Australian researchers have recently made a discovery of a lifetime. And it was right under their noses all along near Melbourne, Australia. Their recent discovery is that of a new species of dolphin. Considering the fact that this is only the third time for a new dolphin to be found since the late 19th century, it is indeed a major discovery.

These dolphins can be found in Port Phillip Bay and the Gippsland Lakes and in waters as far as Tasmania and South Australia. There are not many of them either - only about 150 of them that have been found so far. They are similar to the bottlenose dolphin but their skull and external morphology, color and DNA is quite different.

This new species of dolphins will be officially named "Tursiops Australis". The main focus now will be that of the conservation of this species of dolphins. It is crucial not to lose what has just been discovered. Their fate must be protected at all costs to keep the diversity of these beautiful and brilliant mammals around for centuries to come. There is still so much that we can learn from these intelligent and loving mammals. But the main lesson is that they must always remain free from the hands of mankind to live out their lives in the ocean, lakes and river ways where they make their homes.

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