Somewhere in the wilds of Alaska a lone arctic wolf hunts for food. But he wasn't always alone. He had a mate once but only for a short time. They found each other in August of 2010 but their time together was not meant to be for long. Her body was found by wolf biologists in February 2011 where she had most likely died of starvation. A wolf's life in the wild is not an easy one but somehow the male had survived. Both he and his mate had been collared so their story became known to those keeping track of them. But this young male was about to show the biologists that a wolf's journey may not be so predictable when a wolf loses his mate.

At first the 100lb. male hung around the area that he had shared with his mate. But then in late Spring he suddenly took off on a long and winding journey. What was he looking for? Most likely food and possibly another mate. From May of 2011 until now he has been on the move. He has crossed the Yukon river dodging great chunks of ice and he has crossed into Canada several times and back again. Overall this lonely and searching wolf has traveled about 1,500 miles in only 4 short months.

Currently this lone wolf is back in Alaska and in an area that could prove to be quite treacherous for him. He is at quite a risk if the local wolf pack discovers him. Wolves are most at risk from other wolf packs who if they discover a lone wolf in their territory will kill that wolf. This arctic wolf is most likely using all his senses to avoid being detected by another pack.

All though he has been on quite a journey this past summer, he is not alone in his search to find another mate or pack. Wolves are highly social and the life of a lone wolf is not the preferred one. This type of scenerio is being played out all over Alaska and wherever in the world that wolves make their home. Many times the lone wolf will find another mate or pack but it is not always a happy ending. A wolf's other mortal enemy is man and as is often the case a young life may be cut short by the hand of a hunter or trapper.

Since wolves mate for life we can only hope that this young male will be one of the lucky ones and meet up with another female wolf and maybe start a pack of his own. Nature is very resilient and wolves have survived for thousands upon thousands of years on this planet. We can only hope that fortune smiles upon the fate and future of this courageous wolf who has traveled so far in such a short time looking for another love of his own.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    beautiful wolf i love you for ever <3

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wish him the best from the bottom of my heart!

  3. Anonymous says:

    How sad. I sure hope that he will survive and find a mate or pack.

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