American Indians see the eagle as a sacred messenger that carries prayers to the Creator and returns with gifts and visions. 

We use eagles feathers to connect to this majestic and powerful spirit guide as we know the eagle feather holds cleansing and healing powers. The eagle is seen by many cultures as a symbol of courage, vision, strength and endurance.


Eagles need isolation in the wild to propagate and prosper. This teaches us that we have a singular walk in life and must face life on its terms.

Freedom is vital to the survival of the eagle and this teaches us that all people must be free to choose their own paths; to worship as the Creator leads them; and to respect the freedom of others.

Photo Credit: SaSuWeh 

As a lesson in balance and equality, both female and male eagles care for their young.

The Eagle teaches how to master the art of patience and how to move through life without material attachments from their ability to sit for long hours perched on a limb in meditation.

Eagles have excellent hearing and can hunt as much by ear as by sight. To those to whom eagle comes, the ability to hear spiritually and psychically will awaken.

Eagles have sharp beaks and strong jaws that can remove a finger in one snap. The eagle tells us to mind our words and how they affects others; to speak kindly without sharp rancor.

Eagles are renowned for their superior vision, ten times greater than human eyesight. This quality is a gift of vision and clarity that should be used to help others through dark and troubling times.

One who seeks the eagle spirit views situations and other people from a broad perspective for better understanding just as the eagle sees the world from a its great height.

The eagle is a creature of the air, but has strong legs to walk on the earth and often lives near the water for food. These qualities of the eagle teach us to maintain balance in all dimensions to achieve inner-growth. As we soar to spiritual awareness, we remain well grounded in reality as we purify ourselves with the cleansing waters.

The eagle teaches us to have the courage to strive for greater heights of spirituality. The Eagle is seen by American Indians as a connection to the Great Mystery - The Creator of all things.

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    Thank you ... The old time teachings of wisdom and compassion are needed in this world.

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    One of Gods Awsome creatures, would have liked to heard more of the song as well.

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    Thank you for sharing this wisdom and understanding. For those interested, the song is "Alright" By Pilot Speed.

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    Rafting, I had a pair come and perch in a tree, and they sat and watched me watch them. It was an amazing experience I will never forget. Thank you for posting this.

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    Eagle came to me many years ago and has stayed by my side. I still have much to learn but I have mastered much of what is said here. I am blessed. I have spoken.

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    Living the way of the eagle .Have study them and take photos of them for 40 years. They are my heart.

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    These creatures need our respect as well as our protection. We can learn a lot of things from them.

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