Carl Brenders has been internationally acclaimed as one of the greatest Nature painters of all time. Just a glance at his work and you will understand this honor bestowed to him. Spend some time taking in all the details of his work and you will be in awe.

Carl was born near Antwerp, Belgium in 1937. He has drawn since childhood starting at a very early age. Carl studied at the Fine Arts Academy in Antwerp and later at Berchem in Belgium. He began his career as an illustrator of children’s books on natural history and being a great train fan, he loved to paint them also. Today, although he has traveled all over the world, Carl still calls his beloved Antwerp home with his wife, Paula.

Those who have already met him look forward to meeting him again and to listen with rapt attention as he passionately explains in great and fascinating detail the pictures he has painted. For it is in this great detail of minutia that escapes the average viewer, that Brenders art allows us to see exactly what he sees and everything else seems out of focus by comparison. He is an intense man and it shows in his work.

The wildlife images of Brenders' art are first created from pencil sketches. From these sketches his beautiful paintings of watercolor and gouache are completed with a technique he has developed during the last 25 years. His paintings in their intricate nature, devote equal attention to the detail of the wildlife subject and its habitat as well as to the mood created by the light. It is in this intricacy that his paintings take on the resemblance of photography.

A dedicated conservationist, Brenders has raised awareness for environmental and conservation causes through his art which enjoys international acclaim. He is widely collected in North America, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, Holland, Argentina and in his native Belgium.

Carl Brenders sums up his philosophy on painting in his following quote.
"In my scenes of nature, I like to share the experience of being within the intimate world of the animals — a little moment in paradise together with them. Nature is already beautiful, already perfect. That is why I paint the way I do with so much detail and so much realism — I want to capture that perfection."

Photos Wildlife Paintings of Carl Brenders

Carl Brenders - Cheek to Cheek

Carl Brenders - Down for the Count

Carl Brenders - Companions, The

Carl Brenders - Black Wolf

Carl Brenders - Esprit de Corps - Arctic Wolves

Carl Brenders - Steadfast and Resolute - Wolf

Video Carl Brenders

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    Beautiful, wish I had all of his paintings! His work is just so beautiful and true to life

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  13. It is because of Carl Brenders that I do photography editing the way I do. Carl's paintings are mesmerizing and look like detailed photographs. A true artist that I try to emulate with every every image. Thank You Carl.

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