February Moon names from different cultures

Ice (Celtic).
Old Moon (Cree).
Gray Moon (Pima).
Wind Moon (Creek).
Winter Moon (Taos).
Nuts Moon (Natchez).
Avunnivik Moon (Inuit).
Geese Moon (Omaha).
Bony Moon (Cherokee).
Purification Moon (Hopi).
Little bud Moon (Kiowa).
Snow Moon (Neo-Pagan).
Lateness Moon (Mohawk).
Shoulder Moon (Wishram).
Rabbit Moon (Potawatomi).
Sucker Moon (Anishnaabe).
Long Dry Moon (Assiniboine).
Little Famine Moon (Choctaw).
Storm Moon (Medieval English).
Sparkling Frost Moon (Arapaho).
Running Fish Moon (Winnebago).
Coyote Frighten Moon (San Juan).
Spruce Tips Moon (Passamaquoddy).
Raccoon Moon, Trees Pop Moon (Sioux).
Hunger Moon : Dark, Storm Moon : Full (Janic).
Snow Moon, Hunger Moon, Trappers Moon (Algonquin).

Other moon names : Wolf Moon, Wild Moon, Quickening Moon, Solmonath Moon, Chaste Moon, Horning Moon, Red Moon, Big Winter Moon, Cleansing Moon.

Happy Feb Full Moon 2013

Ten Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Full Moons!

1. The full moon occurs every 29.5 days; the duration of one complete lunar eclipse.

2. The chanes of being bitten by a dog are twice as high during a full moon according toa study at Bradford Royal Infirmary, which reviewed 1, 621 cases of dog bites between 1997 and 1999. However, a study at the University of Sydney in Australia concluded there was no identifiable relationship.

3. The only month that can occur without a full moon is February.

4. A full Moon is considered unlucky if it occurs on a Sunday but lucky on a Monday or moon day.

5. The honeymoon is named after the full moon in June. As it fell between the planting and harvesting of crops this was traditionally the best month to get married.

6. Renaissance artists traditionally depicted the moon as a crescent rather than in its full phase.

7. It is only during a full moon that the dark side of the moon - the hemisphere on the opposite side to the sun - is completely dark.

8. The female menstrual cycle has long been linked to the full phase of the moon. One theory is that prehistoric men were more likely to go hunting during their womenfolk's period because of taboos associated with blood. The most profitable time to hunt was during the full moon and the best way to convince the men to return with food was with the prospect of sex.

9. The full moon may appear round, but is actually shaped like an egg with the pointed end facing earth.

10. The moon is 10 times brighter when it is full than when it is in a quarter phase.

Video Full Moon Feb 2013

A full moon rises over Narrabeen Lakes Feb 25, 2013

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    Magnifique !!!magistral!!cette vidéo nous invite à sortir plus souvent sous la lune....bravo !!les photos sont de toutes beauté

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    Nous avons eu une grande vieille Lune dans le ciel après une journée record au chaud, ici dans le Maryland, Etats-Unis -. Une brise chaude de curling toujours en mouvement - a été un «réel sentiment vif!

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    To al my Brothers and Sisters and our animal Family. May the Creator continue to show us these Feb Full Moon.

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    The Moon was full and magnificent last night, as always. Thank you for sharing that info with us. I can never sleep when the moon is Full!!!. I walk around the house with insomnia and then it dawns on me. I look out the window, and there shining brightly in the sky, almost "calling" me outside. Is the Full Moon.

    Perth , Western Australia.

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    I'm a Moonchild,thank you for sharing these beautiful videos.

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