Sound like a bad science fiction movie? Well, it is actually a real life phenomena that is happening in the waters off the coast of Japan today. In fact not just a few of them but rather millions of the 6ft., 440lb jellyfish are congregating off the western coast of Japan. These jellyfish are one of the largest species of the creature in the world.

But are they a new, mutant form of the normal sized jellyfish that we are so familiar with? Not really. They have been recorded much earlier as being seen off the coast in the Sea of Japan. In fact in the early 1900's, Professor Shinichi Uye, a leading expert on the species at the Graduate School of Biosphere Science of Hiroshima University, reported that large numbers of these giant jellyfish were only reported every 40 years or so.

However, as recently as 2002, it has been noticed that these jellyfish are rapidly increasing in numbers. The speculation as to why this is happening has been pinpointed to several factors.
One reason for the population explosion in recent years is due to the 1.89 degree Fahrenheit increase in temperature in waters off China. This increase in temperature makes the conditions more favorable for their breeding.

The second reason experts believe, is a decline in the number of predators, which include sea turtles and certain species of fish which make this a very important contributing factor. Predators whether on land or in the sea are critically important for the balance of an ecosystem. Without predators, other creatures and plant life, etc. can balloon out of control causing a major imbalance.

In the summer of 2005, Japan was invaded on a similar scale when these jellyfish damaged fishing nets. Fish were rendered inedible with their toxic stings and injuries were even caused to the fishermen. In 2007, over 15,500 reports were made of damage to fishing equipment caused by these massive creatures.
Then in the autumn of 2009, a 10-ton fishing boat was sunk as the crew tried to haul in a net containing dozens of the giant jellyfish. The 3 man crew barely escaped with their lives.

The idea of these giant jellyfish exploding in their numbers is very unnerving. What kind of effect will they continue to have on the sea life and commercial fishing industry of Japan? Just another frightening example of mankind's detrimental effect on the world we live in. Will it take more than the invasion of the giant jellyfish to wake us up?

Responses to "Giant 6ft., 440lb. Jellyfish invade the coast of Japan"

  1. Laurie Terio says:

    How can we expect to constantly abuse the earth and the earths creatures without consequences? By man's greed, we have put in jeopardy all of creation.
    There are creatures who live deep within our ocean floor. This seems to be one of them which has been brought to the surface. How many other creatures will be "coming to the surface" in the future. We have destroyed so much and we must stop this for all of mankind and the future of all God's creatures and the earth we live on.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Obviously, the scientific reason behind the jellyfish arriving is just a theory. I don't think it should be thought in schools. God created these jellyfish and I'm sure he has a perfectly valid reason for sending them after the Chinese.

  3. jay way says:

    "god created" RUBBISH, anonymous. We, Us, the human race, we have created the unholy mess on this planet. Me, I cant wait to see the next horror unleashed - -

  4. Anonymous says:

    Guys guys guys. You're all wrong. When cthulhu comes, I hope you're the first to be eaten.

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