The buffalo of the American West was a mighty symbol and part of life for the Plains Indians. They built their way of life around the buffalo ( more accurately called the American bison). At one point before the Europeans settled in America, the buffalo numbered between 17 and 60 million head.

However, with the introduction of cattle ranching, agrarian society and eventually the railroad that was built across the entire country, the American buffalo was nearly wiped out. The buffalo were literally outrun and shot from the trains that ran out west. At it's lowest point there were only about 1,000 buffalo left. This dramatic reduction in their numbers also had a disasterous effect on the Plains Indians.

Today the buffalo has been restored out west in Yellowstone National Park and on some Native American reservations. But it's existence continues to be in jeopardy. Currently, hundreds of buffalo that have come down from the mountains in Yellowstone to find food in the winter have been rounded up and corralled in tight quarters to be tested for brucellosis(a disease that causes stillborns and sterility). Those that have tested positive are in danger of being sent to slaughter because ranchers are worried that it could be transmitted to their cattle. There is little evidence though that this disease is transmitted by the buffalo but rather by the numerous elk in the area.

The American Buffalo is a majestic icon of America's past and present and this attack on them must be stopped before history repeats itself. Please take a moment to treasure this wonderful animal and to sign several petitions to stop any further assault on them.

1- Petition to Jon Jarvis, head of the National Park Service, to abandon the failed Interagency Bison Management Plan and stop slaughtering the Yellowstone bison, an American icon.

Stop the Yellowstone Bison Slaughter

2- Petition to abandon Slaughter option for Bison (buffalo) with Brucellosis. Use preventative methods instead. Slaughtering the bison has more to do with ranchers on public lands who want more food/room for their cattle.

No More Slaughtering

3- Petition to stop herding the buffalo back into Yellowstone National Park through the use of helicopters, horses and ATVs which cause deaths from stress and exhaustion.

Stop the Hazing of Wild Buffalo

Update on the Yellowstone buffalo situation

Contact New Yellowstone Superintendent, Dan Wenk!

"What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset."

Responses to "Buffalo Petitions : Keep America's Buffalo Wild and Running Free!"

  1. it all gets down to the bottom line
    the earth is "ours"
    it is not "mine"
    this garden that the creator
    presented as a gift here to be adored
    not given short shrift
    and all the living beings
    who on this surface dwell
    are to live here as if it
    were a heaven
    not a man made hell

  2. Unknown says:

    Let them run wild and free,
    the Buffalo that we see,
    the one so strong so Sacred.

    Let them run on the Mountain and Plain,
    the Buffalo there hearts in pain.
    For the killings never stop.

    Crying eyes they have,
    the Buffalo once so many,
    now hunted by the ones with no believe.

    May they run wild and free,
    the Buffalo 's I see,
    may they always remain.

    Little Sunshine.

  3. Anonymous says:

    lasst ihnen ihr leben und lasst ihnen ihre freiheit!
    christa aus deutschland

  4. We human fight for our own freedom, while in the same time we crush other right to have the same thing.

    Is it fair ?

    What if some day The Merciful takes away the fredoom from us ?

  5. monique Trolliet says:

    Il faut à tout prix sauver et protéger les bisons.
    C'est l'image de l'Amérique

  6. Unknown says:

    Why does MAN have to control ALL.......

  7. Unknown says:

    Why must MAN control,every living creature......They'll cry when its gone,the same as animals that are now,no longer with us.

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