Under a draft decree laying down the conditions and limits within which exceptions to the prohibitions of destruction may be granted by the prefects on the wolf, a public consultation is being held until April 11, 2011.

There is therefore urgent to act NOW!

If this order were to come into effect, it would mean the total destruction of the wolf in France, because anti-wolf people would hide behind the shooting of the wolf as a means of defense and prevention of herd destruction to carry out their grisly task.

Indeed, ASPAS denounces the very principle of this proposal of the shooting of the wolf claiming that it will not solve any problems because:

• These measures aim to limit the expansion of the wolf and not, to reduce damages to the herds;
• the concept of "important" injury is questionable: 1 attack in the year or 2 attacks over the past two years;
• the concept of "protected herd " is not precisely defined;
• by shooting one wolf, haphazardly, this will only increase the risk of destabilizing the organization of the pack and ultimately to increase the "damages" to the herds;
• It will be now possible to allow the shooting of wolves around herds even though they are not protected and there is no damage, but only because they are close to a herd;
• shooting of wolves may take place outside the presence of cattle, so it is not designed to prevent damage;
• the wolf remains a protected species, the operations of shooting should not be entrusted to hunters, but should remain the responsibility of the state and its services. However, hunters will now be allowed to participate in the shooting operations.

It is also worth remembering:

• that the wolf plays (with other large predators) the role of dispersion on wild ungulates (deer, roe deer, chamois ...) and consequently on the reduction of forest damage (browsing, debarking) and on forest regeneration ;
• that it self-regulates;
• that its presence has eliminated attacks from stray dogs;
• that he has an undeniable value on developing eco-tourism in mountainous regions;
• and that he is unwittingly an ally of the hunter, as it ensures the good health status of populations of ungulates and other species known as "game".

So to help the wolf, PLEASE send an e-mail in which you express your comments to this address:

The team of "ASPAS" and "Mille Traces"

les loups par cheyennee

Responses to "French Government proposes loosening the restrictions on the killing of wolves"

  1. Anonymous says:

    I thought that the French were a country of morals. Please don't kill the wolves just because you can. They were here first listen to the hearts of people and make a stand for the good of animals. A country can be judged by the way it treats it's animals

  2. Wolves are needed to keep the ecosystem running smooth. They don't take anything they don't use and besides they don't know profit from free range animals (cow verses deer) let them live as if you take the Alpha's of the family they will be disorientated and confused which in turn does more harm. Take heed they are a family who loves unconditionally by no means doing harm. We push them into little areas with housing, business and in crouching on the land they have roamed feed, bred and loved! Live in peace with them and the world will be a much better place. Killing is wrong, hunts are wrong ... Big man shots Big Bad Wolf makes you feel so good!!!!! Wow, a family torn apart!

  3. Majestic creatures who walk this earth .... Love knows no bounds!

  4. Unknown says:

    The email address is actually Protocole.Loup@developpement-durable.gouv.fr

  5. Anonymous says:

    If people were to observe these beautiful creatures...they could learn so much. Please listen to the people and don't kill them

  6. Unknown says:

    What a beautiful video that was, the wolves are very loving creatures and I am sick of them being persecuted for no good reason. Man thinks it is good to kill wolves, just for the sport. Yes if they bothered to learn about the wolf properly they may just think differently, who knows. These hunters have no conscience - no heart - no soul. I send my love to all the wolves of this world.

  7. Little Feather says:

    This is a beautiful video...I just wish it were in English. Wolves can appear evil and manipulative, but they are actually good protector's. One thing I DO respect about the Wolves is...they mate for life. No one said Nature was fair...the Wolves have to be able to eat, too. All living things have to eat, however they have to get their dinner. Bear's catch fish and things, other animal's eat other animal's. Wolves have to chase their meal's...and, do not always succeed. The Laws of Nature can be very cruel...but, that is just the way it works.

  8. Unknown says:

    The good email address is : protocole.loup@developpement-durable.gouv.fr


  9. I am so very saddened by this! I love France and the people, including the government, seemed to be so ahead of much of the World. Why then would you consider such a horrible thing as slaughtering the beautiful wolves you are blessed to have in your country?? It is a known scientific fact that wolves help to keep the ecosystem in balance, as well as, increase Tourism wherever they live! I would ask that you do the right thing and continue keeping the wolves protected as they should be! Don't stoop so low as to believe in ridiculous myths that could not be further from the truth!!If you do, I will never visit your country again and neither will my friends! As a high profile entertainer and artist, I know a lot of people. Thank you for hearing my views. God bless!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I beg of you to think about what you are doing ! you are destroying a creature that keeps down the population of rats and rabbits and many other animals that you also see as a threat to farming etc.
    The wolves are not any kind of threat to your way of life and future generations will not thank you for removing these beautiful animals from your country.

    they are a shy animal and will run rather than attack any one . the amount of live stock that they kill in a year is less than the domestic dog kills on farm land.

    please , please do not sign the death warrant for the wolf the world will be sadder place without them.

  11. Jim C says:

    Wolves are part of the food chain and th earhs ecosystems its not humankinds decision to curtail their lives

  12. Anonymous says:

    Here is what I sent to them but now I get a thing that state error in translation so I don't know if they received it or not. Also I did use the above paragraph that starts with "It's also worth mentioning" I hope that's alright.
    To the French Government,
    My only wish is that you hear my voice from thousands of miles away. I live in the USA and I too am fighting my government to not pass laws that would take the Gray Wolf that lives here in the US off the Endangered Species Act. You see for some reason it seems that all across the world men are out to destroy the wolf. Not just here but now I see that in your country and so many others.
    My heart cries out with this intense feeling of dread for if this happens there will be no wolf anywhere running wild and free and God created him to be. There will be no more howls heard outside a fenced enclosure. There will be no more of this incredible animal fulfilling it's roll in the family or to others it's pack. The roll from Alpha to the lowest ranking member, (the one who eats last) will be lost forever and all the rolls are so important in the Eco system. Yes I went there some call those who use the words of Eco and such as fanatical modern day hippies but it's not true. I am not a fanatic I am a person who sees nature as it was intended I see that for every species out there still free is doing what the Creator intended it to.
    No matter who you believe the Creator is we all agree that the strongest have survived this strange and harsh world because of the simple saying of "Only the strong survive."
    The wolves help just that, they keep the populations where ever they abide stay strong and healthy buy cutting out the weak, from the youngest to the oldest they help those who survive to pass on those wonderful genes of strength and cunning. Who are we the humans to take a species and order the death of just that an entire species? By placing laws that would allow free hunting of this animal would deliver death and destruction to your Country and if the anti wolf people here do accomplish this in the US we both stand to lose so much.
    In closing I would like to tell you this:
    It is also worth remembering:

    • that the wolf plays (with other large predators) the role of dispersion on wild ungulates (deer, roe deer, chamois ...) and consequently on the reduction of forest damage (browsing, debarking) and on forest regeneration ;
    • that it self-regulates;
    • that its presence has eliminated attacks from stray dogs;
    • that he has an undeniable value on developing Eco-tourism in mountainous regions;
    • and that he is unwittingly an ally of the hunter, as it ensures the good health status of populations of ungulates and other species known as "game".

    To take him and throw him and his away is in not just one way but in so many ways just plain wrong. The biggest dream in my life is to save enough money to travel around the world and here in the US is to go where they run free and hear the howl of the free ones and perhaps if fate smiles on me greatly to catch a glimpse of them running wild and free. This would be the perfect ending to my life, to know they are out there running, playing, howling and living free from harm.

    Please don't cast my letter aside send it on to whom it might make a difference.
    Thank you so much for listening and hearing me.
    Kathy L. Wales

  13. Anonymous says:

    This would be so wrong. The wolves are majestic animals and have a right to live.

  14. the planet is not ours to destroy
    it is not a sport, it is not a toy
    it is a habitat meant to share
    by all creatures, everywhere
    it is not for man to decide
    which species lives or which
    one dies
    man has to learn where he belongs
    in order to make our homeland
    too many people too little time
    the sad truth of
    this little rhyme
    karen lyons kalmenson

  15. Anonymous says:

    why is it that so many people want to hurt or kill the wolves what do they have against them I dont understand I will never understand it makes me sick why cant people be educated on them and realize there is no need for this horiffic display of ignorance..........

  16. Anonymous says:

    PLEASE dont kill my relatives !!!! remember this was their land first and we should feel proud they share.

  17. Je signe pour la Protection des Loups,
    je signe et je resigne
    dj Viktor

  18. Unknown says:

    All creatures are our relatives to learn from, to share with, to protect and love. It is unfair to think that a human should have dominion over any creature. We all humans and creature need to be preserved if the balance is to ever be restored to this earth. SAVE THE WOLVES!!!!
    Connie Stillday

  19. Why is it that you wish to destroy all wolves and remove them from your country? Is it like here in the United States, specifically in the Northern Rockies where the states of Montana, Idaho and Wyoming just wish to appease and placate the cattle rancher and the hunter, and therefore either get elected to public office or retain the one they have? Unlike humans, wolves only kill what they need for food, they are good stewards of the land. And unlike hunters who consistently go after the deer or elk with the biggest rack, wolves strengthen ungulate herds as they cull the weak and the sick. Wolves encourage vegetation growth by rivers and streams as they make ungulates continually move rather than overfeeding in once particular area. And as far as tourism goes, anyone in Alaska or Yellowstone will tell you, wolves are the Rock Stars. People do not come from the four corners of the earth to look at cows. Wolves have a right to be here. As an Apex Predator, they are needed to balance the eco system we all share; they do not deserve to be treated as vermin, simply to be eliminated. For all these reasons, I ask you to rethink your policy and attitude on the Wolf, and the valuable and necessary contribution he makes to our world.

  20. Mrs Barber says:

    Les Loups are beautiful creatures that need to be protected and are a valuable part of the eco system. It would be a shame to have this species extinct in Europe, and especially beautiful France. Could the EU step in and do more to assist and protect these lovely creatures?.I ask you to please rethink your policy and attitude on the Wolf, and the valuable and necessary contribution he makes to our world. I belive respect Worldwide could be lost for the French Government by many if they do not step in and rethink their policy and attitude to the wolf. There may also be boycott of French goods and lost tourism issues from people that will not want to visit or associate with La France because this very issue cannot be resolved positively for the wolves,thus affecting the French economy. I believe the wolf could be made a positive for French Eco-tourism in mountainous regions and gain more respect, tourism and revenue for the French Government if they step in and aid the wolves.Please stop the slaughter of wolves. Merci. Mrs Barber.

  21. Eva says:

    Why should France want to be like America? Prove yourself to be better by letting wolves live!

  22. Anonymous says:

    What is your problem? need something to kill because you hate yourselfs poor human animal's.
    Since i have been keeping an open eye on all the issues in the world, the most violent animal on the planet is "MANKIND" its time to show GOD and the rest of planet how we can protect the world and the animals.
    So leave the wovles alone and all the other animals!
    Start giving back to nature instead of destroying it. (SHAME ON YOU)

  23. Anonymous says:

    I'm a member of CARE2 and I'm French. My name is Valerie.

    I prepared a letter in French to send to our Minister of Ecology. You just have to copy and paste. It's a normal letter, nothing bad in it, just saying wolves deserve to live and musn't be hunt just like our bears in the South of France.

    Valérie. Thanks for our wolves.

    Madame, Monsieur,

    Il nous faut sauver nos loups en France. Ces animaux sont inoffensifs et sont des animaux magnifiques. Pourquoi vouloir toujours tuer, ces animaux méritent de vivre en paix ainsi que toutes les autres espèces. L'être humain ne pense qu'à tuer et je trouve cela dommage. Quand apprendra-t-on à respecter la vie sur terre quelle qu'elle soit.

    Il n'y aucune régulation de l'espèce à appliquer, laissons la nature suivre son cours et arrêtons de massacrer tout la vie sur cette planète.

    Les loups sont comme les ours dans les Pyrénées, il nous faut les sauver. Arrêtons de massacrer les animaux. Les chasseurs sont des meurtriers en puissance et ils osent appeler cela un sport.

    Je vous prie de croire, Madame, Monsieur, à l'assurance de ma sincère considération.

    V. Disle

  24. Anonymous says:

    please no kill the wolves. they need protection not be killed

  25. Unknown says:

    Why do people hate wolves so much that they want them eradicated from the planet?? Please let the wolves live in peace-for once.

  26. Gaby Karl says:

    why do you want to kill wolves? Without them we were not here. By domestication of the wolves we could survive. The world is bad enough. Don't make it more worse. I say thank you in the name of the wolves for let them live.
    Gaby Karl

  27. Unknown says:

    Les loups sont nécessaires à l'équilibre animal, tout comme les lions, les tigres, les éléphants etc. Noé à embarqué un couple de chaque espèce animal, afin qu'ils procréent. Le loups en faisaient parti, mais comme il s'en prend au bétail, il faut les tuer. NON. Si les enfants d'un voisin nous gênent car ils se permettent de crier sous nos fenêtres faut-il les tuer pour cela, NON. Alors faisons de même. Sachons vivre en bonne intelligence avec le monde animal, qu'il soit domestique ou en liberté.

  28. Anonymous says:

    For what reason do you want to kill the wolves ? Just because you think you can do it ? Don't be so superior you gonna be punished for it. Mitakuye Oyasin

  29. Anonymous says:

    As an American, I’ve watched the drama between wolf lovers and wolf haters play out for years, with the poor wolf in the middle. All of this controversy is driven by man’s interests not what’s best for the wolf. Cattle men want the wolf killed or controlled because they’re in the business of raising beef for profit. The naturalists want the wolf saved because their agenda is to preserve and protect nature. This reasoning sounds noble until you consider that they too have a profit motive. Tourism, nature films, and animal research all benefit from access to natural environments. The release of wolves in our Yellowstone park has had mixed results and, after many years, controversy still rages on. If someday mankind fails to survive here on earth it will likely be because we failed to learn how to coexist with mother earth and our fellow creatures. Our arrogance has always been that we feel we have the ability to control nature. I wish the French wolf good luck. He will need it!

  30. Disle Valérie says:

    Les loups sont des animaux magnifiques qui méritent de vivre. Il faut arrêter de les prendre toujours pour cible.

  31. Anonymous says:

    To take one animal or plant out of nature is to destroy the balance. What next humans of a nationality? Hitler tried that.

  32. henri vallier says:

    Comment peut on leur faire du mal? quand on les regarde vivre, il représente tout ce qui est vertu chez l'homme; l' amour , la fidélité, la solidarité avec la meute, la défense des bébés...Allons Homme , ne commet pas l'irréparable en détruisant cette espèce, ne donnes pas cet exemple funeste à tes enfants, sinon attends toi au pire pour l'avenir de notre pövre espèce qui perd chaque jour un peu de son âme...

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