A lone black wolf dashed across the great open plains. Her white tipped paws barely touching the soft white snow. Her bright gold eyes were wide with mirth and freedom. She was wild and would always be. A while ago strange creatures had encircled her, carrying oddly shaped sticks and what seemed to be a mass of vines. But she was fearless like most wolves and fought bravely until all of the strange creatures left. The animals' behaviors had befuddled her. All of the other tundra residents knew that the wolf was king and not even the massive grizzly bear dared to go against this fearless ruler of the wild. However the much smaller animals did. She didn't put much though into it any longer and galloped onward across her frozen kingdom. After a mile or two the young wolf paused a moment to think. She was a lone wolf and could go anywhere or do anything she wanted. No two legged animal or bear or any other creature could break her wild spirit.


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