The gray wolves of the northern Rockies face a very grim future starting on August 30th of this year. That is the day that Idaho kicks off their wolf hunts. Then on September 3rd Montana joins in the kill with an archery hunt against the wolves followed on September 15th with the start of a rifle hunting season. Montana has stated that it will allow the killing of 220 of it's approximate 560 wolves to take place. Idaho has plans to kill about 800 of it's approximate 1000 wolves.

All of this is taking place because of the passage of a wolf delisting rider that was questionably attached to a Congressional Budget bill earlier in the Spring of 2011. The rider officially removed the wolves from the protective status of Endangered Species Act and returned the management (slaughter) of the wolves back to the individual states.

What it also did was to remove any future judicial review of this delisting. This very issue is being questioned as a violation of the separation of powers and as being unconstitutional. By exempting it from judicial review it is said to nullify the Constitutional checks and balances between the Congressional and the Judicial branches of the government. The settlement of this very crucial issue will be the saving grace of the wolves if it is found to be unconstitutional. Currently there is an urgent legal attempt by several U.S. wildlife conservation organizations to file an injunction to stop the wolf hunts until this issue is resolved by the Ninth Circuit Court.

It is critical that we who believe these wolf hunts are both destructive to the gray wolve's survival as a genetically healthy population in the U.S. and also as being ethically wrong, add our voices to stop them. We must join our voices together in strong unison to stop this forthcoming bloodshed of the gray wolves of the Rockies.

We also commend and stand behind the three wildlife organizations seeking this injunction to stop the wolf hunts. They are the following - The Alliance for the Wild Rockies, Friends of the Clearwater and the Wild Earth Guardians. May the wolves continue to run wild and free, undisturbed my mankind as they originally did for thousands upon thousands of years.

The following video gives more suggestions as to what can be done by all of us to help stop the wolf hunt. The suggestions offered here are from a representative of the wildlife organization, Friends of Animals.

Please read the following petition and sign

This petition is based on the belief that the recent delisting of the Gray Wolves of the northern Rockies must be nullified for two reasons.
The first reason is that it is unconstitutional because it violated the separation of powers in the government outlined in the Constitution.
The second reason is that because of the extreme wolf killing allowance goals of the states of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, that the genetic diversity will be affected in the wolf populations and their health and long term survival will be compromised.


Responses to "Help stop the 2011 Fall wolf hunts in the U.S (Petition)"

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  2. Anonymous says:

    please sign the petition

  3. The Slaughter of needs to be stopped and be deemed against the law to kill a wolf.Wolves need to be placed back On the endangered species act and be given federal protection.if Ranchers and farmers are so worried about their herds then they should put a fence and put their cows indoors at night.they do not want wolves in their yards but they were the ones dumb enough to build their home in the middle of the wolves habbitat or home.They complain that elk numbers are going down,Well lets look at all the factors instead of putting all the blame on the Wolf.(1)Hunters Kill Elk (2)Cougers eat elk,and cougers will rip them apart and leave whats unwanted behind for other animals to eat.(3)Badgers and other animals also eat Elk.Elk Is what they are supose to eat.Wolves do not leave anything behind,What they do not finish they bury in the snow or drag it into the cold river to eat later.For these ranchers and sporthunters to put all the blame on this wolf just isn't fair.All wildlife has it's purpose here just like humans.for man to say an animal has no right to eat or poop is just wrong.How would you like it if you were told by an animal that you had no right to eat.The Wolf is related to the domestice dog,they share DNA.So everytime you kill a wolf you are killing your dog.The domestic dog is 98% wolf the rest is what man has done to it.Wolves keep diseases away from us and off our tables that is their job.They say wolves cause tapeworm.tapeworm comes from many different sources,Like dirt for instance.tapeworms live in dirt.We all know that whether animal or people when something is dying or dead bugs form from the decaying skin,flesh turns into maggots, maggots turn into worms and the cycle continues.Please stop putting all the blame on the wolf,when there are other predators that do the same thing.What is happening is that their is too much competition between animal and man.Man thinks they own the mountains,land,wildlife but in reality these things do not belong to anybody,they too were given freewill.They have a right to life just as we do,There should be stiffer laws against poaching.One should not be allowed to kill or abuse,or poison,or trap an animal for these things are painful,Animals feel pain and love.cruelty to aniamls should be punishable to the fullest exstent of the law.Please be kind to animals and stop the killing of wolves.There are better solutions out there that do not have to be about killing of any aniamals.

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  5. Theresa Beebe says:

    I love animals in general, and wolves specifically. I have signed, and asked my friends to sign the petition by reposting on facebook.

  6. Anonymous says:

    the wolves shouldn't die the hunter should just because they live in peace they die that's jacked up. :(

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wolf hunting will be open to too many abuses. Wolf hunting is only for the interests of the NRA for sport shooting also. Myths of farmers complaining is just that.

  8. dawn says:

    Living in the heart of Montana, it is REALLY hard to be a wolf advocate. You can't begin to understand how people around here hate them. And you would be disgusted by the flat out LIES they tell in order to get a wolf KILLED if it is near their ranch. It is DISGUSTING! Bumperstickers everywhere that say "Smoke a pack a day!" and have a wolf with crosshairs on it. I was at the Fish and Wildlife office and they actually have a regulations book for wolf hunting! There have to be nonviolent ways to "manage" wolf populations. I can NOT understand why anyone would WANT to kill a wolf - you can't eat it, you can't sell it - there is NO gain except the joy of KILLING

  9. Dawn says:

    BTW - "farmers" (ranchers) complaining is NOT a myth - they are ALWAYS griping about the wolves. But what they say is LIES. If they even SEE a wolf near their land they start telling stories about dead livestock. Most of them HATE them

  10. Anonymous says:

    All creatures are needed. For cruelty without need is ignorant arrogance.

  11. Sandra says:

    Long live the wolf! Stop the slaughtering NOW!!!...What a sad world it would be without our precious wolves!..All creatures great and small are part of our divine web of life. It is inhuman and morally incorrect!..I love the wolf and it saddens me to hear this is still continuing!..

  12. Benjamin Wooley says:

    I'm obliged to sign. I am sick of all the guning and complaining by some of us about wolves. If our country wouldn't be so consume happy we wouldn't have this problem. May our president be blessed by the creator to make wise desicions and may the others in office follow his suite. Amen

  13. Anonymous says:

    I signed it. Wolves need to be protected and respected, not hunted.

  14. Signed and passed on...

  15. Kelly says:

    God placed all animals on our land for our enjoyment. Let us enjoy and watch them instead of killing them. Most just want them dead as a game vs anything else. When I have a house I can have a dog. I always wanted a wolf...and the only way to have one is if it has dog in it..well 10% huskey is good enough for me.

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  17. to kill another living being
    to snuff a life
    so heartless and demeaning
    to take from the earth mother
    those she adores
    soon she will not take any more
    stop tormenting our sisters and
    brothers so
    look into your heart
    let your good spirit show
    karen lyons kalmenson

  18. For which ever corner of the world it may be, just stop killing our co inhibitors or fact of their extinction will take you too with them.

  19. Anonymous says:

    The Wolves are not our enemy nor have they ever been. They are our Neighbors. Education is the answer here, not guns.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Wolves need to be protected and respected, not hunted.

  21. I am 1/16 Cherokee and the Wolf is my Spirit Guide. I have always loved wolves. I love all animals yet partial to Wolves. MoonWillow is my Native American name. I hate the NRA they think they can justify the killings of all animals. The farmers complained they saw a wolf, a coyote or fox near their property and they're given permission to kill if it comes back. Well how would they feel if we declared the months of June-Jan open season on hunters that come close to our property and shot them? I am just sick and tired of every animal having a killing season. Wolves need to be respected and protected just like the Bald Eagle. :)

  22. Anonymous says:

    I dont believe in killing wolves. They are one of the most beautiful animals in the world. This is so cruel, basically killing wolves for the "fun of it". This is so sad. God put all animals here, just like us, and it wasn't with the intention of killing them. I pray with all of my heart that this is stopped before it's too late. And it doesn't say anything good about the type of person that would go out and kill these beautiful wolves. They have always been protected and they should always be protected. PLEASE STOP THE KILLING OF WOLVES!!!!!!

  23. Unknown says:

    Everyone here has written such moving and beautiful responses that the best I can do is to nod my head, "yes," and wipe the tear from my eye. I'm so proud of all of you and I'm grateful to have witnessed such love and concern for our furry brothers and sisters. Peace.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I understand you all feel bad for the wolves but the whole idea of the wolf hunting season being a complete slaughter is a joke. In 2009 Idaho didn't even reach their limits by half in four months and extended the hunting season for another 3 months a still didn't reach there limits. If thats the best that 30,000+ hunters can do more power to the wolves. Not only that but when they tried emergency hunting them in Lolo via helicopter, they could only get 4 in like 2 weeks. I do believe the Lolo ungulate population needs help too, their populations are in the mid and low hundreds.
    I guess what I'm trying to say is I have seen wild animals die of starvation and other miserable diseases. It's a death I wouldn't wish on the devil himself, and at risk of everyone writing hate comments back I personally think a bullet is a pretty quick way to go versus weeks of painful death. I think what probably pisses me off the most is that I had to write a college report on the subject, and all though many believe that the dollars they donate all go to helping with the conflict, I quickly found out after talking to Suzanne Stone at Defenders of Wildlife, that it's about as big a rip off as snake oil.
    I'm sure many of you a fuming at me and so be it. But I spend countless months in the woods, desert, wilderness, etc. I have had very close and personal encounters with these animals face to face and will the first to say it's an experiance like no other, and hearing them howl all night will send chills down anyone's spine, hopefully in an exciting way. However I think management will help improve the future of wolves. When I lived in California they said the same thing about black bear hunting, but I see just as many healthy bears in Ca. as I do in Alaska since the passing of a hunting season. Most states have hunting seasons on cougars and bears, once again populations thriving, no conflicts.
    I'm hoping that maybe some people will open their minds a little and see this as a possible benefit to helping populations, not mention put some of these bitter conflicts from outdoor lovers from both sides of the issue to bed. Hunting is a management tool, to some a way of life, others a bragging right, and even more a disgrace. Although there are some ignorants that want them all dead, they are the same ones who can't get their fatasses off the ATV and go back in the deep wilderness where wolves thrive (I'm not joking, these guys would be out of breath 50ft from the road) if they want a hunting season let them have it!! They can spend tons of money trying to hunt them and 99% chance of no success and we can spend our money on better arguements. After the last hunting season they had I'd rather bet the farm on seeing bigfoot riding a unicorn than bet a dollar on a hunter shooting a wolf. Sorry I can't sign this.
    Hope to see you all in the wild!!

  25. Tammy says:

    I agree with everyone except " Anonymous " above. To add to all the other statements, there are wolf rescues, refuges,sanctuaries and habitats, just google and you will find them. I was quite surprised. There are probably only 3 states....oh yeah, I forgot about Alaska and Sarah Palin's participation in the promoting of murdering and execution, that do not have some sort of alternative placement instead of killing the wolves. Please do not vote for Sarah Palin for any kind of office. Ah yes, lets go back to "Anonymous" above... he says that in Idaho that 30,000 could only average killing 2 per week, that they couldnt even reach their limits.......hmmm, that sounds like a slaughter to me, what about you ?

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  27. Shannon says:

    All the wildlife was here before Us. We have dwindled down their habitats and their food resources. Then everyone gets angry when they try to survive. I'd like to see these people willing to Kill the Beautiful creatures survive like they do, and see how they would like it if another Life form thought we should just shoot them off because they are creeping to close to our live stock. Our Biggest enemy to our Own environment is Our own species. You think you can run around and kill things off without repercussions in the end. We need to save what we have left because it will be gone before you realize it. 800 out of a 1,000??!!! That is NOT Trying to Control the Issue, that Will Damn near wipe out the species! This is Unconstitutional! And It NEEDS TO STOP!

  28. Anonymous says:

    STOP THE KILLING OF OUR WOLVES, as a wolf dog owner, I am against all killing of any wolves and a Defender of Wildlife.....I sell wolf artifacts and with every sale I donate to Defenders of Wildlife....our Creator put them on this planet for a reason and it's not to kill them...Wado

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  30. Anonymous says:

    allowing the slaughter of wolves hurts me on so many levels.it's wrong!! what are these people thinking???

  31. Anonymous says:

    Wolves are sacred and are to be left alone.
    All those barbaric anti-wolf infidels don't belong
    in the 21st Century and they should be deported
    back to the 1800's from which they came.

  32. Wolf hunting begins today in ID & MT...Oh how powerful these hunters will feel, setting their beads on countless, helpless wolves with their scopes, slowly & eagerly squeezing their triggers, watching innocent animals collapse to the ground and tremble in pain while they die. How virile they will feel...what a creative hobby...what a fulfilling endeavor.

    Since you governors have gleefully authorized this upcoming massacre, how proud you must feel about your lofty "accomplishments" & "contributions" to society.

    If there is JUSTICE in your afterlife, may you feel the same PANIC as you are RELENTLESSLY hunted down, HELPLESS to stop or prevent your TERROR, & experience the AGONY of a searing hot projectile TEARING into your flesh....and then have a REBIRTH so you can REALIZE YOUR SINS!

    To quote a line from the Jez Lowe song "The Judas Bus": "Do they know not what they do?" We can only FIGHT you in all ways possible & hope our efforts can help REVERSE this TRAVESTY OF ALL THINGS DECENT!

  33. Anonymous says:

    FYI, most 'sportsman' believe in "one shot, one CLEAN kill". Also, have any of you actually sat down and personally spoke to FWP personnel about this situation? They will tell you the same thing they told me. they reintroduced a super preditor into an ecosystem that had been thriving for decades without Wolves. The also didn't have a management plan to keep the wolves from overpopulating (like the elk did). They have no way to count the wolves that are not collared. Do the math: 1 breeding pair + 3-5 pups * 15 years since reintroduced. on a bad year, that's still 75 wolves from 1 breeding pair. How many breeding pairs did they reintroduce?? when food is abundant, wolves can have more then 1 litter per year. So yeah, they counted that 1 collared pair of wolves, but what about their pups and their pups pups. Packs in MT are 16-21 wolves strong, which is So many more then any internet website will tell you is the "Normal" for a gray wolf.
    It doesn't matter what I say to any of you, we're all set in our ways. I've been stocked, chased and have lost pets to wolves on multiiple occasions, so If you'll excuse me, I have a tag to fill :) Happy hunting

  34. Klára Šimánková says:

    I signed the petition.

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  36. Signed!!!

  37. Anonymous says:

    We believe like Gary McFarlane. I am a hound hunter and I am in the woods year round. I have seen no evidence of the rumors I hear about wolves. I once saw a wolf that my dogs skirted by to a treed bear. No problems.
    I am realizing that a lot of this is hype and bad baseless rumors. We need these preditors for the balance that is so necessary to our eco system. The research in yellowstone proved that. "FEAR" is the name of this game. Let nature be and it will sort out the balance it needs.
    Trapping is babaric and inhumane. I fear this more than the wolves. Already lost one dog to a snare and seen deer caught up in them also. BAD IDEA!!!

  38. Anonymous says:

    go to pages http://www.facebook.com/pages/Help-save-the-animals

  39. Ingalill Axelsson says:

    Signed and passed on....

  40. Anonymous says:

    Vargen är då rakt inte farligare än andra vilda djur o skygga är dom oxå!jag anser att det är tvärs om att människan är farlig för vargen som ju faktiskt fanns FÖRE människan så låt bli vargen!!!

  41. Anonymous says:

    Let me run across a hunter in the woods......

  42. Anonymous says:

    i cannot understand why such a magnificant creature as the white buffalo is being killed that is like trying to kill the native peoples off the earth. they know how sacred the white buffalo is to us natives.

    autumn dove of the algonqan nation

  43. Unknown says:

    Wolves kill is not paid, the man who kills the wolves should be ashamed of. When the Wolf so I then I die too!!!!!!

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