One usually tends to think that it is the female with the strong nurturing instinct when it comes to youngsters. But just as men are playing a more important role in the rearing of their children these days, so it is becoming more apparent that many times adult male animals also can play an important role as caregivers to baby animals that are orphaned. It runs across the board when it comes to the species of the males who form loving bonds with orphaned babies. From tigers to chimpanzees to dogs and cats - it does not seem to matter.

Recently a one week old baby red fox was discovered on the roadside by a family who was afraid to leave him there all alone as his eyes were not even open yet. The baby fox was taken to the New England Wildlife Center to care for and rehabilitate him. This wildlife center cares for over 2,000 injured and orphaned fox, rabbits, bats and just about any kind of wildlife per year.

At first the wildlife center was not sure if he was a baby fox or coyote since he was so tiny. The concern of the veterinarian there was that the baby would end up imprinting with his human caretakers, therefore making it harder to return him to the wild. However another orphaned fox was also brought in to the center and before long both the baby fox and the older kit were adopted by a recuperating adult male fox.

When all three had recovered and were ready to be returned to the wild, the staff waited with baited breath as the foxes were released all together on the North Shore of Massachusetts. The wildlife staff was hoping that there was a strong enough bond between them that they would form a new pack. But they need not have worried. The adult male and the older kit ran off at first but then waited as the younger fox hesitated to follow them out of confusion. But in a matter of moments, he too was off and running with his new family headed up by the adult male fox as the foster dad.

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  1. K Offet says:

    Thank You! A wonderful example to all the human males!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wolves are mothered by the father, and foxes are related. Touching.

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