The earth is our home. She is very beautiful and giving but also at the same time very fragile. She needs lot's of love and care to be able to sustain her children - the humans, animals, birds, fish & all the plants/trees that depend on her to survive. Because of man's lack of regard towards her since the Industrial Revolution and his quest for more of the Earth's resources, she has has become very ill.

The double edged sword of man's contempt for our Earth's health is that humans will eventually feel her wrath as she fights back to survive. In fact this has already started to happen. Land is being contaminated or overused, availability of fresh drinking water is shrinking and many birds, animals and fish are heading towards the slippery slope of endangerment or extinction. Greed and consumerism has been the driving force of this dilemma .

Thankfully there have been those to sound the alarm and to try to stop this disastrous decline. These people have fearlessly stepped forward to fight the battles, many times by themselves. Today because of these brave warriors of the past, there are many wildlife and conservation organizations that continue the fight. As you watch this beautiful video keep in mind all those who have stood up for her. Ask yourself what is your role in all of this - what can you do to help restore and preserve the earth for the future generations that come behind us?

Responses to "The Earth - Our home or our loss?"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Tremendous video and so true!

  2. Anonymous says:

    the video is stunning.. and the music vibrating.. who´s bans is playing the music ? thank you for this work i share it :D

  3. Anonymous says:

    i don't believe in god, i have to put mine in humans, and as bad as a choice that may be, its people like those listed in the end, that sacrificed everything for animals, and the forest, those kinds of people are the heroes that will save us,i hope

  4. Anonymous says:

    god made her though

  5. Anonymous says:

    the earth needs our help. the best way i believe is to iraticate humans.

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