Everyday in our world many species face extinction, some of these animals we may never even know about. This is not something new to to world. It has been going on for time memorial. Some can argue that it is just evolution at work. The survival of the fittest in other words.

The big difference is that the rate of extinction is happening at a much more accelerated pace than in the past. There are many theories as to why this might be happening, most say it is because of what man has done to destroy the earth. Pollution, Global warming, man's blood lust to hunt animals to extinction and more.

But there is always hope in this world. Recently just in the 21st century alone there have been new species that have been discovered that were unknown up until now. Some of these new species are also endangered or near extinction too. But just the discovery of them does give us a feeling of optimism that maybe it is not too late to turn our destructive ways around. Maybe we can begin to treat the world and her inhabitants in a way that would be for the good of all life on Earth. Including that of mankind's also. For all life is interwoven with each other, we are all part of one thread.

Dwarf Iguana
Photograph by Paul S. Hamilton, RAEI

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