This is a stunningly beautiful movie with a strong environmental message to it. Alot of the movie is shot from above the earth through aerial scenes which are characteristic of film maker Yann Arthus-Bertrand. The movie is made up of a series of similar facts and figures and is beautifully illustrated by images of Earth.

The movie starts at the beginning of time when life on Earth first developed. It points out that although the Earth is approximately 4 billion years old and humans have only been around for about 200,000 years, we have in that short period of time had a greater impact than any other species. And shockingly in the last 50 years the Earth has been more drastically changed by humans than in all the previous generations of humanity.

Most of the current environmental hot-button issues are touched upon. The damage caused by humans is highlighted and the irrevocable consequences are pointed out if the trends are not reversed in the near future. These environmental hotbutton issues include Climate change and rising sealevels, Global (fresh) water shortages, Industrial farming, Fossil fuel dependency and depletion of minerals and natural resources.

All is not hopeless though. The movie does offer some solutions to save us from self-destruction at the end. Examples are shown of countries who have made the decision to reappropriate funds from current areas such as the military and move them into more ecofriendly areas such as renewable energy sources and eco-tourism. It does make the strong point however that mankind must be willing to take these steps now or soon there will be no turning back.

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