This story takes place in Romania in the Carpathian Mountains.
More than 3,000 Transylvanian wolves live in the Carpathian Mountains in Romania thus making it the largest wolf population in Europe second only to Russia. The Transylvanian wolf also known as the "Forest Wolf" is a gray wolf subspecies. They are very large wolves that can weigh up to 130 lbs.

Dreaming of Wolves is a wonderful story of adventure. It portrays an intimate and intricate portrait of the lives of wolves, of the researchers who study them, and of the rural people who share their homeland through a series of entertaining and humorous vignettes and thought provoking and informative essays. All of this takes place in a very remote mountainous area untouched by modern civilization.

The adventures of Alan Sparks and his human 'pack', begin with the "howl of a wolf that breaks the silence of the mountains and sends chills down his spine". As they track and relate to these wild wolves, they end up sharing multi-layered experiences that prove to be much deeper than any of them would have ever imagined.

We as the readers, are all privilaged to share in this journey as though we were along with them. Through the author's compassionate and thought provoking story, the legacy of the wolf, the honoring of nature and life itself becomes enriched in our minds and is often seen through the eyes of the wolf. This book is highly recommended for all wilderness and nature lovers and is a definite must for those who love wolves. It is a delightful story and a real page turner.

Transylvania : noble, mist-crowned mountain peaks form the backdrop for wildflower-carpeted meadows and silent! legend-haunted forests and wolves

Wolves of Carpates

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