The puma is also known as jaguar, panther, cougar, mountain lion, cheetah, leopard and more names than just about any other mammal. Male pumas are solitary cats and their domain vary in size between 30 to 125 miles, but ranges do overlap the ranges of the smaller female. Pumas 'communicate' with each other by leaving feces, urine, scratches on logs or in the dirt or snow. Only females make a den and males tend to roam. Pumas are powerfully built and have sharp paws and large paws. Even though they can run very fast and have a flexible spine to help them maneuver around obstacles and change direction quickly, pumas are mostly ambush hunters. Pumas have been known to down large elks and moose. American Indians successfully lived beside the puma and appreciated their power and grace.

Though the puma is smaller, some species are more fierce than lions and tigers. They are expert climbers and swimmers. Their speed hold the teachings of quick decisive action.

Pumas are graceful and fast runners, but not for long distances. If puma arrives at your doorstep it may be a reminder to measure or pace your movements according to the goal to be achieved and not run too hard.

The puma have over 410 voluntary muscles that can be used when the needed. This characteristic symbolizes the ability to move into different realities.

Pumas have built-in sensors that enhances its ability to see and feel its prey. The whiskers and hair on its face can detect faint vibrations at long distances and its sense of smell is phenomenal. If you sense puma in your dreams it may mean there is a need to be more sensitive the people and situations around you. Becoming more perceptive of ones surroundings is sometimes needed to achieve a heightened sense of spiritual awareness.

The Puma spirit represents power, grace and stealth in darkness, but its real power lies in the silence of its eerie, unblinking stare that seems to bore deep into one's soul. This teaching can help us to discover the benefits of concentration, deep contemplation and prayer. As we peer into the darkness of the unknown to feel its power, we can be guided by our puma friend to the light on the other side.

The puma is extremely quiet during the hunt. It knows when to be invisible and when to make its awesome presence known. Silence is its sword and power. Silence is highly respected among American Indians and is seen as a holy state of consciousness as we quietly behold the grace and glory of the Creator. It is said that silence speaks words of the Great Mystery. When the student is ready, the puma teacher may bring knowledge of this powerful medicine.

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Responses to "Puma Medicine: What Puma Can Teach Us"

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have experienced contact with this magnificent creature in the wild and their power and grace is something I will never forget. I have seen them make effortless leaps of 20 feet, but to hear the cry of a cougar at night will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. Sadly because they are so stealthy we as humans need to hunt them with cougar hounds to tree them so we can shoot them out of the tree. It is a sad need we have as macho humans to kill that wich we are afraid of. As someone who spends much time in wilderness ares I have come to respect this beutiful and powerful creature and I can only hope others will do the same. Please

  2. Anonymous says:

    I absolutely Love these creatures,I have the entry way to my home dedicated to nothing but,if i could keep one as a pet,I would,I feel sick when I know there are poachers out there killing them just for kicks,IT MAKES ME HORRIFIED!.They are sweet and terrified ,that's why I know they seem mean,cause NO ONE UNDERSTANDS THEM!

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