Once upon a time in a faraway land called Germany, a cute little fluffy white Polar Bear was born in a zoo in the city of Berlin. He was given the name of Knut. The year was 2006 on the 5th of December and it was the first time in 30 years that a Polar Bear had been born at the zoo. But all was not well as his mother soon rejected poor little Knut and his twin brother. Knut survived by being bottle fed around the clock but his twin brother did not make it. From then on Knut became an international star as he grew up in front of the world. As bright as his star would become it would soon dim and eventually be extinguished in tragedy.

Keeper Thomas Doerflein had saved his life by hand-rearing him and Knut and Thomas had developed a very close bond. They spent many wonderful days together during the next 2 years. But their bond was abruptly broken in September 2008, when Doerflein died suddenly from a heart attack. Speculation was that because Doerflein had been recently banned from Knut's enclosure due to the fact that Knut had become too dangerous, that Doerflein had reportedly died from a broken heart.

It was at this sad time that Knut's bright star began to dim. Yes, he was still well known internationally and had made a lot of money for the Berlin Zoo, to the grand sum of £6million ($8.5million). But Knut soon grew depressed and lonesome after the death of his best friend and keeper, Thomas Doerflein. A female Polar bear was then brought in for a short time and Knut did better until she was returned to the zoo in Italy.

Once again, Knut became depressed so he was then moved into an enclosure with Tosca, his mother who had rejected him, and 2 other female Polar Bears. But soon visitors began complaining that the trio had been ganging up on Knut and threatening him, and that he often sat hiding in a corner of the enclosure looking depressed. Canadian polar bear expert Else Poulsen was reported to have said just last month that Knut's life with three other polar bears was "monotonous, outdated and cruel," and that he was losing fur and didn't have enough muscle for a four-year-old. He just didn't have enough room for himself and was under enormous stress.

Then on that fateful day of March 19th, 2011 ,Knut who was only 4 years old, collapsed and died in front of a crowd of 660 visitors at the zoo. He began to convulse for several minutes and then abruptly fell into the pool and floated ­motionless as horrified onlookers watched and children began to cry. His once bright star was quickly extinguished.

Since then the Berlin Zoo has been loudly criticized from a local member of parliament, animal rights groups and wild life experts that it had been cramming too many animals into too little space, including celebrity polar bear Knut, whose premature death could have been avoided. An autopsy has just found that Knut had died after suffering an epileptic fit and falling into the water.

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Only to add insult to injury, the Berlin Zoo has made a recent announcement that the remains of Knut will be stuffed and put on display at the museum. During his short life, (Polar Bears can live up to 20 yrs. in captivity) Knut was a big money maker for the zoo. Now in his premature death, this sad bear should be allowed to rest in peace and dignity and not be exploited once again as a money draw for the museum. The zoo is claiming that this is what the people of Germany would want, but in reality this is far from what the people want. They just want to honor the tragic life of a very special and very misunderstood Polar Bear who only wanted to live in peace!

Please take a minute to sign several petitions that are against using Knut as a stuffed money maker. Let him be at rest with his dignity for all eternity!

Knut gehört nicht ins Museum

Zoo contact info to let them know you don't want Knut to be stuffed and on display:
Dr. Bernhard Blaszkiewitz / Director of Zoo and Tierpark Berlin
Gabriele Thöne / Member of board of directors
Hardenbergplatz 8
10787 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 254 01 232
Fax: +49 30 254 01 255

Petition against stuffing Knut.

Video : Tragic life of Knut

Responses to "Knut : The rise and fall of a bright shining Star !"

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is the saddest video I´ve seen in a long time....yet so very beautiful! What a shining star he was...
    It´s scary to what lenght people will go to gain profit not only when the animal is to after his dead !Just leave him be ..He doesnt belong in any museum...may this never happen!! let him have his dignity left now that he´s gone from this harsh world !
    Thank you for a sad but beautiful post !!! I cried my heart out...for Knut and for people´s greed and stupidity!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I only want to say ,when will people learn that there are some things that are worth more than money,and that should be left alone, i`m sure that there are other ways tomake money then to resort to useing a beautiful Polar Bear like "Knut ",why not let him rest in peace,as he has well earned the right to !!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    It`s a shame,how irresponsible the people was,who normally had to look for the safety of Knuth "with his died human Daddy"in living together with the other Icebears who treat him that bad.
    Knuth lost his best friend and was kicked back to the bears.
    If it wouldn't be that "normal"in this fu****g world,we coldn't stop shaking our heads.But this just states another time,what most of us feel since a long time.Time for a change.No more heartless machinery of ignorants. M.T.

  4. Anonymous says:

    is a very sad video. please let him rest in peace

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    This Break's my Heart,Human's way to offten try to play God,And when that happens tradgey always follows!!Let this Beautiful animal rest in peace!!It's the Very least you can do!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I agree, let him rest in peace....It's cruel to expose him again as a moneybag for the crowd....he had a sad life already, it is and was heartbreaking.
    I feel so sorry for this poor creature, such a majestic and powerfull animal, untill human interference kicks in....When it's all about the money,life does not seem to matter anymore....As Knut's life shows us onces again...I don't like ZOO's, it's like a prison for animals who used to live in freedom.....Allthough it's really hard nowadays for animals in the wild to live their lifes whithout interference and incounter with humans, wich mostly leads to their fall....Haven't we taken enough already?
    Rest in peace, Knut....

  8. Anonymous says:

    Leave him now to rest in peace. .I Hate ZOO !!

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