The revolution continues to march on in China step by step. This week a 600 year old dog eating festival in Qianxi, was banned after a huge social media outcry against it. Traditionally fifteen thousand dogs were killed and butchered at the festival. The festival commemorated a long ago battle where an invading army crept into town and killed all the dogs to keep them from barking once they invaded it. Afterwards the army ate the dogs to celebrate their victory.

Ever since that time, dogs have been slaughtered and butchered on the spot at the festival before being cooked and eaten. Then in the 1980's this practice was stopped but it had since slowly crept back into the festival. Photos from this carnage soon made their way to the internet causing many people to become upset. This year many of those people took to the internet calling for a stop to this. The Chinese government responded by issuing a ban against the festival.

The Chinese culture has become increasingly sympathetic to protesting against these types of dog eating situations. Pet ownership has steadily increased since the ban of pets during the Cultural Revolution and many Chinese have become totally against this. There were rumors of banning the consumption of dogs and cats earlier this summer in China. This recent action by the Chinese government might be a signal that it is ready to follow through on this ban in the near future. The rest of the world can only hope.

Responses to "China bans 600 year old dog eating festival this week"

  1. FulviaChristine says:

    Let's pray that this senseless act of barbarism will stay banned forever and that no-one will ever try to reintroduce it

  2. Anonymous says:

    Era ora !

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