James Douglas "Jim" Morrison (December 8, 1943 – July 3, 1971) was an American musician, singer, and poet, best known as the lead singer and lyricist of the rock band The Doors.

Sunday, July 3rd marked the 40th anniversary of the death of Jim Morrison, the lead singer of the Doors. Morrison was born in the U.S. but moved to Paris in 1971 to write. He was a very talented singer, song writer and poet.

 He rose to fame in the late 60's during the peace and love movement. His music was very reflective of the times back then but it continues to live on today. It is timeless music that still captivates those who lived during that amazing time period and those much younger who can only imagine what it was like.

Jim Morrison is buried in Paris at the Pere Lachaise cemetery and on Sunday, hundreds of fans came to his grave site to bear respect for the singer and leave flowers at the site. Former members of his band, the Doors, also were there and lit candles at his grave to commemorate his life and death.

Morrison was a very complex and gifted person and was caught up in the heavy drug and alcohol use of the time. It was because of this that his premature death at age 27 was brought on due to heart failure caused by heavy drinking. Although his music is still readily available today, his death was a loss of a wonderful talent that burned out much too soon. Forty years later that loss is still very strongly felt.

A poem in memory of the death of a bright star from
"Wilderness: The Lost Writings of Jim Morrison"

The Wolf,
Who lives under the rock
has invited me
to drink of his cool
Not to splash or bathe
But leave the sun
& know the dead desert
& the cold men
who play there

Responses to "Jim Morrison and the Wolves: "Wilderness: The Lost Writings of Jim Morrison""

  1. Anonymous says:

    come on baby light my fire

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jim A true native spirit that should live in us all. Thanks for sharing.
    Wild Feather

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jim was real and an origional human being a talented sensitive and beautiful person.

  4. Anonymous says:

    American prayer is the album that relates i think,to these references.
    Give it a listen & watch it glisten!!!

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