The Wolf that changed America ~ How the Encounter between Ernest Thompson Seton and Lobo changed America's Future.

In 1893 Ernest Thompson Seton began a quest that would soon not only change his life but also the course of America. This history changing story took place in the beautiful southwestern state of New Mexico. At this time the wild buffalo had all been eradicated by man and were replaced by cattle whose defenses had been bred out of them. For hungry wolves the temptation was too great and the cattle made for easy pickings. The ranchers were incensed by this and wanted it stopped. Seton who was a trapper, naturalist and author had been hired to catch and destroy the pack leader of the wolves, Lobo.

Seton who was born in Canada, was familiar with wolves and had often trapped and killed them in the past. He had even written a book on how to do this. He reasoned that at most this job would take no more than a couple of weeks. But what he hadn't counted on was Lobo, a wolf with an almost supernatural ability to cheat death. Soon weeks turned into months with not even a sight of Lobo. Seton had used all his best methods to catch this wolf but to no avail.

When Seton, after months of being eluded by Lobo, finally came into contact with him a shocking chain of events took place that jolted his conscience and made him question who really was the villian and who was the hero. Although Seton was a trapper by trade he was also a naturalist and this conflicting view of his was to disappear forever. In his book, "Wild Animals I Have Known", he professed his profound regret over the war he had waged against Lobo.

Seton had been so effected by his encounter with Lobo that he never killed another wolf again. He lived the rest of his life spreading the word about preservation for America's wilderness and wild animal species. His mission began what is now the modern day conservation movement and it had been solely inspired by a wolf named Lobo. Seton pushed for the creation of national parks and lobbied for and laid the groundwork for environmental legislation. His heart had been forever touched by Lobo and America's wildlife and wilderness has been preserved because of what came out of this one moment in time.

The video that follows is a fascinating documentary narrated by actor F. Murray Abraham. The subject matter is inspired by the actual journal entries of Ernest Thompson Seton. The story is told through dramatic reenactments, vintage photos, and expert interviews with historians, library curators, and wolf biologists. It also shows some truly remarkable nature photography. This story is sure to be a memorable one.

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Responses to "The Wolf that changed America (Movie)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is also , actually a "Sad story " of " Human beings " ,whom still didn't want to face ; the fact ...which is ( according to me ) ; being aducated by system ( all over the world ) does never meant to be ; "realy aducated" to understand "the life" ,why we are here ,why we can't going on lying about the things happened (Fals history books ) .In the one hand telling -"we are all brothers and sisters ,coming from ( what ever you believe to tell ; "God" ,"nature","coincedence" or "don't know" )" on the other hand still making Guns to kill ,rule with lies to kill others ( without considering which are the "others"? ) ...To have this fighting machine;unaducate the massa ,create lies ,give aducating only to serv your fighting machine..Ofcourse we need(!) people to put them under uniform to kill the anemy(!) ,give them aducation to make technic,make them agrassive against others...Even sometimes aducate others to be your anemy and let them agrasive against you ,provocote them , give a reason , even give them their wepons ( sell them by the way )....... Thanks God l realy did cut my aducation in their schools ...I am an auto- didact about lot of things ,also my english ( you already can remark ) but one thing l did learn ; first l had to find my heart before using my brain which l still talk with !...
    WHY ? l'm telling all this ???
    I Have pain and l see we still did'nt come out of the sircle ,from "Human beins " to get finaly be "HUMAN" which ; not lies,kill and destroy but learn,built and share with the all natural things and lives within ; "HUMAN" and there for l don't have to wait for "HAVEN" We already have a one which become a "HELL"unfortunately because of "Human beings "... l wish you good healt ( mentaly,phisicaly and socially ) and lovely days on your life time ( which are left ) on this planet...Love and peace & Kisses and hugs to my all brothers and sisters on the planet...

  2. Anonymous says:

    I cannot even understand your comment. You use horrible grammar and spelling, and what on earth are you doing with your punctuation?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I don't think the grammar and spelling are important, I got his/her message, tolerance goes a long way, I thank whoever it was for sharing even though I have not even watched the movie yet! I think your comment simply gives credence to his/her message. Thank you White Wold for sharing the movie, I love your sight.

  4. mamarambo1 says:

    wolves are the most majestic of animals and deserve to be left to live their lives they only kill to live and mankind has to learn that man will kill for the fun of it but not a wolf please leave those beautiful creatures in peace god created them and they have as much right to be here as we have and to be honest our domestic dogs still have a wolf strait in them and as a dog owner you have to become the alpha dog and he will respect you and protect you
    live long my dear friends

  5. Anonymous says:

    I agree, spelling and grammar are not important and the first message is honest and the second message is not about the subject of this footage et all.; today people in the key position to make decisions’ have no care for wild Animals and or the Natural resources and because of this imbalances and depletions and unhealthy wilderness conditions are prevailing to the detriment for all future generations to come, as well as the people in these current times that do care, and try to sway this most destructive trend in a more responsible direction. Until people who care about the wild and conservation are put in decision making positions, I see little hope for the public outcries and or the wild species in questions, for it is not Wolf alone, being pursued, but Mountain Lions, Bears and many other small mammals who fall prey to bait’s and trap’s. To live in harmony with nature and its amazing array of beautiful life, has been a lifelong dream hampered by the sad knowledge that we are in some strange sunset of times. Naturally none of us nature respecting friends of the wild, could ever anticipate the extent of damage and cruelty and deceit underlying this destructive current, for we are simply not without soul to warrant such horrors committed. This film may be touching to some but alarms me deeply for it shows the usage of traps, the bonding between the mating pair and their weaknesses and serves as a covert buildup for public education how to stalk, bait trap and ultimately kill wolfs, while all along playing up some OLD ROMANTIC Yarn as an excuse, it also reiterates the number one killer of wolfs of the era it describes. I deem this footage to be free public education for wolf hunters and therefor deem it disgusting to surface at a time like this, if not even premeditated to the effect to increase public awareness about wolf killing techniques,for one thing is clear the wolfs of today’s wild where in Wisconsin, Canada, Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon are not safe but are outlawed again, and still as demonized as ever.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Lobo cried for Blanca. Oh yes he did! Our Lab/mix dog Shaunti cried (howled) for hours after our big gray cat Crosby died at 11yrs from cancer. She had been raised with Crosby from a pup. Anyone who loves our fellow creatures knows that animals feel emotion. I will never forget the National Geographic program with a herd of elephants passing slowly by a slaughtered (for his tusk) male elephant, Each carressing the body with their trunks in respect and love...then the narrater says the mother is last in line... she falls to her front knees with her head on her sons body and is shaking. It was heart renching! Maybe what America needs is a class in respest for animals and nature. One that every High School student needs to graduate. Chief Seattle said it best when he told us about the great web of life...if one strand is broken the web does not remain strong. Wolves are as much a part of the web as we are...

  7. bandit says:

    What an amazing movie. Such a sad story with so much truth...we find out where we went wrong.

  8. Anonymous says:

    This is such a sad story :( </3

  9. Anonymous says:

    I also agree. No one is perfect in this world. The ones whom are trying to spell and explain what they to are feeling after watching this movie. It was an awesome movie. And to whom made it and in trying to teach others about the true ways of the wolves and the to teach everyone how the wolves should looked at, not to be shot for they are trying to survive in this world that the humans have changed so much, and killed off much of the wolves prey animals, only to replace them with livestock. Humans have made the wolves into the creature we see today. Humans are the greedy ones on this planet, and want things their way, or no way. We all need to learn to live with the wolves. They are needed in nature. The Indians and cave men learned to hunt by watching the wolves hunt.

  10. Anonymous says:

    ...and (to add to Anonymous November 11, 2012) ...genetically, ALL canines are descendants of the wolf. The canine family members we love so much would not exist if wolves were not a part of this earth's eco system... a paradigm shift in thinking is coming that will cure us of our arrogance and we will finally see that we are no more or less important than any other creature on this planet... WulfMum

  11. Unknown says:

    we have no right to do what we do here. It's sad,sad, and I as a European descendant am embarrassed and ashamed and wish the white folks would learn to love the earth and her animals as the people of the first nations.I hope someday - soon!

  12. Anonymous says:

    This Is A Very Interesting story About How Intelligent Wolves Really are!! And The Respect That One man Had aquired While trying To Hunt Them!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I am fed up with sad stories. So I am not gonna watch this... I am depressed enough.

  14. Anonymous says:

    May 16 ,2011 anonymous numer one- I love you back . Very much n I thank you for speaking yor untainted thoughts , strength u give me , and truth you are !!:)) love , elspeth stuart

  15. Anonymous says:

    I am trying to grasp the meaning of eating . Life and sustainance. I have left mammal , dairy most poultry eating ...and I feel good .but sometimes dizzy.I get sick smelling meat. Is rare I eat fish n turkey. I would like to decide on the meaning of consuming another life . Hunger is an important commodity with self. Energy is more with less . I should learn that through Wolf .??? Elspeth Stuart

  16. Anonymous says:

    I am also wondering if humans were not native to earth. We are out of balance ??? WHERE IS OUR WEREWOLF INSIDE!! :)))))

  17. Anonymous says:

    Nice movie

  18. wolfeagle says:

    Seton did a lot of good for our ecology and this film was very moving. Of course Lobo & Blanco will not ever be forgotten thanks to Seton's book and this film documentary. The human race has much to answer for and much to be forgiven for. Stay pro active!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Oh my gosh!!! How very sad!!! Very heart wrenching and also a great story of a wonderful Love between two incredible Wolves!!!

  20. Unknown says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  21. Unknown says:

    so sad:(

  22. Unknown says:

    What a wonderful but sad story, I hope those that need to see this video will rethink their thoughts on Wolves, we as a nation need to inform and educate the population so that needless killing of Wolves will no longer happen , it is us that are the problem we as humans are our own worse enemy, we can learn just by looking at what we did to the American Indian and the Buffalo we have changed the balance of nature, but I think we can turn this around without harm to wildlife, thank you for allowing us to see this...

  23. pilvikki says:

    to the first person who commented: i understand perfectly.

    to the second person: i don't understand you at all.

    to april 8th 2012: i do agree that the point by point demos on wolf trapping was not necessary, although i hope they left out a couple key points and will end up with a nasty surprise and a hospital visit.

    another point... why don't people just use names, it would perhaps create discussion?

  24. Judith says:

    So very sad. And even today people are just becoming aware that animals have emotions, they love, cry, question, are devoted, loyal and intelligent. Anyone that has lived with a dog could tell you that. My facebook page is about animal advocacy with a focus on sighthounds. I see how some treat dogs and it is very hard to retain respect for part of humanity.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I agree that this is a VERY sad story so what is to be done NOW in yellowstone? What am I talking about, you ask? Im talking about how the hunt STILL continues in yellowstone with bountys on wolves and the contest that are held? THIS NEEDS TO STOP NOW. IF YOU ARE AT ALL CONCERNED ABOUT THE WOLVES THEN STOP YOUR BITCHING AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, GET YOUR VOICE OUT THERE AND START SIGNING ALL THE PETITIONS YOU CAN FIND TO STOP THIS FOM CONTINUING LIKE I HAVE DONE.................. Signed, John Dryer.

  26. Anonymous says:


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