It could be said that Native American traditions view humanity only in context to the natural world around it.

This view is unlike the contemporary western view, which to some degree takes a more egocentric view, where man is of prime importance and the natural world is his possession. Native American Astrology also places a lot of importance on nature and being in harmony with it. The seasons are very important but animals are equally significant. The year is split into four important sections, the clans. Each clan is then further divided into three.

When put together the medicine wheel is formed. This wheel is a circle, another important symbol in Native American philosophy. The symbol of a circle can be seen to represent unity or convergence rather that separation or isolation.

The circle or hoop is split into 12 sections, not unlike that of the western astrological zodiac. Many of us our aware of the zodiac sign we are born under and come to know ourselves, for example, as either an Aries or Virgo. In Native American Astrology Animal Totems are used instead of an astrological sign.
January is the cold Month

February is the Bald Eagle Month

March is the Goose Month

April is the Frog Month

May is the Egg Laying Month

June is the Egg Hatching Month

July is the Moulting Month

August is the Flying Month

September is the Mating Month

October is the Freezing Month

November is the Frost Month

December is the God's Month

Artwork by Jim Gladue - For Limited Edition Framed Native Art Prints Please Visit his Facebook Album Cree Months of the Year

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