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A while back, I looked into the Sun, and a beautiful young Woman was there. Something Sacred was in her hand, and the light around her was infinite Love. Beside her stood something like a Man. The "Man" was very angry. In his hand was a weapon, he held it in the Sun. The "Man" said, I will strike the earth, and purify it of all humans and of all that they have done. The Woman said, no, wait. Give me a little time to speak to the People. See how pitiful they are, how hard they try to do what is right even though many of them don't even understand right from wrong. She put her arm around the "Man", held him close to his heart, and he agreed to put his weapon down. I watched them for a long time. The Sun did not hurt my eyes, because the "Man" and the Woman were so beautiful. Then the Woman turned and looked at me, and gave me this story, to give to all.

She is back to fulfill her promise. Not because we deserve it, but because it's time. The first time she came, many hundreds of years ago, the sacred woman was with the people for a while, some say, four days. In that time she showed them all the things they need to know in order to live right in the sight of God and one another. Sometimes she'd take some of the people aside, and speak to the men or the women or the children or some other group. Sometimes she'd talk to all the people all together.

Talk .... Except recently when I dreamed of her, she didn't say much at all. Just showed up and did what needed to be done, and anyone who saw her, a sacred Voice spoke to them in their hearts. Stayed a while, and then she was gone.

And so to tell her story completely, a person would have to say everything she said and do everything she did, and it would take a while, probably four days. This is not possible at this time. And to really tell her story, a person would have to live in such a way that anyone with eyes can look at that person and see White Buffalo Woman.

But what I will try to do here, is tell it in such a way that a seed is planted in our hearts, and this seed will grow until we comes into understanding of all that she said and did, the right way to live. So I will go on and write here, the seeds of what she said and did, says and does, for the people. The rest, you can dream.

Many people ask about the ceremonies. The ceremonies came through visions, to certain people in certain times and places, and so it is not always right to do them with other peoples and in other times and places. But the teachings she brought are the same teachings she came to bring to certain people of long ago. She now brings these teachings again, to all peoples, when she returned to Earth in recent years to keep her promise. And anyone who hears her words and lives her way, is a living Ceremony and a living Pipe! Anyone hears this, every breath you take is sacred.

If this story does you any good, please be so kind as to pass it along. Copy it and pass it along, upload it, whatever. Only do not sell it. If hearing or reading this story gives you dreams of White Buffalo Woman as well, please honor her by telling her story and making your dreams for all to see.

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  1. every breath you take
    a sacred sound
    the air, our life
    nothing more profound
    the gift we are given
    that for which we
    did not ask
    by gratitude we should
    be driven
    not take it for granted
    or to task
    bless our world
    and all that
    upon this round orb dwell
    make it a heaven
    instead of this
    cruel, man made hell

  2. Anonymous says:

    thank you for sharing this with us - let's keep on dreaming :-) ...... by the way, your blog is a light in the dark, thanks for all your work for a better world

  3. caticati says:

    I give here a translation of what's written above the video. traduction du texte au dessus de la vidéo.

    il y a un moment déjà, regardant le soleil, j'y vis une magnifique jeune Femme.Dans sa main, un objet sacré, autour d'elle, l'Amour infini.A ses cotés, semblait se tenir un "Homme". l'"Homme" était très en colère. Dans ses mains une arme, bien visible au soleil. L'"Homme" dit: "Je vais me saisir de la Terre et la purifier de tous ces humains et de toutes leurs actions". La Femme intervint: "Non, attends! Laisse moi le temps de parler à ce Peuple. Regarde comme ils sont misérables, comme ils essaient de bien faire alors que nombreux sont ceux qui ne discernent pas le vrai du faux". Elle mit son bras autour de l'"Homme", le serrant contre son cœur et il accepta de poser son arme. Je les ai regardés longtemps. Le Soleil ne me faisait pas mal aux yeux : la Beauté de l'"Homme" et de la Femme m'en protégeait. Enfin la Femme se tourna vers moi, me regarda et me donna sa parole, à transmettre à tous.
    Elle est de retour parmi nous, pour tenir sa parole. Non parce que nous la méritons mais parce que le temps est venu.La 1ère fois qu'elle vint, il y a plusieurs centaines d'années, elle resta parmi nous pour quelques temps, certains disent 4 jours.A cette époque, elle montra aux gens ce qu'ils avaient besoin de savoir pour vivre dans la vision de dieu(conscience)et les uns avec les autres. Parfois, elle prenait des gens à part et parlait aux hommes ou bien aux femmes ou aux enfants ou à d'autres groupes. Parfois, elle parlait à tous.
    Parler...A part récemment dans mes rêves d'elle, elle ne disait pas grand chose. Elle montrait, faisant ce qui était à faire et chacun, la voyant faire, entendait la voix sacré dans son propre cœur. Elle resta un moment et partit.
    Aussi pour transmettre son message en entier, il faudrait répéter tout ce qu'elle dit et faire tout ce qu'elle fit, et cela demanderait du temps,probablement 4 jours. Nous n'avons plus le temps.Et pour vraiment transmettre son message,le conteur devrait faire en sorte qu'en le regardant on la voit Elle, White Buffalo Woman.

  4. Anonymous says:

    When I was 15-17 years old, I came home and was up late watching tv, I was hungover and very sick I remember, after running away from my foster home. I laid in the basement suite downstairs, and I woke up to the same part of a tv episode to repeat, and then fell asleep to it to repeat again... and again and again. I knew that the shows were repeating and it scared me as I started to realise this. I didnt even want to get up off the couch I was laying on.

    Finally I woke up and a elder woman with white hair that flowed into a white buckskin dress, and had the most beautiful blue eyes, and what looked like turqoise jewelry hanging off her dress. She had wrinkles on her face but she was beautiful with the way she looked.

    She held my hand and sang me songs what seemed like all night making me feel better. I felt so safe. My shoulders and body heaved up and down as if in the movies the excorcism. When she left me finally, I got up and went and puked in the bathroom.

    When I went back to sleep, I woke up and it was pitch black except for the same woman witha light shining down on her, singing again, I could see the side of her and she held a blue or pink blanket with a baby in her arms. Somehow as I stared I realised this was MY baby, and I wanted my baby back. I started to rush to her to take my baby, and a man stopped me. He kept blocking me and I would try to rush past him but he would manage to stop me. I kept saying "thats my baby, give me my baby" and the man would not let me pass so all I could do was stare helplessly at my child this woman held.

    The next day I woke up, uncertain about what had happened that night but feeling healthy and awake again.

    Im going to be 25 this September.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I am here, I have awaken, I have arrived, and the message I bring is one of survival, a day is coming, it is the Creator's day, in which mankind will end. Those who do wicked things of the "Wicked ONE", and not with the kindness, compassion , and peace . The Lords of Peace are witnessing and no one wants to hear them. It is time to do the Will of our Creator, it is His time to take back the things of the earth, for man has failed to rule himself with love, joy, peace, kindness, patience, mildness, long suffering, fruitages of the Spirit. Man's time to rule is over, I said , Man's time to rule on earth is over, so cleanse yourselfs of this reasonings and follow the path of Creator's Way of Life, find the Lords of Peace and they shall teach the nations how to do the Will of Creator! Many blessings to you on this journey, aho namaste! White Buffelo Woman!

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