Long ago, there was a Brave who was in prayer to the Great Spirit. His heart was so heavy in sorrow because of a great winter famine that enclosed upon his Peoples village. Many of the Elders could not withstand such brutal conditions and sadly in a very short time many of them perished.

The very young were also in great danger of starving if something soon didn't happen short of a miracle..

Late into the evening the warrior prayed to the great Spirit remembering all the wonderful moons of the years gone by. And thanking the Great Spirit for All the blessings He had brought before.

And this ,fears warrior in great faith had even thanked the Great Spirit for the healing miracles he would bring that He would bestow upon His people...... The brave being the only person awake ,could hear a noise across the river which sounded like a wolf crying in distress. Filled with compassion the warrior rowed across the river his canoe and walked right up to the wolf and removed a deer bone lodged in the wolf's throat. after this he told the wolf

"you are free to go my brother".

The warrior watched as the wolf quietly and gently returned to the forest,and observed a gentle look of what seemed a gesture of appreciation from the wolf.

When the next evening came, the whole village could hear the unmistakable howling of an entire pack of hungry wolves coming from across the river

The next morning party of braves went across the river to investigate the matter. When they reached the other side ,all along the bank were fresh deer carcass for the entire village that had been left by the wolves in gratitude for the Braves great deed.

When he reached the other shore he could see this beautiful white wolf and realized that the animal was dying as the brave approached the wolf.

Text by ©George Gulli

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