Daniel Smith is a contemporary American wildlife artist whose work has been described as "photo-realism," meant to suggest a literal translation of detail, color, and pose. Stuart Johnson, owner of Settler's West Gallery in Tucson has described Daniel's work as such, "To take the subject matter beyond the constraints of the photo is something few can do and Dan does it better than anyone else. His animals appear to be right there for the touching. His compositions are terrific and sense of design separate him from other artists working in the same genre.

Daniel grew up on the plains of Minnesota. Even from early on it was apparent that he would always be true to his wildlife subjects. He first became well known in 1987 when his portrayal of snow geese was selected from a thousand entries to become the official waterfowl stamp. This stamp came with the purchase of a federal license of which the proceeds have for almost 80 years helped to safeguard millions of acres of wetland from Canada to Mexico. It was also because of this that wildlife art has became very popularized. Smith is still amazed at the notoriety that this stamp has brought him and described the experience as "being in the right place at the right time."

However, Daniel Smith was not content to be labeled as just the "Duck Stamp" artist. He has since traveled to the far reaches of the northern and southern hemispheres to study and paint wildlife of all types. His artwork portrays both the beauty and the diversity of wildlife. He was also there at Yellowstone to help welcome the return of wolves with wonderful paintings commemorating the event.

Today, Daniel Smith lives outside of Bozeman, Montana with his wife, Liz, and their 3 grown children just at the edge of a national forest. As an environmentalist, living among the wilds of nature is his description of heaven on earth. Through his artwork, the artist endorses and aids many conservation efforts. He continues to paint protraits for collectors on a limited basis also.

His works over the last decade have been exhibited at, or become part of permanent collections at the Eiteljorg Museum in Indianapolis, Indiana, the Autry, the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, the National Museum of Wildlife Art, the Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum, the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, The Bennington Center for the Arts, The Wildlife Experience, The Leanin Tree Museum of Western Art and the Ella Sharp Museum of Art and History. As you view his work below you will see for yourself the brilliance of his talent.

PS: A couple of the paintings are done by his son, Adam, who also shares his father's amazing talent.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Amazing talent! In awe of his paintings.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great work. Any one of these pieces would be a great complement to anyone's collection.

  4. Anonymous says:

    awesome artwork....

  5. This pictures are practically hiperrealistic,its so gorgeous and fantastic !.Congratulations.

  6. Anonymous says:

    DAniel, it must be hard living in MOntana where they hate wolves and you love them.! I love your work. Thank you for the beauty.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Great pictures. I love them all. They are beautiful.

  8. Unknown says:

    Wow, your drawings are Fantastic !!! I like to draw since I was very young but these are just like I said Fantastic...

  9. lou says:

    Oh my God, what a gift he has . to be able to paint like

  10. Paul Cheech says:

    what a gift, just wished I could afford to buy all of them

  11. shelly says:

    these paintings are so amazing and so life like the faces you nailed them eyes and expressions are hard but man you do it Are you related to DaVinci Thank you so much for sharing

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    OMG, I thought this was a real wolf and other animals, until I found out he actually painted them. Fantastic work.

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    I would love to have one of his wolf painting`s , they are my passion , and he let`s their soul out .

  15. Anonymous says:

    I would LOVE to have him do a gun stock, I would make it a wall hanger !!!!!!! MY WINCHESTER 94 would be amazing on the wall , never to be used again .......

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    I thought I was a pretty good artist until I saw these. Every minute detail down to the hair[s] on these wild animals, which look more alive and ready to do whatever they do. This man hasn't got a talent - he's got a Gift !!

  17. Gloria Henninger says:

    Beautiful. You paint from the heart and soul. Thank you!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Your art work is so beautiful!!!

  19. Joss says:

    Magnifiques photos ! bravo ! vous avez un talent fou pour photographier les animaux et faire ainsi partager votre passion ! Amicalement

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    Totally amazing.

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    What a beautiful gift to be able to create drawings so life like that you feel you could reach out and get your fingers lost in their fur.

  22. I have a question regarding the second painting from the top, the one with three white wolves by Daniel Smith, 2011.
    I cannot find where to purchase a reproduction or original of this.
    I have searched through Daniel Smith's site and his son Adam Smith's site to no avail.
    Please tell me where this painting can be found.

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