Thanks to a British publication, The Daily Mirror, and the response from it's readers, a young 2 year old elephant has been freed from a horrible and inhumane situation in Malaysia. The youngster named Paloh was found shackled and roped in a dirty backyard in the Malaysian Zohr Zoo.

An undercover photographer going by the name of "Shiva" took the photos of Paloh in an attempt to expose the cruel situation. Although zoo officials tried to explain away the situation as a way to train the young elephant, readers from the Daily Mirror continued to bombard Malaysian officials about this mistreatment.

Zoo officials then attempted to appease the readers and officials by releasing Paloh from her chains and putting her in a bare compound with another young male elephant named Jeli with whom she quickly bonded with. But the time from being shackled had done much damage as she was barely able to shuffle along at first. Concerned readers from the Daily Mirror were still not satisfied with this alternative. So Malaysian officials finally stepped in and procured the release of Paloh and Jeli on Monday to an elephant sanctuary.

Experts at the Kuala Gandah National Elephant Conservation Center have said Paloh will recover but that it will be a long and slow process. Assistant director Mohd Suhaimi added that, “Elephants really are like children. They love attention and become traumatized with ill-treatment just like humans do."

Now in her new home, Paloh and her best friend, Jeli are allowed to forage for 5 hours a day in the jungle just as they would in the wild. She and Jeli will also be hand-feed, talked to and bathed every day and within three or four months, her keepers should be able to handle Paloh quite easily. For now though she is content to just be with her best friend, Jeli. Elephants are very sensitive and her mistrust of humans is very strong right now.

As for the Zohr Zoo, which has the reputation of being one of the worst in the world, they have been ordered to improve conditions immediately for the other animals. They were charged as having failed to follow the standard regulations and requirements set by the department to provide better and proper living conditions for the animals.

All this was made possible by the Daily Mirror and their outraged and very adamant readers. So never think that a terrible situation in a far away country is impossible to stop. With enough perseverance anything is possible.

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    More stories like this!

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    i'm glad that the both of them were rescued and living in a comfortable setting. it breaks my heart when i see anamals mistreated, ty for a job well done

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    Poor babies! I'm so happy they were rescued and placed in a much better situation!

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