The face of Earth it is still changing, and science sees no certain limit of time for its stately evolution. Our solid earth, apparently so stable, inert, and finished, is changing, mobile, and still evolving.And the secret of existence , the secret in  the heart of the earth, forever invisible to human eyes.

Tungurahua Erupts
Credit & Copyright: Patrick Taschler

Eyjafjallajökull Volcano, Iceland
photo : National Geographic

Hawaii volcano lava flow
photo : extremeimageology

Volcano on Iceland
photo : Patulkaa

photo : AndreeWallin

The Milky Way Over the Peak of the Furnace
Credit & Copyright: Luc Perrot

Erupting Volcano Anak Krakatau
Credit & Copyright: Marco Fulle

Magma Bubbles from Mt. Etna
Credit & Copyright: Marco Fulle

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i now have a new goal in like and that is to go there and see this in real life. so very beautiful!

  2. ana luica says:

    A Naturza consegue ao mesmo tempo ser terrível e bela

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