Joe Williams has spent time in North Dakota, where thousands of people from across the United States and Canada have set up camp in recent weeks to block the construction of a pipeline that would run through Standing Rock Indian Reservation.

 William’s show of solidarity has been widely shared on social media. Williams says his trip is a means to spread “support and love to all my brothers and sisters, Native Peoples from across the world.”

On a Facebook video, he highlights that Indigenous Australians relate to what is happening at Standing Rock.

“Native People[s] from across the world are so similar in what we believe and what we think, and our Earth is our Mother.”

Williams likened the drilling and the construction needed to build the pipeline to assault.

He also called on other Australians to take action.

“For us as First Nations Australians, Native Australians … for the last 220 odd years we’ve been protesting. Out here in America, for the last 500 odd years Native Americans have been protesting.

Photos Source Joe Williams

“If we have non-Indigenous people coming out here and showing support and showing that they care about what we believe in as well, it’s going to show some weight,” he says.

“My job here is to show support from back home. To show love and support.”

Williams finished the video by comparing the global First Nations community to family.

“Our people are like one big family. When our family calls, our mother, a brother or a sister calls, we gotta come and we answer. So I’m here to show my support”.


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  1. So proud of the Original People of Australia. Unity Is Strength 💙🌏💙

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