Russia bans endangered polar bear hunt this year.

Bravo to Prime Minister Putin for setting an example to the rest of the world's leaders of how important it is to preserve our endangered species. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, a longtime defender of large endangered animals, recently made the decision that Russia will ban the hunting of polar bears this year.

Last year a Russian-U.S. commission had agreed to restrict polar bear hunting to 29 animals per year for each country. Previously officials in Russia had agreed with the U.S. that although the Polar Bear is an endangered species, hunting is vital for the indigenous people in Alaska and in far-eastern Russia. This week Russia has waived its quota for Polar bear hunting.

Prime Minister Putin has also championed the causes of the gray whale and some of the endangered big cats such as the Persian leopards and the Siberian tiger in the past. According to Russian specialists, "the decision this week will help to sustain and boost the population of this beautiful Arctic animal." Currently the Polar Bear is struggling for survival due to the increased melting of the polar ice floes that it depends on to hunt for food. Global warming has been blamed for the destruction of the Polar Bears natural environment.

Fellow leaders of the world stand up and take notice! We need to work together as one world if these very vulnerable and endangered species are going to survive.

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  1. This is good

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    Why just this year? It should be forevedr banned.

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