is old and cannot walk, Mr. Ootsuki ensures that his sweet old boy gets out of the house.

Pao, a 16-year old pup, is lovingly carted around town in a makeshift cart built by his owner. Just look at the joy in this senior dog’s eyes as he gets plenty of attention and lots of love from both his owner and passersby.

This is how you treat an old dog. With true love. Forever. (Source)


German Shepherd throws a tantrum when told to stop swimming

In a video submitted to America's Funniest Home Videos, a water-loving German Shepherd is confronted with some heart-breaking news: It's time to get out of the water.

But the dog responds in a totally appropriate manner -- by howling "Noooo!" repeatedly and having a whiny fit until her human finally gives in.

After all, summer days are waning, and swim time must take precedence over obedience training!

"She got to keep swimming after her wonderful theatrical performance," says the video description. "No dogs' hearts were actually broken in the making of this video."

Swim on, dog. Swim on.(Source)


Miss Navajo's creator, Billy Luther, calls the film ''a powerful and exciting story of one young Navajo woman and her quest to win the Miss Navajo Nation crown.''

 ''Miss Navajo'' tells the story of Crystal Frazier, a tomboyish Navajo girl from Table Mesa, N.M., who decides to run for the title of Miss Navajo. The pageant is similar to American pageants in many ways - girls compete against one another in question and answer segments; they must have a talent to perform; and in the end, they receive a crown, a title and a yearlong responsibility to represent their people and culture.

''Some people feel it's a film about language preservation,'' he said. ''Others feel it's a film that explores Navajo women. I also get that people feel it challenges the whole notion of what beauty is. I never tell people what to think when they see the film.''

Native language is a natural theme of the film, and the young women competing for Miss Navajo are all at different levels of fluency. In the film's opening sequence, we see Frazier sitting before a panel, being asked a question in the Navajo language.

Looking uncomfortable, Frazier asks if the question can be repeated in English.

According to the Miss Navajo Nation Council, ''The most important qualification for the Miss Navajo Nation Pageant is to be fluent in the Navajo and English languages. ...Unlike most beauty pageants throughout the world, the Miss Navajo Nation pageant is of beauty 'within' one's self.''

MN trailer2 from nosferatum on Vimeo.