The United Nation's World Humanitarian Day is held on August 19th every year. It is a day to honor all humanitarians who have worked in a humanitarian cause and it is dedicated to those who have lost their lives in the duty of a humanitarian cause.

World Humanitarian Day was first established by the General Assembly of the UN in December 2008 and observed for the first time in August 2009. August 19th is the anniversary date of the 2003 Canal Hotel bombing in Baghdad where twenty-two people lost their lives. It is a global observance and but not a public holiday. It is a day dedicated to humanitarians worldwide, and is used to promote public understanding of humanitarian assistance activities.

Humanitarians provide life-saving assistance to millions of people across the globe. Often their lives are at risk to help others in conflict zones and areas of natural disasters. They provide support for different world problems such as hunger, gender-based violence, refugees and children who need help. They also provide clean water and access to sanitation. More than 700 humanitarians have lost their lives while in service to others in need.

Natural disasters with the number of people effected have also risen over the past decade, and about 211 million people are directly affected each year. Worldwide economic issues are also increasing which in turn cause increases in poverty, insecurity, hunger, poor health and environmental decline. The list of new and difficult challenges goes on and on.

Without humanitarians there to assist people through these difficult times it would be a very hopeless situation. So today we honor and applaud all those who give freely of themselves so that others may survive difficult situations and go back to their normal lives.

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  1. I really admire the Humanitarians of this World. I wish I could give back more besides what I do at the computer. I sign the petitions and get other people to do the same.

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