Although the political climate has been very tough for the wolves lately in Montana, the sun was able to shine through the clouds this week. With the help of conservation groups, pro-wolf petitions and some moderate hunters, a bill was stopped in the Montana Legislature this week that would have expanded wolf-killing on private property.

SB 414, the Montana Wolf Control Act, would have made it legal for anyone to shoot wolves on private land, at any time, for any reason without a hunting license or permit. Extreme anti-wolf groups such as Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife were trying very hard to push SB 414 through and take advantage of Congress’s unjustified action which could allow states to manage wolves as low as 100 to 150. This bill would have seriously jeopardized the genetic diversity of Montana's wolves.

Thanks to all those that worked so hard together to make sure that this wolf - kill bill was stopped in it's tracks and that Montana's wolves can still be managed as a part of their valuable native wildlife and not as unwanted vermin.

Responses to "A Political Victory for the Wolves of Montana"

  1. Aaaaaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowooooooooooooooooo! YES!!!

  2. one step forward,
    never looking back
    for those untoward
    we cut not slack
    we are here to defend
    those without a
    speaking voice
    and for each life saved
    we eternally rejoice
    yes the war continues
    some battles lost, some won
    but we will not give up
    until we have losses,none
    namaste, love and light
    peace filled days
    and blissful nights

  3. AJ Wildcat says:

    Montana is getting fantastic at saving thier wild animals,they are all sacred!,montana is blessed to be the home of the wolf,bears,elk,deers,buffalo,and a lot more

  4. Yolanda says:

    A small step but the fight is not over keep howling .of 06 in north Idaho pack pop #159 with 13 breeding pairs. it is 211 reg the numbers I know there is a better way to manage this issue. write or call Idaho govenor Otter.

  5. Unknown says:

    Yahoo!!! At last some good news for our beloved wolves. Long may it continue.

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