The great White Wolf ascended the highest snow capped mountain peak and quietly surveyed the world below. The wind gently ruffled his thick coat. How he loved being so high almost at one with the diamond stars. He cherished these times of ascension where he felt one with the Universe, able to commune with Maya, the Moon Goddess. Looking down through ice-blue eyes, White Wolf could see crystals sparkling as the stars of the Earth, one or two colours would always catch his eye and heal his body. He felt at peace. As he cast his mind back he could clearly recall the times when he was searching, troubled. He remembered as his mind descended, step by step, down the steep mountain until he reached the forest floor. Back then, at the bottom of the mountain he gazed into the still waters of the clear pond and he asked himself “Why am I so Empty?” As he looked around he saw troubled faces, moving around as if in a daze. “Where is the joy?” he wondered. As he looked into the pond he wondered what it was that had been missing, like a void inside. From an early age he felt troubled, responsible for others, always trying to please, he felt alone and this weighed heavily upon his shoulders. “Why do we care so much about what others think?” As time went by and the seasons changed he carried this weight around with him, a burden on his very existence. He wondered why he felt this way. “Who am I?” he wondered. Feeling very sad and frustrated a teardrop fell into the water below and shattered the image being reflected. At that moment he glimpsed a better way of being, a happier way, he saw himself reborn. Light seemed to fall like Excalibur through one of the trees and he looked up. There was a blue butterfly lightly dancing across the forest. The White Wolf gasped in surprise at how beautiful this butterfly looked. Then he noticed a snow white owl looking at him with intense inquiry. A thought flashed across the back of his eyes and he wondered “is all of this a reflection of my thoughts and my moods?” When the teardrop broke the water it seemed to smash some kind of reflection he had not really seen clearly, as if it had all been an illusion, like a dream, and now he could look through it, “remove the lie to see the truth”. He had always wondered “what am I not seeing?” He had a feeling he needed to look not just through his eyes but through his heart. He wondered if the light had come from within.

As he raised his head from the depths of despair he saw something new, something pure, something magical. As his thoughts turned to the beauty of the blue butterfly, he felt lighter, happier, more connected. He wondered if the troubled faces of those around him were in fact mirroring his own troubled face perhaps as a message to him. When he gasped at the beauty of the blue butterfly he saw the Owl looking at him, as he had been scanning the flight path of the butterfly. Then he saw something more beautiful than he had ever seen before. As his glance rose up even higher, he saw the magnificent luminescence of the Moon Goddess. Her light seemed to illuminate the whole world. His heart lifted. Was he now seeing through his heart? Is this why all this beauty suddenly became visible? Was it not always there but he had just not seen it? He had a sense that the heaviness was not due to anything outside of himself but due to his own thoughts. He wanted to climb up and be as close to the Moon as possible. So he began his ascension.

Along the way he would stop and talk to the animals around him. A deer smiled at him and said “listen to language of emotion and feel how it vibrates in your very being”. Then he met a Unicorn with the voice of a harp and said “the wise do not judge those around them before looking deep within. At that moment, we see we are all One.” The Blue Butterfly returned and said “find the Blessing in every situation, it will guide you to a greater knowing of who you are.” By this time White Wolf had forgotten about the heavy weight of responsibility, he felt as light as a feather. He wondered if all he needed to do was look up and embrace a new perspective. The forest looked so different now, everyone he met seemed happy and friendly. A tortoise popped out and said “we need to come out of the shadows now and move into the light”.

And then he heard what seemed like silky waters cascading over smooth facades of the earth. Maya, the Moon Goddess welcomed White Wolf home.

“Dear One, we have been watching you and urging you to follow the wisdom of your own heart. You are starting to see its light and feel its warmth. It will soothe your mind and nourish your Being. The heart has vast oceans to explore and currents to ride. Your heart will bring you all that you need and the food and nourishment and provisions for your journey. Trust Dear One. This is a journey of great Trust and epic proportions such as Homer’s Odyssey. Without a map and visual aids you will experience more than those who rely on things external to themselves. Yours is a sacred path for those who choose to go beyond reason and the known, who have the courage to branch out on a new path and see where it leads. This path is unchartered, it has no prior footsteps upon it. You are taking the first steps, you are the pioneers. To do this requires great trust. Leave behind the compass and the maps and go it alone. You will be safe. The dangers are many but only from your own fears in your mind. This is how to connect to the wisdom of the heart, Dear One. Step by Step. Unplanned. Without pre-empting the outcome. This is St Francis of Assisi, the Wise One to the animals and nature, living totally from the heart. This will be your comfort. Your guide. Your food and nourishment. Your freedom and independence. No need do you have for the approval of others when you are so filled with love and approval of Self. This will fulfil you and sustain you. This will be your greatest gift, to yourself and your greatest contribution to others. You are living it already Dear One. You are doing it. Being it. One with Life and Existence with each breath. One With Love and Truth, with Great Spirit and the pond of eternal wisdom. You have the love and support of the Universe to be who you want to be. Go now and be free”.
Text By JennyD 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Bravo Bravo.............

  2. What a magnificently wise story!
    A reminder that something as apparently insignificant as a single tear, may just be the kiss which awakens the sleeper to the magical currents swirling about us, currents filled with a myriad of wondrous delights.

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