We hear quite often about how animals, especially dogs and cats, have tried to alert their sleeping owners when their house was on fire. Barking, clawing, meowing and jumping on the owners are some of the many ways that they have done this. This shows considerable love and compassion on the part of the animal because usually when one is in danger the first thought is to flee for the safety of oneself. But to put that fear aside and try to save someone else is truly a heroic action.

Recently in Alaska a woman and her daughter were saved by such a heroic deed. But the pet involved was a little bit more unusual. Not a dog or a cat that we usually assume has the intelligence and sense of love to do this. This time it was the pet rabbit that took the action to alert her owner to the fire.

The woman was awakened early Tuesday morning when her pet rabbit began scratching frantically at her chest. When she opened her eyes she saw immediately that her house was filled with smoke and was on fire. The woman immediately found her daughter and both of them made it out of the house alive. Sadly in all the confusion of the rapidly burning fire, the little rabbit was left behind and did not survive due to smoke inhalation . So the rabbit ended up giving it's life for the lives of 2 people.

People always assume that rabbits aren't very bright, thus the term, "dumb bunny". But don't tell that to this woman and her daughter. They are very grateful to be alive and kicking. And they are very glad that their little "dumb bunny" was smart enough and loved them enough to save their lives. They will never forget that day and the gift of life from their best friend.

Responses to "Pet rabbit saves owner's life in house fire"

  1. Anonymous says:

    If only people showed their animal friends the kind of love all animals deserve then we would read more stories like this one. It was very touching, thank you for sharing it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    bless you bunny

  3. This story was sad for the rabbit, that gave its life for the people who are supposed to keep it from harm. :(
    How could they forget the 4 legged who saved them?

  4. god blessed you with that bunny never take our furry friends for granted,im so sorry you lost your friend im sure in the smoke and confusion a tiny bunny was hard to find please dont feel bad god has put him at the rainbow bridge and he will see you again and you can honor him untill then

  5. Lisa says:

    So adorable! All animals are so much more smarter then given credit for! I would have one of each if I could! :)))

  6. Purrfect Storm says:

    I just think the woman should have had the sense of compassion and been thankful enough to the little bunny that saved her and her daughter to have grabbed him before leaving the place, too. I'd die with my cat before I'd leave her in such a horrific place to die alone!

  7. Earl says:

    The rabbit was clawing at her chest, so she didn't have to "find" it, it was right there. Grab it as you get up, go wake your daughter, still holding your rabbit, and exit the house. I'm sorry but to not grab the rabbit shows to me that the rabbit loved far more than the people did. Criticize me for feeling this way but when a loved one wakes me, I want to save all those I love. Very little to do with thinking in time of panic, instinct (yes, I have had a couple of life-threatening events so have some understanding beyond just rationalizing) usually says to save loved ones. Great that the mother saved her daughter, but also very telling that she got out from under the rabbit without grabbing it to do so. Hope this eats at her conscience until the day she is met at the bridge by that rabbit and refused access to the bridge.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Wow, the owners are complete d-bags. No offense, but animal wakes you up, you leave it behind to die in the fire, WTF!

  9. Anonymous says:

    oh my god that rabbit just litterly sacraficed him self

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