The beautiful wolf continues to be misunderstood and persecuted around the world. Governments, hunter associations and legislators have all joined together in various countries to set up wolf culling hunts. In the U.S., legislation has been introduced in Congress again to remove the wolf from it's protected status under the Endangered Species Act.

We must become the loud and outspoken voices of the wolves who cannot speak for themself against this cruelty. Listed below are current petitions in the wolf hotspots of the world. Please take a minute to sign and share with others. Thank you.

Scandinavian Wolf Petitions:

~ Norway will soon be holding a wolf hunt similar to the one in Sweden. They have set a quota of 8 wolves to be killed which has been approved by the goverment.

Please help the Norwegian Wolves


Letter of protest to Norway's Minister of the Environment to stop the impending wolf hunt starting on February 15th, 2011,

Thor's Hammer: Yet another wolf massacre: letter to Norway´s Minister for the Environment, Mr. Erik.

~ Sweden - Although the wolf hunt in Sweden is currently ongoing, this petition is taking signatures until February 28th, 2011.

Nej till ännu en licensjakt på varg!

~ Finland - Illegal wolf poaching continues to be a big problem here and has taken it's toll on the country's small wolf population of under 150 wolves.

Vi som ønsker å ta vare på ulven i norsk natur

~ Lapland - The number of wolves here is just around 35 but the govt. of Finland has allowed the hunting of the wolves under the reason of protecting the reindeer herds.

Help Save Wolves in Lapland | Take Action |

European Wolf Petitons

~ Les Loups en France

Le loup est une espèce menacée en Europe (moins de 10 000 individus). Aussi, Canis lupus est strictement protégé par la Directive Habitat et la Convention de Berne.Signataire de ces protocoles européens, la France s ‘est donc engagée à assurer sa protection intégrale. Mais sur le terrain, le braconnage et les tirs officiels accordés à titre dérogatoire par l'Etat mettent les populations en péril.

L’ASPAS en action : Signer la pétition en ligne

Voici un document à lire sur les loups en France

3 loups à sauver


Against the killing of the wolves in Castilla y León

Turkey (Southern Europe–Western Asia)

Stop animal cruelty in Turkey!


The govt. in Armenia has offered a bounty of $275 per wolf killed by hunters to stop livestock depredations.

Armenia - Petition Stop aux massacres des loups

U.S. Petitions:

~ Alaska - A petition to protest the aerial shooting of the wolves in Alaska from helicopters in a Federally Protected Nature Preserve.

Stop Aerial Gunning of Wolves on Federal Wildlife Refuge

~ U.S. Congressional Bills - (For U.S. citizens only) For the first time ever, several anti-wolf bills in Congress have been introduced to remove the wolf from it's protected status under the Endangered Species Act. Please sign and share a prewritten letter to your Senators protesting against this.

Please Tell Your Senators to Back Off Anti-wolf Legislation Today

~ Antiwolf bills - (U.S. citizens only) Another letter to your legislators to protest recent anti-wolf bills recently introduced in Congress. This one is from the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Save Wolves Under Siege: Take Action!: Save BioGems

Send a prewritten letter to your legislators (you can add to it) asking them to not pass current amendments that would delist the wolf in the rockies.

Send a message to help protect the gray wolf

Let Montana know that you don't agree with their Governor. Vote in the Poll

Urgent action needed! The Senate will vote on Mon., Feb. 28th on whether or not to delist the N.rockies wolves in the U.S. from the ESA protection. If you are from the U.S. please send prewritten letter to your senators from here. If you are an International wolf lover, please click on the link to send a message to President Obama.
Wolves in the Crosshairs

Russia Wolf Petition
The authorities in Russia's far eastern Amur Region are offering a reward to hunters of approx. $275.00 per wolf to kill up to 189 of the growing wolf population. Please write to the President of Russia and ask that this be stopped right away. Short and sweet is all that is needed!

Send a Letter to the President

Responses to "Updated Listing of Current & Urgent Wolf Petitions from Around the World"

  1. does not our fatally flawed species, homo sapiens, not realize that all lives are intertwined, and to destroy one is to destroy oneself in the process????

    man leaves his muddy footprints
    wherever he treads
    and now our earth shudders,
    and we live, in dread
    what is next for our world
    what more damage can be done
    is this what our species
    considers to be fun
    in its rampant need to conquer
    and own
    man has destroyed his refuge,
    his home
    what will be left
    i ask, bereft

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wolves are natures clean up crew of the very ill. They do not kill live stock that are healthy. Stop the slaughter now! Yellow Stone National Park regretted killing off the wolves. Now they have to re populate them because of disease with the other wildlife running rampant with no predator. I use to track wolves on horse back for years in Alberta believe me they very seldom attack healthy animals.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Vargar är naturens städa upp besättningen. De går bara efter ohälsosamma djur. Yellow Stone National Park utgå rasen år sedan och nu måste återbefolka eftersom sjukdom härjar i andra djur på grund av över befolkningen och inga rovdjur för att rensa ut besättningarna.
    Ungefär som i städerna prärievargar bli av med dem så har du en över befolkningen i gnagare. Dessa rovdjur är nödvändiga balansen i naturen.

  4. Unknown says:

    These beautiful and loving animals are persecuted everywhere, why can't someone stop it???? Surely someone somewhere in authority has a conscience about these wicked killings, more often for sport.And yes they do serve a good purpose in the nature circle of life. I just get sickened to my stomach reading about it, and feel so helpless. Babs McColl.

  5. Hilde Aaseth says:

    Dont let the same happen to the norwegian wolves as it did to the swedish wolves now...please sign the petitions and join us in the fight for our wolves! Pray for their lives!! Please!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Shoot the wolfkillers

  7. signed and shared all petitions i love wolfs poor wolfs, i love all animals!!!!

  8. Let the wolves run free ~ watch their beauty with your own eye and perhaps then you will understand

  9. Anonymous says:

    Tycker faktiskt om "Vargen"!!! Den är förknippad med "Indianerna i USA och Samerna i Sverige" Och så är den "Helig" Det skall så oxå förbli...

  10. Anonymous says:

    Signed and shared. And I keep hunting the hunters!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Wolves are a sacred creatures and have existed longer than man, we are their visitors not they ours. It is appauling the harm the human race wants to bring to such amazing creatures.

    Protect them and let the wolves eat anyone who seeks to intentional harm them.

  12. I am a true believer that our wolves must stay alive. They have from the beginning of time taught my people survival. Wolves are very loving, loyal beings that have the right to feel our Mother, the earth, under their feet for all time, The human family, have no right to kill my wolves for any reason, they have guided us and continue to guide us. Many Blessings ....gageyui, Mali

  13. Anonymous says:

    I follow my native american blood even though im a mix breed myslef i believe that wolves a a resaong to be here and should be held as a animal tha has honor not one that should be killed jsut for sport stop the killing of my 4 legged brothers


  14. I was named 'Little Wolf' as a child. When I turned 18, my AI name changed to 'Big Wolf', plus Wolf is my middle name as well. But I had to learn who 'Wolf' was in me. Wolf is my Animal guide, I grew to know him, once I let him in my life and respected him & loved him...He has shown me wonderful lessons and beautiful teachings in life. Now I want to help His Packs stay alive. I respect the Wolf. He has my back, I want to have his...somehow, anyway that I can help, & when i just can't...i grieve, with them, as they howl. Wolf is my Friend.

  15. From WOLF SPIRIT FaceBook Page:
    * From Our Unconsciousness, We Can Find Maps To Our Dreams. So Keep Dreaming & We'll All Find One Another in them & One Day, in Eternity, we shall share the Love of the Wolves,One for Another~
    * Wolf Spirit in Sky, Watches His Wolves Die, He Flies,
    to Wipe their Tears from their Eyes & stops their Cries as He Carries Them away to Forever more be in the Heavens & Clouds, where there are no more Sighs from the Chases of their Lives, but can be Free to Roam, in the Skies and Forever More be, with WOLF SPIRIT, to Fly. (copyright: by: P Wolf )
    (GIOVANNI is my son who was given an Eagle Feather for Bravery!) proud of you Big Wolf~

  16. Unknown says:

    I have a wolf as a pet she is a great loyal pet. Very playful. She fetches. Shes really sweet. I know alot of people that raise them. I can't belive they're poeple out there that would want to harm these animals. Its againt the law to kill snakes but okay to kill wolves?????????????

  17. Anonymous says:

    i love wolves they are the beautifulest animals ever! they should not be shot or killed with a knife,never!we need to put wolves back on the endangered species list i am not a hunter and i never will be and i hate any person who hunts and has killed a wolf! no wolf should go through that they are not a threat unless they feel threaten! long live WOLVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    why doe's man have to take these actions against the wolves of all country's they have been there not harming anyone let them run free and to come back in strenght. this is from all that have lost there lives from the hunters the spirit of the the wolves will never die.

  19. Anonymous says:

    for those hunters out there who are against this..Boo to you..your just showing us how ignorant you are..if you respect wildlife as a hunter you would not be doing this..however what you are showing us is you care more for the big Trophies,and the almighty dollar that goes with it..if one hunts to feed a family they don't brag about it,they take it home and do just that,they respect the animal they have taken,they respect all wildlife and co-exist with it..what you are saying is you have no respect for anything and you think you own nature as well YOU DON"T..if you want your 15 minutes of fame go into target competitions then..earn a metal trophy me that has more value of self worth then a dead head hanging on a wall..our voices will be heard and hopefully drown yours me you sound more like a bunch of whiny kids because there is competition and you can't handle it, who kills to survive and who struggles each day to do so,while you sit in your warm house,with food on the table,who work,and can buy what you want..try putting yourselves in their footsteps because i bet most of you can't..

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