The African Golden Cat is a very reclusive animal and little has been known about it's behavior in the past. It lives in the rainforests of central and western Africa and loves the dense forest areas with thick undergrowth where it can remain unseen. It also tends to locate near rivers. It is a small wild cat only about twice the size of the domesticated cat weighing in at an average of 28lbs. Although their lifespan is unknown in the wild, in captivity they can live up to about 12 years.

The African Golden Cat is a solitary animal and they are also nocturnal. However, depending on the availability of local prey they have also been seen hunting during the day. Although they are quite agile and can climb most of their hunting is done on the ground. They hunt and feed mainly on rodents, but they will also eat birds, bats, small monkeys, giant forest hogs and small antelope. If wild game is scarce they have also been known to prey on domestic poultry and livestock.

Because they are so reclusive they have only been captured in still photos in the past or when one was found deceased. Their behavior has not been studied much at all. Recently a video camera was set up by the organization Panthera and rare footage was taken of the African Golden cat preening and hunting in the rainforest of Gabon. This is believed to be the first publicly released videotape of this wild cat. Because the African Golden Cat is on the verge of becoming endangered, Panthera is hoping that this will spur more interest in studying this beautiful but elusive cat.

Responses to "First publicly released video tape of the little known African Golden Cat"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Could u make it a house cat if it was taken from the mother and raised as a regular. Has someone tried to find a litter of kittens and raise them so that they will not become extinct.

  2. Unknown says:

    Why must people try and make every animal a pet?

  3. MeowMeow says:

    I feel proud... I did a school project on the African Golden Cat!!! They're so cool.

  4. pilvikki says:

    that is one cool kitty! here's hoping it'll live long and prosper.

  5. beautiful i hope they help keep them around for years ..

  6. Anonymous says:

    Go to the site CAUSES and sign the petition to stop the hunting of all wild animals in Africa. Safari doesn't have to mean that the animals are hunted and killed. This is just one of the many on the list that are endangered. Please help by signing the petition. It needs to be done asap to be effective. Thank you. Animal Abuse Activist and Endangered Species Activist. Debra

  7. Anonymous says:

    So Beautiful . Lets hope they keep them safe from HUMANS .

  8. Anonymous says:

    Stunning creature! Please do sign petitions to protect all wild animals in Africa. Your signature will make a difference. Also - the US gov. seems to have declared war on most of our wild animals - please get involved. From wolves to waterfowl - they are being slaughtered - in some cases it makes a profit for those in power. They are also imperiled from lack of habitat, poisoned water - just like us citizens.

  9. Unknown says:

    Well stop destroying its habit and leave it alone and it will do fine. But if man sticks his nose in it then they will disappear from the earth. That is just the way this works, man destruction no man live a normal happy life:

  10. Beautiful animal! Hopefully they can save this species.

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