Diana is a young and very talented artist from Germany who has always had a love of nature and wildlife since early childhood. She has described it as the "true essence of life for me in the deep, honest feeling of joy, a wild animal to be close to, or to feel inspired at the sight of a dramatic-looking living space and the moments that you can not put into words but that can be captured in an image."

Her paintings are very detailed and realistic, designed to pay great homage to her subjects. Some of her favorite places to paint are of the wild nature of North America. She has also done a number of paintings of the rough, wild beauty of the coasts of Sudalaskas.

Her wish is that through her paintings that people will see and enjoy her great love for the animal kingdom and the beauty of the wilds of nature. Below are some examples of her wonderful works of art and a beautiful video that pays tribute to them.

Official Site of Diana Hoehlig

Video: The Wildlife Art of Diana Hoehlig

Responses to "Diana Hoehlig - German Wildllife Artist"

  1. This artist's passion for wildlife is so apparent that if I listen closely enough; I can hear the animals breathing!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Diana, I'll be following and sending your love around! Blessed be, Jody

  3. Anonymous says:

    You can feel the passion she has for animals just by viewing her art!!! What an accomplished artist she is. Thank you for sharing your amazing art and your passion for animals with us. Frances

  4. Anonymous says:

    Solo un grande amore per gli animali Silvestri la ispirano per questi meravigliosi dipinti ,unici !!

  5. Unknown says:

    awesome video. gorgeous animals. thank you for sharing.

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