WOLVES are thriving in Germany and could soon become part of its natural wildlife.

One hundred years since hunting nearly wiped them out, they are moving back from forests on the Polish border. While 11 years ago there was one pack, there are now 12, and the return of the wolf to all of Germany is ''unstoppable'', says Professor Beata Jessel, the head of Germany's Federal Agency for Nature Conservation.

A two-year study by the agency surprised experts by disclosing that the grey wolf had started to adapt to the modern environment

''Wolves do not need wilderness, rather they can rapidly spread in our landscape and fit into the most varied habitats,'' said Professor Jessel.

GPS tracking of one female showed that it built a lair 450 metres from a busy road and raised cubs undisturbed by the traffic.

Two packs, 18 animals in total, live just 60 kilometres from Berlin.

''One should thus be prepared for the appearance of wolves across Germany, and use management plans to establish the most conflict-free relations between people and wolves as possible,'' the professor added.

Wolves have a reputation forged in folklore and stories that cast them as sinister and ruthless killers, hunting down man or beast. This has made them a target for hunters.

Official figures put the total of illegally shot wolves since 1990 at 13 but experts believe the figure is much higher owing to hunters hiding the carcasses.

Road accidents also take a toll, with 17 reported deaths since 2000.


Responses to "German wolves howling"

  1. Anonymous says:

    We live about 7km from the german border and last year i spotted a grey wolf crossing the road right in front of me, so they are also back in holland.
    This was a great experience especially for a great wolf fan as myself.

  2. Anonymous says:

    looks like a coyote here in the states

  3. Rabenklaue says:

    I'm so happy that the wolves are coming back to my homeland :)

  4. shewolfuk says:

    fantastic news,hope they will live in peace!!

  5. Susanne says:

    They do and will live in peace in Germany. Of course there's the few screaming people seriously suffering from the little-red-ridinghood-syndrome, as Germans call it,but the absolute majority isabolutely positive about the wolves being back and seeing them as sort of an 'absolution on 4 paws' mother nature sent back saying she intends to forgive some of our sins at least. And don't forget, shooting a wolf is punished with 50 000 Euro and/or up to5 years prison, if one accidently shoots one it's still 10 000 and one year in. So they DO take protection of wolves quite seriously. With my father working for the state in this matter I also know they have alot of chances to get a wolf-killer, and they put alot of resources into it. hopes are that wolves spread all over the countryn and that the Italian immigrants after a while mix with the immigrants from Poland and France, to guarantee a genetically healthy population. So the German wolves will howl on :-)

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