The Running of the Bulls is currently taking place in Pamplona, Spain. It takes place every year from July 7th to the 14th. The run was originally born out of the desire to get the bulls from outside of the city into the bullring. Every year many Americans, Aussies, Canadians and Europeans with the time and money enter this run mainly to amuse themselves. They are thinking it is just a "thrill seeking moment in a lifetime for them". But as they are heading home after the run, few have any idea what has become of the bulls that they tried to outrun. For the bulls it has also become a "moment in a lifetime". It has become the end of their lives in a very painful and terrifying way.

This event is still being glamorized around the world but little is told of what really takes place during and after the run. The bulls are terrorized and whipped to force them to run along side drunken runners in the streets of Pamplona who are hitting them with sticks. Many times the bulls slip on the slick cobblestone streets and are injured. At the end of the run, few tourists know of the fate that awaits the bulls.

The exhausted bulls are run into the bullfighting arena. The bulls then fight for their lives as men on horseback run the bulls in circles, confusing and terrorizing them even more. They are stabbed with knives known as "banderillas until the bulls are dizzy and weakened from extreme pain and blood loss. It is only when the bulls are near death that the matador (means "killer" in Spanish) comes into the ring. The bulls are often still alive when their ears and tails are cut off and they are dragged from the ring by chains. Bullfights are hardly the proof of bravery of the matador that they are made out to be. Far from it.

Many people who actually live in the countries where bull fighting takes place are opposed to this cruel sport. It has grown increasingly unpopular. But it is the tourists who are responsible for keeping it alive. Money spent to run with the bulls has contributed to the bull fights as are the tickets purchased by curious tourists who have little idea of the cruelty involved.

Condemnation of this horrible "sport" is growing worldwide. Even in Spain's Catalonia region, the Parliament overwhelmingly voted to ban bullfighting after officials were presented with the signatures of 180,000 people demanding an end to it. Catalonia's capital, Barcelona, is widely considered the birthplace of bullfighting. Now is the time to spread the word of what really goes on and join the movement to stop torturing these bulls for sheer entertainment only. Bullfighting started in 711 A.D. - it needs to become a thing of the past. There is no place for this cruelty in the 21st century.

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Responses to "The Running of the Bulls : A preclude to a horrible ending."

  1. Anonymous says:

    Stop cruelty against these bulls!!

  2. smellyshelly says:

    this is disgusting!! they have a beating heart and feel pain, you wouldn't do it to a human so Dont do it to a animal!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    ... absolute barbarians to continue this 'sport'. Sport it definately is NOT, it's out and out selfishness and cruelty and needs to be completely BANNED (Jackie, UK)

  4. Anonymous says:

    its not that bad

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