Sit down in a quiet place alone. Make certain there will be no distractions or interruptions. Draw a circle around you and bless the circle with sage, cedar, sweet grass, tobacco or some other sacred medicine. Begin your journey into the spirit world with prayer and continue with deep meditation.

Get comfortable. Take a deep breath. Inhale, exhale deeply several time. Release your ego, desires and expectations of what may follow. Chase away all shadows of fear and negativity. Begin to dream of some idyllic place like a forest trail, bubbling mountain stream, or flower covered glen. Move about in this world seeing, smelling and feeling everything. After awhile, you will hear something and you will see a creature slowly coming to you.

The creature is friendly and invites your touch. You embrace. This is your animal spirit guide. Spend time talking with your animal guide now.

Be open to any and all types of messages. Do not get trapped by wishing for a certain messages. Clear your mind completely. Open your heart to its love and lessons. When your time is finished, thank all the beings in this special place and your animal guide who has chosen to teach you. Slowly return by the way you came into full consciousness. Open your eyes.


Honor your spirit animal guide

Wear jewelry and clothing illustrating your totem;

Decorate your space with pictures and other memorabilia;

Educate yourself on its life and habits;

Visit the habitat of your spirit guide;

Help protect its home, contribute time and resources.

Pay attention to the messages of your animal guide

Spend time in meditation with your friend and guide;

Give thanks to the Creator and your guide for its assistance;

Understand the message can be negative or positive in nature;

Listen. Even when the message seems negative;

Study the element (water, fire, air, earth) most closely associated with your spirit guide

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