Norway is a wonderful country of both natural beauty and it's vision of peace. It's stunning physical beauty ranges from it's picturesque coastlines to it's majestic mountain peaks. It is a striking nordic country whose values seem to reflect the beauty of it's land. It is the land of the Midnight Sun in the summer and a place of pristine snowcovered beauty in it's harsh and cold winters.

It's country men and women are a gentle people who have lived in trust and respect with each other in a modern world where this is rare indeed. They have been there to help out their neighbors in the world when support and assistance was needed. They have truly been a friend and ally to all civilized countries around the world.

So the world and Norway itself were deeply shocked and stunned when a lone countryman inflicted terror and death upon it's citizens.
In the city of Oslo, people would walk about unafraid as did their own Prime Minister who would walk along side the city's residents. But that was before July 22nd, 2011. Now even this peaceful country has been touched by the madness of terrorism.

The people of the world today are sending prayers and healing thoughts of love to this beautiful country in such shock and pain. We want to be there for them so that in time they will be able to return to some sense of normalcy in their lives. Norway would be one of the first to do this for other countries if the tables were turned. It is now our turn to repay them and be there along side of them. May peace return quickly to Norway.

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  1. FulviaChristine says:

    May pain be replaced with love, may confusion be replaced with serenity.Remember,love and prayers are being sent to you all now .

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