In Botswana, found in the arid eastern part of Africa, there is a wildlife watering hole on the Mashatu Game Reserve. It is known as Pete's Pond and it was carved into the landscape by a man known as Pete Le Roux. It was born of his idea to protect Botswana's wildlife and give the animals room to run free in expanded territory.

Pete Le Roux set up this alternative watering hole to attract wildlife away from the Limpopo River where many poachers lurked. By using the remnants of an old irrigation system from the area's failed attempts to grow cotton, he had hoped to put a stop to the rampant poaching and senseless killing of Africa's wildlife. His prayers were answered as the idea worked. Today the pond regularly attracts a great variety of wildlife that come to drink at the pond including herds of elephant, eland, impala, lions, warthogs, baboons and many more.

Now in world of the internet, Pete's Pond can be seen by everyone through the lens of a famous webcam that began on National Geographic's wildcam. It is now hosted and operated by WildEarth.
The camera is mounted overlooking the waterhole along with a microphone and floodlights that switch on automatically at night. The camera is controlled by volunteers over the Internet, who Tweet 'sightings' @wildearth. Watch for awhile and before you know it, you too may become what is referred to as a "pondie". Enjoy the wonders of Africa's wildlife without ever leaving home! Even if there is no wildlife to be seen at the moment you can enjoy the sounds of Africa's voice especially from the many birds in the area.

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Photo credit Chris Johns

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    I cannot view the camera from Petes Pond. It tells me that 4 viewers i see nothing. Usually there are 50 or more viewing.

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