Tomorrow will be a very sad day for there will be many wolves in America that will die as the wolf hunts begin . Many wolves will not be here to see and howl at the next full moon! Tomorrow will be a day of sorrow for many mated wolf pairs who will be separated forever from each other and for many wolf pups who will wait endlessly for their mothers and fathers to return but with no success. Tomorrow in America, the great forests of the wolves will run with blood as the sounds of the weapons of cowardly men will echo through them.

If we listen carefully in a moment of silence we will hear the cry of wolf as he mournfully longs to escape the hate of ignorant men.

"I want once more my ears to hear the winds caressing the leaves, and the sound of water rushing over stones in a stream.
I want my heart to dance again to the brightness of the full moon
I want to know the happiness and feel the tranquility of walking and running in freedom , and my brothers and sisters and where my heart and spirit shall wander no more forever."

Tomorrow on August 30th, 2011 an event is taking place that we all hoped would never happen. This is the day that Idaho kicks off their wolf hunt. Then on September 3rd Montana joins in the kill with an archery hunt against the wolves followed on September 15th with the start of a rifle hunting season. Montana has stated that it will allow the killing of 220 of it's approximate 560 wolves to take place. Idaho has plans to kill about 800 of it's approximate 1000 wolves.

Since the last remaining hope of an injunction to stop the hunts has been denied by the 9th Circuit Court, the only thing left to do now is to offer lot's of prayers for the safety of the wolves that they may successfully hide away from the hunters. There is still time also to let the Governors of both states know that there is a tremendous opposition to what they are allowing to happen in Idaho and Montana.
May the Guardian Angels of all living creatures be with the wolves and protect them from this evil destruction that man has planned against them.

P.S. ~ White Wolf Pack ask you that if your heart breaks also with the wolf hunts beginning tomorrow in the state of Idaho and in Montana on Sept. 3rd, please take a moment to let your thoughts be known to Governor's Otter and Schweitzer TODAY. Let them know that there is tremendous opposition to what they are allowing to happen in their states.

Call Govt. Otter at 208-334-2100 or click on here to email him:

Call Govt. Schweitzer at 1-406-444-3111 (9:00AM to 5:00PM MDT) or email him at:

Please share this information!

We yield to our neighbors,
even our animal neighbors
the same right as ourselves,
to Inhabit this land.
Sitting Bull


Responses to "The day has come - 2011 Wolf Hunts in Idaho and Montana begin on August 30th, 2011"

  1. Katrina Murphy says:

    Shocking! Disgusting!! has to be stopped - how can people possibly condone this?! where do I sign to protest against this?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sad to say, but I am no longer amazed at the horrible things happening in this once-great country of ours. My suggestion to all those sympathetic to the wolves' plight who happen to live in any of these states: go hiking in the woods as often as you can and make a racket (and wear something bright please!) Harass the hunters until they give up and go home. And if you're willing to be arrested for "unlawful" protests, throw buckets of red paint all over the steps of the state capitals.

  3. It is truly disgusting that in this day and age...that we are still destroying our Planet and the beautiful gifts that she gave us.

    Whenever we destroy one species ....we are ultimately destroying ourselves.

    I pray in my deepest of hearts that we will be forgiven for why is about to take place tomorrow.

    Shame on the 9th Circuit. They had an opportunity to make a set things right and they were a complete failure.

    Truly....a sad Day for all.

    Every living creature is here for a reason and to serve a purpose. It is the circle of Life...and tomorrow that circle will be broken.

    We DO NOT have the right to take lives...recklessly. We are above no creature...great or small. That is the part that we seem to have forgotten...and for that...many innocent animals and their babies will be killed tomorrow.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Stop this inhumane and barbaric killings!!!! Shame on Idaho for submitting to this ACT! The beautiful animals deserve to live just like us. Please send email to Governor Otter or call this number:
    Call Govt. Otter at 208-334-2100 or click on here to email him:

    Call Govt. Schweitzer at 1-406-444-3111 (9:00AM to 5:00PM MDT) or email him at:

    Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter - The State of Idaho

  5. Ravenclaw says:

    ...I cried as I read this... and I do not cry easily.

    There are times I hate the human race so much... we have no right to do such things, the world belongs to every creature on earth.. and yet we do like we want as it belongs to us...

    All my hope will go to them tomorrow. A lament from germany.

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    The humans are the invaders.They came in and took over the lands that belong to the animals, and other wildlife.The animals were here first, but the greed of the human race has ruined nature, and all it is meant to be.I pray the great creator will forgive them, and show them how wrong they are.The animals will all meet their murders at the bridge someday, and will not allow them to cross over.The humans will forever be lost in their own misery.God be with all the beautiful wolves that their spirits will live forever.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Maybe the wolves will gang up and attack the hunters and scare them away. Poor wolves this is their land before it was ours:(

  9. Anonymous says:

    Happens also here in Sweden right now with the allowance of the government and other authorities. Hunters says yes but those against has little possibility to act ...

  10. brad thomas says:

    honestly what will become of them ...of us
    if we do not change our course

  11. Anonymous says:

    This has to stop NOW! Is there a petition going around to send to the governors of these idiotic states? Where is PETA? What is Sierra Club doing? Why isn't there more of an outrage over this?

  12. Mallorie says:

    Have we forgotten how each living thing is entwined with another?? You kill off the wolves, the Elk thrive. The Elk will eat the Aspen tress like they did before leaving man puzzled where are these beautiful trees? Oh, we killed the wolf. We need the wolf back! Let nature take her course and stop trying to play God. We only need one!

  13. dub says:

    Tomorrow will be great retribution for the demolished elk, moose and deer herds. I will wear my wolf skin hat with pride. There are 10x more wolves than there were ever supposed to be. Live with it! All of the other forest animals sure will.

  14. dub says:

    Mallorie, heaven forbid the elk eat the leaves of the aspens?! We better watch the squirrel population too! They might eat all the pines and cause a lack of air for you to breath or worse yet global warming !

  15. Anonymous says:

    @DUB fuck you and your mother that she has given you the life !!! you are so stupid to say these things,
    how many people there are in the world that they is perfectly useless, let's demolish then them everybody, because is always the man the cause of the destruction of our mother earth, the animals they are too many and they trespass because they don't have anymore whether to go, when the man intervenes in the natural progress of the life, steal the space, modify the landscapes, only thinking about himself, begin the destruction, but the man is the only selfish beast that exists on the earth, and when the nature tries to suit himself/herself/themselves for the new artificial environment, then the man thinks that the only thing to be done both a new destruction! compliments for lil your intellectual quotient, made to take care of the brain imbecile! ! ! !

  16. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely disgracefull, these people that hunt these wolves should be a shamed of them selves, Bastards.

  17. Anonymous says:

    these debates make me laugh. Dub, did you ever notice that the people who are so against violence have the most violent language on these comment lines?? if using such profanity shows how 'soft hearted' you are, the I (someone who has alittle more self respect) must be heartless. It doesn't matter what you say, everyone is going to be set in their ways. As for those of you defending wildlife with the argument that "Man invaded nature", YOU are also guilty of that, no matter how you look at it. If you drive, live in a house, or go camping, YOU too are one of those humans intervening in the natural progress of life. for those of you who use the Bible in your arguments, God created man, in his image. God gave man the Earth and everything on it for MAN to become abundant and manage/take care of everything on Earth. God ate meat and gave MAN permission to hunt and kill 'clove-footed' animals for food. He even referred to his unfaithful prophets as 'wolves'.
    How many of you 'defenders' actually live where the wolves are being hunted because of their problematic behavior?? Have you actually sat down and spoke with the Fish Wildlife and Parks personnel involved directly in the reintroduction, especially in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming?? Write all you want to the governors of those states, they probably aleady purchased their wolf tags.
    Say what you want about hunters. It seems to me that those of us who spend most of our lives hunting and scouting probably know a little more about our wilderness then the wolves in Washington. just saying.

  18. Anonymous says:

    LOL saw another comment about protesting in the woods.. Wouldn't it be stupid to protest in the woods against a buch of uncivilized rednecks with guns?? if you go with the paint idea, could you make it more of a Maroon-red color? that way it will match our college football colors against the gray steps of the capital building. Go Griz!

  19. Anonymous says:

    No wonder we are killing for the sake of killing, look at the comments above......Humans are the only species that kills just to kill. We are killing with words here. For me, as a Grandmother, this is very sad......
    Bless you all....may you all find peace within.........

  20. Anonymous says:

    Go ahead, ask some of the FWP who were there to open the doors (literally) for the wolves to roam free in the reintroduction states. They can only count wolves that have collars on them. which is roughly 1500-1600 wolves in MT, ID, and WY. but what they didn't take into considertaion was their ability to have 2 litters per year, adapt to EVERY terrain, and wipe out their prey sources so quickly. It took them only a decade to drop the deer and elk numbers so low. How low will they be in another decade if the wolf population isn't managed. We reintroduced the elk in the U.S for the same reason we did the wolves...because we wiped them all out. only difference is, hunters were allowed to hunt elk. Roosevelt saved the elk for "Sportsman" to hunt and manage. Who was going to manage the wolves after reintroduction. The only way their numbers would reduce on their own would be when their food is scarce. If their food is gone, where is our food going to go?? Wolves would hit rancher's cattle harder, those of us who hunt will be without meat on our tables, but hey, the wolves will be fewer in the way the ecosystem intended. Yeah, there were millions of wolves back when Native Americans lived here, but I don't know if you're aware of this, there are over 6 Billion people now and you are one of them. there isn't room for that many wolves now. yeah, the government took the wolves off the endangered species list, but even the government isn't going to let them disappear again. they don't need protected anymore because they are thriving better then FWP intended. one breeding pair + 3-5 pups per litter (* 2 for some wolves) = on a bad year thats still 3 healthy pups. How many breeding pairs did they release? for the sake of example, we'll say 30. thats 90 more wolves during a bad year of reproduction. 90 pups * 15 years (since they were reintroduced) = 1,350 more wolves. that isn't including wolves that bred twice, or alphas that bred with Omegas, or even the lone wolves starting packs. thats just based on the initial reintroducary wolves. I think they need managed.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I don't know where any of you are from, but aspens grow like weeds here (IN MONTANA) They're fast growing and abundant and always have been.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I am willing to bet most people on here eat hamburger, chicken, fish, or some other form of meat. What is the difference between a hunter and someone who eats hamburger. Where do you think that hamburger comes from? Stop being hypocritical. I don't know of anyone buying a wolf tag to hunt just wolves. Most just buy one with to possiblity of seeing a wolf while out hunting elk or deer. And just so everyone knows the grey wolf is no where close to being extinct. Their populations cover all of Canada, Russia, and part of Europe. How about instead of calling for the protection of wolves you call for protection of the elk that are being ate alive by the wolves. In hinesight all of this arguing is just a big waste of money. How about instead of spending money on saving wolves you spend money on underprivleged kids or something that will have an impact. The wolves could care less that you are fighting for them. And how about instead of writing Butch Otter or calling him you call your own state's govenor and request that you save these wolves by having Idaho send them your way. Oh wait that has already been done.
    Idaho offered all the states without the grey wolf the opportunity to take the surplus so they wouldn't have to hunt them but all the states without wolves turned down the offer.
    So go ahead contact your state's govenor and demand that these wolves be put in your state's public lands as they have done in Idaho.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Wolf Slayah on the way to Idaho. Can't wait!
    Do not humanize wild animals. They are savages that kill other animals just for blood lust, eating baby elk while still alive. I'm gonna plant a couple trees, feed a few orphans, and then load up my .308 and tack an Alpha to my wall, and the world will be a better place. Peace be with yew, in the circle of life.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I have been to Montana and have seen exactly how much damange these Canadian wolves have done to the elk,deer,moose,etc; and it's sickening! It's amazing how ignorant these pro-wolf people really are. Like stated in another comment hunters/sportsmen/sportswomen really do understand nature and wildlife more than any other people in the world after all it's our life some of us have been living it all our lives.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Every time a non-native predator has been introduced into an ecosystem it has always been desastorus for the ecosystem! This Canadian wolf is the worst example ever!
    The INTRODUCTION not the reintroduction of the Canadian wolf is the worst crime ever committed on our native wildlife ever in the history of this country!
    The come back of the native wildlife by hunters and sportsmen in this country is one of the greatest success stories in this great country!
    All of the sportmen in this country have a very good reason to be upset about these wolf idiots destroying our native wildlife just for their oun greed and money.
    A little advice GET A REAL JOB you wolf lovers that seem to think your God and stop destroying our native wildlife with a bunch of your lies and propaganda; and your non-native wolves from Canada.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Wolves Suck;
    Being killed by a pack wolves has to be one of the worst ways to die that anyone could imagine!
    Elk calves being aborted by wolves and leaving the cow elk to suffer and die that sometimes takes 2 or 3 days; that in almost all cases killed for sport during the elk calving season; every spring this is happening!

  27. Anonymous says:

    We yield to our neighbors,
    even our animal neighbors
    the same right as ourselves,
    to Inhabit this land.
    Sitting Bull

    This Canadian wolf is not what Sitting Bull was talking about I'am sure.
    I'll bet he never hijacked any Canadian wolves and brought them into this country either!

  28. Anonymous says:

    These are not America's wolves these are Canadian wolves.
    Yes they are a different wolf than our native wolf.
    Want to talk about sport killing, Canadian wolves are king, no other animal on earth kills other animals just for sport like a Canadian wolf!
    One Canadian wolf kills more elk in one year than most human hunters kill in their entire lifetime!

  29. Anonymous says:

    You people these Non-native Canadian wolves do not belong here in the United States.
    You people that think this wolf thing is good and not a real problem.
    Google;120 sheep killed by wolves in one night near Dillon Montana.
    This is just one example of what these wolves are doing on privite land.
    You city people stay out of things you do not understand please.
    It's amazing we are suppose to all live in harmany, but I'll bet the whole world is looking at all this crap and saying, Those Dumb American's.
    We could one day again be the greatest nation in the world, but not when we are trying to destroy each other here on our own turf, and wasting our natural resources(our native wildlife) being one of them!
    Heard today that alot of American's are not getting enough B-12 vitamin that comes from eating red meat.Wild game meat is even healther for you.
    This might explain some thoughts about vegatarians,(Just a little hummor)Might be true that they are loosing brain cells because of the lack of B-12, just what I heard thats all.
    Talk at you later:

  30. Anonymous says:

    ugh can you people stop? wolves are majestic creatures. you all who hunt them deserve to die.go hunt yourself.

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