Once again history is beginning to repeat itself when it comes to the wolves in the northern Rockies. By the 1940's the last wolves had been eradicated from the western states in the U.S. What would follow was a complete ecological disaster as exploding elk populations with no substantial predators began to alter the ecosystem by destroying the Aspen trees. With the Aspen trees reduced to mere stubs on the landscape, many of the other components of the area such as wildlife also fell into decline. When science finally finally figured this out, the decision to bring the wolf back prevailed.

However today as the fall hunting season approaches, an air of impending doom is hanging over the northern Rockies once again. The fate of the wolf hangs in balance as the state of Idaho has recently declared that it will be open hunting season of the wolf with no quotas being issued. It's neighbor, Montana has jumped on the band wagon also and set an unusually high quota of 220 wolves to be killed which would take out roughly 1/3 of the Montana wolf population. The state of Wyoming whose wolves were not allowed to be lifted from federal protection in the past is now working with Interior Secretary, Salazar to allow a state plan of shooting wolves on sight.

Have the governments in these states gone stark raving mad after all the lessons that were just recently learned in the last century? Well, some would argue that yes they have, but what it really boils down to is that the state politicians are guilty of pandering to the special interest groups that "butter their bread." In other words, the politicians have sold out the wolves and the environment that they live in for the short sightedness of political re-election and personal gain.

Those special interest groups consist of 2 segments of modern western life that have joined together to try to once again demonize the wolf without any real substantial proof. These 2 groups are the livestock ranchers and the sport hunters who have used wolf hysteria as it's main weapon of choice in the battle against the wolves right to be there. This vocal minority feels that their ideals of greed demanding for a wolf free environment far out way that of the logic of science with the need for an apex predator such as the wolf to keep the ecosystem in balance.

The slaughter will once again begin in the fall unless the people who support the need for the wolf speak out very loudly. Plans are currently underway to hold wolf rallies (Howl Across America) against the slaughter throughout the country in the month of August. Hope is also resting again in the upcoming judgement by Judge Molloy at the end of July that the wolf delisting recently passed was unconstitutional. This is being challenged because the new law permanently bans the judicial branch of the federal government from ever contesting it again. You can also help the wolves by taking a minute to sign the petitions below. Thank you.



Wolf Emergency: Wyoming Wolves To Be Shot on Sight

Sign petition to have America's wolves placed under federal protection PERMANENTLY!


Responses to "Wolf Hunting in the U.S. to begin in September, 2011"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Right. And do you live in the habitat area of these precious wolves and have to deal with the damage they cause? It's easy to support a cause when it only affects others. I'm sure the livestock ranchers would be happy to give up the hunting season if all the people howling about it would put their money where their mouths are and compensate ranchers fairly for all livestock damages caused...

  2. Anonymous says:

    the wolves were there first. ranch somewhere else or pay homage to the wolves by regularly feeding them with livestock.

  3. this is absurd! how can a civilized country practicing the act .... shameful

  4. Anonymous says:

    Will we ever learn. God made everything for a purpose. These beautiful creatures that God made should not be slaughtered. No animal should have
    to endure this senseless killing. Would it not be easier for us to understand and respect and live among the animals in peace?

  5. you don't have to live in the habitat of the wolves to know you want them protected. f the ranchers. If we stopped beef production in this country, we would all be that much more healthy. maybe it's time for the ranchers to plant soybeans instead!!

  6. FulviaChristine says:

    Why do people even try to inhabit places that belong to the wolves ?

  7. Anonymous says:

    It is not all livestock ranchers and hunters that would like to have the wolves greatly reduced. It is people like me who live here, who cannot tend to matters on their property without taking a gun along for defense. Twelve wolves sighted on the ridge behind my small farm, within a quarter mile of the house. We do keep animals, such as free range chickens for organic eggs, and ponies we raise to sell for carriage driving and as pets. I cannot send my kids out to clean the irrigation ditch screen anymore, we don't go for walks anymore out away from the house without a gun, which is annoying to have to pack along. My neighbors lost a large, young and healthy well trained show horse to wolves, that only ate part of it. They breed very fast, and multiply rapidly (like dogs), they run in packs. The wolves that were reintroduced here are not native to this area. And the elk here have significantly decreased in numbers since the wolves came back. No aspen tree stubs as this article mentions exist here. The usual elk herd we see used to number over 200 elk, now we have a survival rate for the elk calves of less than a dozen per year thanks to the wolves. I am not a hunter, or a livestock rancher, but I do live here as a transplant from Chicago, and as a divorced mother raising children on a ranch alone, and I am not happy that the wolves were reintroduced in an area that is heavily populated. There are 12 packs in this valley alone. Enough is enough.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous said: " Would it not be easier for us to understand and respect and live among the animals in peace?"

    While you may respect wolves, you certainly don't understand them if you think we can "live among them in peace"...

    And to teresa, you're proving the point of the first comment. It's easy enough for you to want wolves protected if you're not living there: it's not your animals that will get killed or your children that have to stay within sight of the house. Try living among them and see what you think.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Killing these magical creatures will not solve the problem. because man is the problem. Who gives us the right to say which animals get killed or not. How would we like it if we were killed because there is to many humans , ofcourse we wouldnt, So leave these magical creatures alone. If the Indians could live with the wolves side by side why cant we.

  10. Anonymous says:

    They're already essentially killing people in China via abortion with their one child per family policy, aren't they?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Wolves are not "magical creatures": THEY KILL OTHER ANIMALS AND EAT THEM.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous said : Wolves are not "magical creatures": THEY KILL OTHER ANIMALS AND EAT THEM.
    What about you ? How do you feed your family , you and your children ? When you buy food , where does come from ?

  13. Anonymous says:

    So if I eat other animals I'm a "magical creature", too? Well, in that case, I'm magical...

  14. Anonymous says:

    We should all welcome the return of the wolf -
    it is absolute egoism of individuals the wolf as an "enemy" to consider!
    Those who vociferously demand the firing - where farmers are often feel hurt in their pride,
    There are livestock guardian dogs that do an excellent job with oversight - and that there is the problem!
    Many farmers are reluctant to take the job with a guard dog to be ... it is more convenient to have the animals (sheep, cattle, etc.) to run free!
    The wolf had always been his role in the ecosystem - from the very beginning - in today's crazy world we should take an example - The wolf is very similar to us - he lives an intact family life -
    We humans (many of us) have lost exactly ...
    and that's afraid of wolves ...
    We need him !

  15. The wolf does need to be managed in some way, but I don't believe they are doing it correctly. There are just too many people who hate wolves here. Will we ever learn from our mistakes or wolf slaughter? God made amd kept everything alive for a reason. I get flamed on my YouTube account all the time for standing up for what I believe in. Some people have no respect wolves and refuse to even listen to thier side of the story. Would it not be easier for some people to just understand that wolves should at least be given a chance?


  16. Anonymous says:

    The wolves must be protected and cattle breeders must be protected! The U.S. government must finance the fences of protection for the wolves for end the war. Everyone has the right to live, the right to peace and security. If you kill the wolves do not remove the problem, it can remain always wolves some who continues the damage! Giacomo Montana (ITALY)

  17. kevin benes says:

    should wolves be killed because it is annoying to "pack a gun", that does not sound very fair to me.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Why the hell do human beings think they have a claim & a right to do what they want to wild animals. Cant believe that we are still having to fight and sign endless petitions to stop this kind of murder and violence and just because it is an animal doesnt stop it from being violent and murderous! Julie Redman

  19. Sheenagh Mawson says:

    If people don't like living near wolves they should move

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