The Last Wild Wolves is a 3 part documentary of the "Ghosts of the Rain forests" or the coastal wolves of British Columbia's Great Bear Rain forest. This is a temperate rain forest that is isolated from the continent of Canada by a vast mountain range and has been ruled by the wild for thousands of years. This rain forest has been heavily dependent on the yearly return of the salmon for food and fertilization and since it is protected against fires, many of the trees are thousands of years old also.

The wolves of this rain forest have never been studied before. A group of biologists that were studying the bear population here and it's relationship to salmon, kept running into lot's of evidence of the wolves. Since their habitat was slated to be demolished by logging activity, the group called the Rain Coast Conservation Society decided that a study was needed.

Before this study was conducted, the Grizzly Bear was thought to be the Apex predator of the forests. It has since been found that it is actually the wolf that is the Apex predator that keeps the diverse ecosystem in balance. This is because the wolf travels all over the rain forest whereas the Grizzly stays in the coastal valleys. A noninvasive type of research was decided upon so as to not disturb the wolf population. Hair samples and wolf scat were collected to analyze it's contents for types of prey eaten and nutrients found.

What the biologist found was that the wolves were an essential component of the health of the rain forest. Since salmon are the life blood here, the most important role of the wolf was to carry the salmon inland to the forests. Then the salmon remains were used as food for the birds and insects. The release of nitrogen into the soil from the decaying fish bodies then fertilized the lush growth of trees and foliage which produced vast amounts of oxygen. Thus completing the cycle.

It was also found that the wolves here had the most genetic diversity of wolves anywhere in the world since they had been so isolated and undisturbed in the past. This genetic diversity is crucial to be able to adapt to changing conditions in the environment over time. Sadly the biggest threat now is the logging industry which has started to move into this pristine area threatening the natural balance of the the area. It has also created roads which can easily bring in hunters to track the wolves, bears and other wildlife.

In conclusion the research team came to understand that the wolves are a part of a central ecosystem that works together in perfect harmony. Even though industrial destruction is closing in on this highly functioning ecosystem, there is still time to learn the important lessons from nature and to understand that we too as humans play a crucial part in preserving it's balance.

Videos : The Last Wild Wolves in British Columbia's Great Bear Rainforest

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  1. Your post is motivation for me to learn more about this topic. I have to admit your clarity broadened my sentiments and I will instantly take your rss feed to be up to date on any future content you may write. You deserve gives thanks for the job well done!

  2. Jayne says:

    Absolutely amazing information. I really hope mankind can be stopped from damaging this ecosystem any further. Wonderful and inspiring. A job very well done, congratulations.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Beautifully done! This place should be protected as is - not managed, but left to develop naturally as it has for centuries.

  4. Anonymous says:

    One of the most fascinating, beautiful, and informative, presentations I have ever seen. Breath-taking!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Just amazing !! so so well done .. hoping all will watch this video .. worth watching !! congratulations !!

  6. wolfsynn says:

    No, the smart humans are also crucial to preserving the balance of nature. Unfortunately, most of the race are arrogant, ignorant, and are crucial to the destruction of nature as we know it. C'mon people. Agreeing with this information or saying how you are against it is all very nice. BUT, that doesn't stop anything. There is so much wrong doing right now, and no one is saying anything to those in power.They have to feel that their jobs are riding on what the people want, if they hear nothing, they feel secure doing whatever they want for money. Let your MP know how you feel in no uncertain terms. A simple email does it. If you read this, thanks.

  7. Anonymous says:

    What's wrong wiith the Canadian Government ? Areas like this should be OFF LIMITS to loggers,etc.

  8. says:

    This is a well done video,I enjoyed where the reseachers did not mix with wildlife at all .i belive in progress but not to wipe out an whole ecgo system.this is well done thank you

  9. Anonymous says:

    Vous qui avez la chance d avoir un ecosysteme de cette grandeur,de cette beaute ,c est un erreur de vouloir dicter votre loi a cet environnemment exeptionnel,la gestion doit se faire sans exces et avec prudence.Tout cela est en place depuis des millenaires alors n y changer rien.

  10. Anonymous says:

    When are we as humans going to learn the valuable lessons. We repeat our mistakes, corporations greed for money is killing the environment. Governments need to look at what they are producing and destroying. These forests can never be replaced. Nor will the animals that live there.

  11. CW Bismark says:

    As a Native American and Wildlife advocate, I found this series to be one of the most enlightening and heart touching I have yet to see. I pray for a miracle that these wolves are protected and can flourish.

  12. Anonymous says:

    to help preserve the animals the country should ban logging in that region and make it off limits to hunters.

  13. Yvette says:

    nature do not need humans...but humans need nature
    I really hope that people learn the importance to live in harmony with others..especially the wolves and the wilderness

  14. Anonymous says:

    Its very sad. The goverment does nothing to stop it. And most of that wood turns out is making magazines and newspapers. Lived in ontario my whole life and after they have decided to destroy all the forest up to the ring of fire.( Aka the greenbelt) I have decided to leave. I wonder where they will get there money when the forests run out???

  15. Anonymous says:

    This subspecies must be preserved

  16. Anonymous says:

    with all of the wolfs the Government should be protecting all of the wolfs so that no-body kills the wolfs at all, because the wolfs mean a whole lot to me(WENDY SELLS). from Wendy Sells

  17. We must help these poor creatures!

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