The history which I´m to tell you goes back up in the mists of time.

In this period, the earth was covered with vast unlimited forests, certain were inextricable and the misled travelers rarely found their road.

In these time there, wolves lived numerous, they formed very treated on a hierarchical basis clans, strong and brave, they had the other enemies only the men.

The men when to them fed a deep hatred to wolves and when they were face to face, it was rare that both survive this meeting.

Hardly the child of the men walked, that he had learnt to hate the wolf.

Every sold decade, wolves, only the chieftains and some elected representatives began the last great journey. Of all the regions of the North of the hemisphere, they convergaient in the same place, the vast clearing in the center of a deep and black forest, somewhere in a country which we shall call later FRANCE.

Some came from a great distance, it was the big gathering during which male wolves and female still solitary were going to seal a new wedding alliance, they came there to find the companion of a life.

The leaders shared their knowledge and the young people built their descent.

This year there, WHITE WOLF , still solitary chieftain came to find a partner there, making road he thought of the heavy secret which was his.

Some months earlier, during a hunting, he had discovered a young lady fainted in the fresh snow. He had approached her slowly, suspiciously as we had always taught him, long minutes had so passed by, when suddenly the young lady moved, she half-opened eyes and far from being terrified by the sight of the wolf, she smiles to him.

She held out a hand and caressed the fur of the animal, that-this welcomed this mark of affection at first in astonishment then soon with pleasure. Without knowing that he could understand her, she explained him her fear when she had seen itself misled in the forest, by listening of the noise, she had begun running without seeing a big branch which blocked the road, she had stumbled heavily and had fainted.

While speaking to him she had not stopped caressing him. She looked him straight in the eyes and asked him to take him up to the village, only she says, I shall never find my road.

WHITE WOLF ran, it saw out her up to the entry of the village and for a long time it stayed there, to watch at her leaving, even when he could not see her any more.

Of return in the taniere of the clan, he understood that he would never be the same, never he would see the men in the same way.

He began even to mean watching for the entry of the village in the hope of the see.

In numerous kilometres from there, a she-wolf and her brother walked to the side of a chieftain, they made they too route towards the big gathering.

The she-wolf CALYPSONE came to make it wedding alliance, she hoped for it for a long time but since the last summer, she was lived by the fear, her road had crossed that of an injured gentleman, instead of denouncing him to the pack as it is necessary, she had hidden him, covered with leaves and with boughs and had fed him until he can manage only.

The man had never shown the slightest fear in front of the she-wolf, on the contrary he liked speaking to him, to caress her, he made him confidences as he would have made him to one of his fellow men. He dreamed about a world or the men and wolves would make the peace, a world or the hatred of the other one shall not exist any more.

One evening while CALYPSONE came to find him, he had left by leaving on the ground his scarf, a little of his smell that she Took pleasure to sniff.

Often, since then, she came to lengthen at feet of the tree which had been the witness of their friendship.

The sacred clearing was ready, all the participants had gathered in several circles, in the middle were the solitary persons, it was necessary of custom to observe and when a male wolf found a she-wolf at her/his convenience, he advanced in the middle of the circle, then from there by crawling he went to the elected representative.

This sacred evening, when perceived CALYPSONE WHITE WOLF, she recognized immediatement the companion who lived in its dreams, the one that she had always waited for.

So, pushing aside all the rules, she advanced on him, without fear, looking at him at the bottom of her golden pupils. WHITE WOLF, as if it had always known what was going to arrive, accepted CALYPSONE as copmpagne without taking offence in a cavalier way that it had used to achieve the aim.

Same night their union is sealed. The big wise person gave his agreement having verified that they did not belong to the same clan and that their two statures harmonized between them.

The she-wolf said its farewells to the clan which had seen him growing and got ready for the journey of return. Their trip is without history.

Unconsciously or step, WHITE WOLF built their shelter not far from the place oû it had discovered the young lady last winter.

In the spring of the year which followed, CALYPSONE gave birth to two wolf cubs, a male and a female. Before putting packsaddle, she had admitted to WHITE WOLF the traitor whom she had made for her race, by hiding and by feeding a. WHITE WOLF human being had confided him in his turn his secret and since then they did not form more than one.

One night, they were wake by one of the shouts which made them go out of their den, they perceived far off a thick smoke, a fire fired the sky .Les shouts lasted for a long time and at the crack of dawn a smell bitter reached until them.

The magic of wolves in these time there was big and their even bigger hatred of the human beings, several clans had united to destroy a village which had killed some of theirs .Ceux which had not died in the fire, were destroyed by wolves.

WHITE WOLF collected his partner and its youngs and decida to go away for ever from these barbaric wolves, he wanted a different world for his descent.

At the same moment, a man and a woman, only surviving of the massacre avoided too the night horror.

The legend says that the road of wolves crossed that of the human beings.

That WHITE WOLF recognized the woman which he had helped as well as recognized CALYPSONE the man as were the one that she had hidden in wood.

We also say that they made road together up to a big clearing. Only with their courage, they built a new world or all those who lived without hatreds were welcome. The human beings as the wolves...

" WHITE WOLF is at the origin of a new race of wolves, closer to the man and which many years later will give birth to this race of civilized wolf which we shall call THE DOG.

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