Speed, strength, and grace are the finer qualities of this noble animal. The horse lived on the North American continent for thousands of years, but mysteriously disappeared and was later reintroduced by Spanish Conquistadors in the 1500's. American Indians quickly mastered equestrian skills and found the spirit of the horse to be a valuable asset in learning ways of leadership, safety in movement and freedom.


Even though the horse can be domesticated, it's spirit forever roams into the far reaches of freedom. The horse meant ease of movement for indigenous people who quickly learned they could hunt and move into new territories as never before. For those who seek the spirit of the horse, the idea of freedom may be a predominant theme. To the American Indian, the horse symbolizes freedom and the power that comes with being free.

If horse has come in your dreams or visions, there may be a promise of safe travel ahead. Movement or a new adventure, whether it be physical or spiritual is near.

People knowledgeable of horse medicine know that taming the wild, freedom seeking aspects of its personality is not easy, but the benefits of gentleness and tolerance is attainable with patient kindness and continual training.

The horse spirit is intensely independent that often creates conflict in personal and professional relationships. People who walk with the horse spirit are often independent leaders who forge new paths of awareness.

The power and strength of the horse spirit is able to take its rider to new spiritual territory. It reminds us of our inner power and gives us courage to move forward.

The strong legs and back of the horse remind us to remain solidly grounded in our spiritual walk our earthly experiences and to carry the burdens of life with dignity.

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Responses to "Horse Medicine : What Horses Teach Us"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love all the beautiful, horses you have shared, with us one love.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I can so relate to this article as I am part American Indian. These words seem to have a special meaning to me. I too am very independent and the moving on part is always something I feel I must do. I see things that others do not.
    I feel closeness to all wild animals and I am hurt when I see them hit by cars as we are the ones taking over their land. The Horse has taught me to feel and to be aware of things around me and the people around me. I can be more myself standing beside a horse seeing through his eyes.

  3. What a terrific post- thanks so much for reminding me how much I love their Spirit-

  4. Anonymous says:

    My Wife and I live in upstate N.Y. and have a few horses, I can tell you the bond that can occur if you allow it is of great spiritual importance, A true bond that can last for decades. The brisk morning air is true freedom for both Man and Horse.

  5. It's funny but when I was going to sell my horse, on the night before the sale was to take place, I went to the barn to tell him my decision. It was a very calm evening. I walked into the barn and opened his stall door and walked into his stall. Before I could even speak the barn door blew open & I saw my grandfather's spirit. He looked very angry as he walked toward the stall door. I heard him say "you can not sell this horse my dear granddaughter, for he is ur spirit horse & will keep you from harming yourself when you feel your life is darkest. I will help you keep him but know this....if you sell him I will not be able to see you again". So I was able to find someone to lease him for awhile, and then when that was over I found a couple places that were affordable. My grandfather was right that horse did help through a very dark period...I had lost my soulmate and my two dogs, who were like my children since I didn't have any biological children. So I started to ride my horse almost every day and life was good. The day that my horse passed on he waited for me, even though he was in great pain, to tell him it was ok to go. Now I don't have any horses in my life & I feel that I'm missing an appendage, and I feel incomplete. I'm hoping that I will have another horse in my life someday, but for now I truly am an example of the great medicine the horse brings to "The People".

  6. Unknown says:

    I have always loved horses even as a child sneaking away from my aunts house in the country to the horse farm
    next door at 5 years old knowing as I walked under their bellies I was safe. The mares caressed me nudged me as there where about 6 or 7 horses and they would surround me. It was love .
    Today I am 61 and still love the horses and with them when ever I can. I hear hem at times, as they do talk to us more than we know. My joy is sharing a journey with a delightful 21 year old woman who is blended with theses equine beings. She and i share the same mentor. As an animal communicator I feel blessed to connect with the horses. I love animals / nature , just that horses have a special place at the moment.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Where can I buy that first photo titled "Freedom"?

  9. Anonymous says:

    beautiful !

  10. Anonymous says:

    I have experienced a bad divorce,lost my condo and trucks, living in other's homes, had hip and leg replacement(bones were deteriorating)and have been in excruciating pain! My deceased and beloved horse came to me in a dream and told me that God and all of my spirit people in heaven, including my mom wanted me to keep going, not to give up, that I was ok and that I was going to be super ok! I have two other horses that I have been struggling to keep and care for and I had forgotten about my dream through the stress and pain. I had thought that it may just be easier to commit suicide and be done with everything! While crying and thinking of HOW I could do away with myself, I suddenly thought about my deceased horse Chantilly, she said to look at the clock, it was time to "go feed my horses"!!!! I got up, looked in my purse and realized that I had a bunch of quarters and a ten dollar bill! I was able to buy enough gas for my van and got to and from the ranch where I keep my two thoroughbreds.
    They were fed and I sat with them for a while. I could swear that they each in their own way told me that they could not live without me and that somehow, the three of us will be and are alright! They love me and they wanted me to continue be in their lives and to get better so I can ride them again! My male horse said he would help to make me strong again and my mare told me that she would give me all of the kisses and hugs that I needed. I never really believed in "communication" on a spiritual level but here it is.......horses have always been in my life and of my life since I could remember. My parents always had horse statues and horse pictures in our house as I grew up.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I walk with horses , I say no more

  12. Anonymous says:


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