In SECRETS OF THE WOLVES, the second installment in the series The Wolf Chronicles, Dorothy Hearst uses her intimate knowledge of wolves and talent for crafting a timeless mythology to continue the tale of Kaala, a wolf of the Swift River pack who must find a way for wolves and humans to live together or suffer their mutually assured destruction. The rules that have traditionally separated the Wide Valley wolves from humans are clear: Never consort with humans; never kill a human unprovoked; never allow a mixed-blood wolf to live— the same peace-keeping rules posited by many groups even today whose conflict is fueled by their desire for the same resources. As so often happens, such rules are destined to be broken. Protagonist Kaala shatters the valley’s stringently followed laws, exposing the lies hidden beneath them while facing dire consequences: If Kaala, her motley crew of young pack mates, and human friends can find a way for both sides to live in harmony she will finally prove herself worthy of her pack; But if she fails, the Greatwolves, who rule wolf-kind, will massacre all beings, wolf and human, in the valley.
Told from Kaala’s knowing point-of-view and set 14,000 years ago in a time when the division between wolves and humans was but a thin line, SECRETS OF THE WOLVES transports us to an ancestral world where instinct and cooperation hold the key to survival.

Written by Hearst, who spent years researching wolves in Yellowstone National Park, SECRETS OF THE WOLVES is inspired by the scientific theory of co-evolution: the idea that it was wolves, and later dogs, that made humans the dominant species on the planet by teaching mankind how to hunt cooperatively, hold territories, and form complex societies. Bringing
historically demonized wolves into clearer focus by, ironically, “humanizing” them, Hearst takes readers inside the heart and mind of the beast to show that wolves tribal nature, sense of loyalty, and drive to survive is not so different from our very own. SECRETS OF THE WOLVES draws readers ever deeper into the Tolkien-esque world Hearst has created, spinning what Kirkus calls “a vivid, enchanting tale of friendship, trust and adventure”. With every challenge Kaala and her friends encounter, we face our own most basic questions: What separates animals from humans? How do we find peace in the midst of violence? What would we do to survive and protect those we love?

Previously a Senior Editor at Jossey Bass, where she published books for nonprofit, public, and social change leaders, Dorothy Hearst currently lives and writes in Berkeley, California. She has spent extensive time in Yellowstone, observing (and cuddling with) wolves in the wild, and has
toured the 16,000 year old cave paintings at Les Eyzies, as well as a lesser known cave in the Dordogne Valley, which boasts what may be the oldest representation of a wolf carved into the cave wall. In addition to conducting extensive research in the areas of wolf biology, behavior, co evolution, cognitive science and other related areas, Hearst has also interviewed many of the top wolf and dog experts in the world.

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