The State of Idaho declares War on the Wolves!

In a desperate and transparent attempt to give the state of Idaho the ability to kill wolves at the Governor's decree, the Idaho House of Representatives approved a measure on Tuesday that declares the state's wolves a "disaster emergency". The bill was approved by 65 to 4 vote. On Wed., the Idaho senate also passed this bill. It now heads to the desk of Governor Butch Otter to be signed. Supporters say it just adds another way for the state to control its wolves, while opponents say wolves aren’t an emergency and it just allows Governor Otter to declare open season on the wolves.

All of this is in response to exaggerated claims that Idaho's approximately 800 wolves are a threat to public safety, killing off big game elk herds and ruining the hunting and agricultural industries.

Under existing Idaho law, a state of emergency allows the governor to use his police powers to lessen the impact of a declared threat for a natural disaster as in the case of a flood or wildfire. To use this clause in the case of the wolves is a real stretch and not what the powers of an emergency were originally intended for. It was brought on because of the state's frustration of not being able to manage the wolves through hunting due to the Federal protection of the Endangered Species Act.

The passage of a bill like this basically declares war on the state's wolves and the Leaders of the Republican-dominated Idaho legislature have stated that they couldn't wait to reduce wolf numbers. They claim that the state's wolf numbers far exceed the number required for species survival and that licensed hunting is needed to control an animal preying on cattle, sheep and game favored by hunters.

No word on whether Governor Butch Otter will sign the bill, but
Otter has indicated quite often that he believes wolves should be under state, not federal, control. God save the Wolves from the state of Idaho!

PETITION Save Idaho's Wolves from being Slaughtered by a State Emergency Plan!
The state legislature of Idaho has passed a measure that declares the state's wolves an "Emergency Disaster". This is not what this act was originally intended for. It was set up to be used in the case of a critical situation during an event such as a natural disaster as in the case of a flood or wildfire.
To use this act of an "Emergency Disaster" in the case of allowing the state to hunt it's wolves is just plain wrong. It is being fueled by exaggerated and scientifically unproven claims that the numbers of big game wildlife such as the Elk are being critically reduced by the wolves. This is a transparent and ill conceived attempt to circumvent the federal protection and management of the wolves that is currently in place by the Endangered Species Act.
To allow the state to manipulate a well intended act such as the "Emergency Disaster" plan that was intended to protect it's human population just cannot be allowed to take place. This attempt is a mockery of the use of legislative state power.
Help Save Idaho's wolves! Urge Governor Otter not to sign this bill and ask President Obama and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to challenge the legality of this "Emergency Disaster" action to be used to hunt the state's wolves while ignoring in place federal protections.


Video Idaho Wolf Hunters

Responses to "Idaho's state legislature declares war on the Wolves!"

  1. Anonymous says:

    To all who have a hand in this decision - it is time to step out of the dark ages! We just can't keep killing things when it doesn't suit someone. This seems to be the outlook by some of you regarding all life - even human. Be the one that goes down in history as someone who made a difference in a positive way. Wolves deserve better. They are an intelligent, they mate for life, their family ways to teach humans a thing or two. If you allow the slaughter/murder of wolves then their is no hope for humanity - you don't have the right to do this - they are a big part of the balance in nature. This is criminal if you allow this fear based dark age act to go on. Do the right thing for once. FOR ONCE.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That boy shouldn't even know what a gun is!! never mind know how to use one!! he doesn't even look thirteen!! that's f**king sick getting young kids into the cruel, disgusting sport of wolf hunting!! it needs to be stopped!!! :@

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wolves are beautiful animals, they don't deserve this! all they're doing is hunting to survive! like every other predator on this earth does! stop killing wolves, it's a disgusting example of the human species! :@

  4. Anonymous says:

    Signed....This is a tragedy for the Idaho wolves...hope as many as possible will sign this petition and thank you for starting it up! !
    The video is totally disturbing...that kid should not know how to handle a gun , and shouldnt been told how to hate wolves...poor him! This is what happens when parents transfer their fear and hate on their own kids...and they do the same in generations to come! It´s all so very sad! wolves done nothing wrong!just let them live, let them be! They are beautiful creatures of this earth!

  5. Anonymous says:

    There's nothing wrong with a person learning how to use a's the stupid attitudes that go with it! The sad part is, the father thought this was a wonderful thing to post to YouTube...Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame, I just hope they are prepared to listen objectively to all the comments this video will generate..good as well as bad..

  6. Unknown says:

    dont vote for Obama again!!!!
    leave the dam wolves alone!!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    The sad thing is that this video shows how ignorance is many times was that word used in this sensitivity toward speaks for itself.

  8. Anonymous says:

    They need to stop the shooting and killing of the wolves. Let them live!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I don't understand why anyone would want to shot a spirtual creature,they should be protected not hunted,the this is so alarming to know that people just want to kill something so special,the video is very sad,what are we teaching are chirldren

  10. Wolves are one of God's most beautiful creatures. They are only doing what comes naturally for them. This has been going on as long as wolves have been on this earth - they have to eat as we have to eat. You know in Native American culture - we are to live among the animals with respect for each other. We are destroying the land and taking away the animals habitat -- for what??? GREED!!!
    These animals have not done anything to deliberately hurt us, why are we killing them? People who think this is a "fun" thing to do are heartless bastards. We must protect the wolves and all the animals. The are part of GOD'S creation and HE must be looking down here with disgust at what some people are doing to what he has created.

  11. Unknown says:

    I am so disgusted at what I see and hear on that video. There is nothing to be proud of teaching your son how to shoot innocent animals. The wolf is a beautiful spiritual creature and is persecuted all over. These are very wicked people who just enjoy killing for the sake of it. Just horrific.

  12. Anonymous says:

    incredibly stupid man... letting a young kid do this.. Leave the dang wolves alone.. let them live

  13. Unknown says:

    What is wrong with everyone, nature existed before man, without nature, meaning all creatures man could not exhaust, if humans where to to perish nature would go on probably regenerate and prosper, you can't keep killing off what you can't understand or what you think is competition, they where here first we have intruded on them, we are there competition , .
    By killing off keystone peditores we are killing our environment , end result the earth will perish sooner then later,
    Grow up, use the highly developed mind humans are supposed to have, it's not all seek and destroy!! So sad so sad:/

  14. Anonymous says:

    Let the wolves be!

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  16. Anonymous says:

    Fucking murder ! So you will be damned forever to burn in hell , how you treat innocent animals !!!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    The ignorance showed by idaho lawmakers is exactly why the earth is undergoing A sixth major extinction.Man himself will soon take the path he has put so many others on rightfully So.You cannot continue to commit crimes against our mother and her children! Wolfpack250

  18. Anonymous says:

    I love how animal rights people are so ready to defend the wolves yet they could care less about the thousands of Elk, Deer, and Moose that are slaghtered by these carnivorous beasts. Wolves kill for sport and this is a fact. Yes they are beautiful animals, but the wolves now roaming Montana, Idaho and Wyoming are not native to this area whatsover. The native wolves in this part of the country were smaller animals. Do your research before you condemn the hunters who are the ones who actually spend all the money that protects the herds, provides duck habitat, and actually participates in the conservation of America's Wildlife. Don't be fooled by the lies provided by PETA and the Humane Society of the United States. If it was up to them you wouldn't even be able to own a pet hamster, walk in the woods, or enjoy that Big Mac you anti-hunting hypocrites so desire. Get educated and wake up. Let the wolf hunt begin! Oh and by the way I'm a hunter and animal lover. Are you suprised that life is such a paradox. Well life feeds on life always has always will. If you don't like hunting then don't do it. If you don't understand why people hunt then you unfortunately have never been taught about the cycle of life. Bugs eat bugs, birds eat bugs, cats eat birds, dogs eat cats, and people well we eat whatever we can. There's a reason we have canine teeth. Wake up!

  19. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the above statement. What has happened to the majority of modern people is they feel they are above animals and that they have some duty to protect all of God's creatures. Hunter's are not cold heartless killers that kill for the thrill only. The meat provides healthy organic food for their families and keeps populations in check. I've never met a hunter that doesn't love and revere his quarry. Hunters are more in tune with animals than anti-hunters simply because they take their role as the hunter and experience life on the animals level. Anti-hunters watch from the outside and condemn those who are experiencing the things they never will. Most hunters I know have pets, raise horses, and would rescue an animal in trouble at the drop of a hat. On the same token they understand life and will harvest an animal and utilize the animal for the purpose it was truly given. To be utilized as food. I wonder how much these anti-wolf hunters would like wolves when their child or dog was killed by one. It happens people. Also people have been killed by wolves it is documented and it is fact.

  20. Anonymous says:

    A true hunter knows that wolves only take what they need, usually the old, lame and sickly and that wolves and other predators are necessary to the balance of life. The above statement about thousands of Elk, Deer and Moose "slaughtered" by wolves is ludicrous. Humans with high powered rifles that can kill from the better part of a mile away or from aircraft kill vastly more, and not just the weak and old of the herd but usually the best... animals that were they given a chance a human would never get near enough... the same is true for wolves, the young, fleet of foot and prime health specimens are rarely brought down by wolves. That whole slaughter story about wolves is a big lie.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I will say that the last 4 times I have made a comment,they???erase it off,or tell me I have no permission to put that in writing.So, I guess there is NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH ANY MORE,I DIDNOT SWEAR,ONLY TOLD THE TRUTH OF WHAT I KNOW ABOUT REACTORS.Plus about Idaho's wolves and the goverment...So, I guess at this point the goverment has the last say on what and can be printed.You can swearup a storm but don't let the truth be known.Wait,you sure we are not in Russia???

  22. Matt Deck says:

    All you city-fied meatheads are clueless. Wolves attempt to chase and kill any thing that runs from them. Ever seen a cat catch a mouse just to play with it? same thing. Real hunters and conservationist know this. The number of wolves is way out of proportion with its prey, the activist are ignoring the science and numbers that they agreed with when the reintroduction plan was made. Their are around 5 times the original number of agreed upon. If the environmentalist continue down this road, WE will kill them all instead of having a balanced prey -predator relationship that everyone can live with. Remember we also have bears coyotes and mountain lions that need to eat. And you should all grow a pair and sign your name to your BABBLING, BULL CRAP, BUNNY HUGGING COMMENTS. Remember if you eat any meat YOU ARE A PREDATOR ALSO.

  23. Anonymous says:

    You guys are idiots they took the Idaho wolves population down buy almost 90% we had w heard of over 100000 and the r is less than 5000 left in the state and these wolves have killed people in Alaska (which is were they belong) what makes you think they wont kill in other States.these wolves are over 220 lbs Wichita ie twice the weight of 2 coyotes so do the right thing again SMOKE A PACK A DAY SAVE IDAHO

  24. Anonymous says:

    Hell ya kill all those all those stupid wolves. Ya know they will make it out of.Idaho and in to places like California an end up killing someone so SMOKE A PACK A DAY

  25. Anonymous says:

    They kill for fun they drag bears out of there den and kill them get rid of all this stupid wolf back to Canada

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