Abandoned from the herd, a confused, blue-eyed baby seal with red fur wanders alone on the beach of the island Tyuleniy, Russia. A Russian photographer Anatoly Strakhov, age 61, went to the island to photograph him . "When I saw him, he was hiding under trees waiting for the arrival of his mother," he said. Unfortunately,
Ginger's (the name given to the baby seal by Strakhov) mother will not be returning to her baby. The cub was abandoned by the herd because it looks differently. Reddish fur, pink nose and fins, blue eyes: according to initial analysis of the rarity of it's appearance this unusual appearance is linked to a combination of albinism and a concentration of iron in the fur. "Ginger has a color that is very strange and different from that of his fellow seals who are all of a dark color." adds Strakhov.

However, Ginger will not end up dying all alone on the island. Following in the footsteps of another well known and unfortunate sea animal, Happy Feet the penquin, little Ginger was rescued by a man who occompanied the Russian photographer to the island of Tyuleniy. He is the owner of a marine park where little Ginger will be taken to live out his days without worry and loneliness. It may not be the perfect situation, which would be acceptance from his mother and herd, but in this case it is the only solution that little Ginger has in order to survive.

original story written by Di Benedetto PERILLI

Responses to "Unique baby seal abandoned by his herd is rescued"

  1. Patrice says:

    God created many unique animals. It is sad that if one does not conform to normal they are abandoned. I am grateful that this unique cute little bugger was rescued and can live rather than to die a painful starved death!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Glad that this little guy is going to live happily after - but this is how wildlife keep their groups pure - glad it's not that way for most humans

  3. FulviaChristine says:

    That God for kind people, I do hope this little one has a long and beautiful life.God Bless his rescuers!

  4. Anonymous says:

    What a little munchkin! I hope this little guy has a happy life. I suspect he will bring much joy to his rescuers and caregivers~

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