On Saturday, July 2nd, an oil spill took place in the state of Montana into the Yellowstone River. The source of the spill was a 12 inch pipeline that runs from Silvertip to Billings, Montana. The pipeline belongs to the oil giant Exxon/Mobil, the same company that caused the oil spill in Alaska.

The accident occurred just downstream from one of the most treasured and beautiful National Parks in the U.S - Yellowstone National Park. The ruptured pipeline was leaking hundreds of barrels of crude oil into the Yellowstone River. Mobil/Exxon reported that the pipe has now been shut down and the area of the leak has been isolated. However it was discovered that at least 750 to 1,000 barrels of oil had already been leaked for a half an hour before the shutdown. They also stated that cleanup crews have been dispatched to the area.

Nearby residents were originally evacuated from the area but have since returned to their homes. Mobil/Exxon released a company statement that ""We recognize the seriousness of this incident and are working hard to address it. Our principal focus is on protecting the safety and health of the public and our employees."

A major concern is that of how the wildlife and fish will be effected from the spill and just how far down the river it will travel. The concern with the fish is if they break the surface of the river and get oil on them, their gills will become plugged up which will result in fatalities. Of course any bird or animal that fishes or drinks from the oil contaminated river will also suffer from dire consequences. As usual, Exxon has promised a full investigation into the cause of the spill. Sadly, this all comes just a little bit too late - once again.

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Responses to "Oil spill in Yellowstone River caused by Mobil/Exxon pipeline"

  1. Anonymous says:

    This oil is beginning to tick me off, if they can not assure the safety of Forests, Oceans, Rivers, Animals and humans. Then why doesn't out government put stricter codes on these facilities. Freaking greedy, you would think they would have learned by now, guess money is more important that land and life.

  2. Anonymous says:

    ya I agree with the comment above ..... its the wild life that pays for Exxons greed ....Humans also suffer.... but fish and wild life it really takes a toll on

  3. Anonymous says:

    Our earth is precious, so are it's inhabitants (of all forms), mankind needs to quit destroying it. If it were not for our dependency and use of petroleum products, these companies would not flourish, as a result we must all take part of the responsibility. Stop pointing your fingers, do something else other than running your mouths, buy a horse!

  4. Anonymous says:

    You'd think with all of the clean energy options we have we would stop destroying this planet but no. The people at the top want to milk all the money they can out of oil before we convert to safer, cleaner more sources of energy. I can understand using petroleum when it was our best option, but it's not anymore. TO address the comment above mine: yes we do need to take personal responsibility for our choices and how we live our lives but I don't think that's enough. The sad fact is there are to many humans out there that like their big oil guzzling engines and think the cleaner fuel options are just silly hippie choices. Until the laws change those people won't even try to change. I think fossil fuels should simply be unavailable to the masses and I think we the people (who care) should fight to make that happen.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The greed is not Exxon' is all of us who utilize the energy source. Live Simply so other can Simply live.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It's all too easy to blame the Oil Companies but the Government is the only organisation that can control these large companies and should ensure that they regulate these industries effectively, after all, they are the ones that grant the licences. All of us, including myself and most of those in the Western world and many in the rest of the world are complicit in perpetuating the demand for oil by driving cars, vans and trucks. We cannot, on the one hand, curse the Oil Companies while at the same time owning a car.

  7. Anonymous says:

    They have the technology to turn to clean fuels, it needs to be done now!!! To hell with Special Interests and Big Oil

  8. What is harmful to wild life is ultimately harmful to man. Destroy wildlife, ultimately destroy man.

    Anonymous #6 ... we can't get around without cars anymore. But we CAN demand alternative fuels!!

    We the People first have to have the chutzpa to get up out of our comfort zones, be identified and MAKE A PUBLIC STAND!!!

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